2013 Character Resolutions – Arrow, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, How I Met Your Mother, the Mindy Project, Nashville, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries

New Year, New You….Do TV Characters Do It Too?

After spending the first half of the season causing trouble (or getting out of it), do you ever wonder how our favorite characters plan to go into the New Year? Are they like us, planning exercise routines and healthier eating?

Read more books, watch less TV (yeah, if you do that, I don’t want to know you).  Or do they plot the destruction of themselves or everyone around them?

Well, we caught up with some of our favorites from Arrow, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, How I Met Your Mother, the Mindy Project, Nashville, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries to get their plans for 2013!



  1. As for Rebekah form TVD. I feel incredible sad for her character. All they do is stake her. And It’s crazy when 70% of the time it her brother.

  2. For Matt if everyone could see your face while you’re saying this “resolution” they would feel so much love . I think not. Matt really need a girlfriend this season everything shouldn’t revolve around Elena.

  3. I’m a little bummed out that Mindy and her shallow boyfriend broke up. He was pretty funny. Like the time he made their entire Thanksgiving dinner on panini presses and drowned everything in a Red Bull reduction. It was awesome that his girlfriend was Erin from The Office.
    I really hope this show gets picked up for another season. There’s something very endearing about the characters and their quirks.
    The Mindy Project has gotten so much better after the first episode that I don’t even think it’s fair for new viewers to judge it by the first episode.

  4. I agree with Sheldon. I don’t have a new years resolution either and in all honesty I don’t see the point. Also if Ted, yanks me around for another year I’m starting a petition to kill him off the show. It’s just ruining it for everybody else.

  5. I think Sheldon Cooper might have a point about new year’s resolutions.
    I read a tweet from Jim Gaffigan on New Year’s Eve that said “Great, now I have to lose 40 pounds in an hour.”

    New year’s resolutions do make me feel a little guilty. I only have one this year, so I’m setting the bar more realistically instead of torturing myself with a list of 30 things I probably won’t do.

  6. I loved Mindy Lahiri’s new year’s resolution. The Mindy Project has really grown on me and I think it’s adorable that now she’s going to be an independent woman, like one of the members of Destiny’s Child that no one remembers. Ha ha

    • Mindy has grown on me too! It was a rough start, but this last episode was fabulous. I hope Fox gives it another season.

  7. These are awesome and pretty much spot on!! I loved Katherine’s. I agree – she needs to movie on! As does Matt.
    And if Ted doesn’t find the mother soon – I’m out!
    And I agree – Sheldon knows all about Baby Jesus – and if he didn’t know I’m sure he asked his mom. Love it.
    I can’t wait to see if in 6 episodes from now any come true!

    • Maybe Matt should move on with Katherine? He’s got to have a good looking cousin that could come to town to fight over her, right?

  8. Yes Ted Mosby please finally meet the mother, it is getting really old. Did I mention that it is getting old? Sheldon, how do you know if Jesus made resolutions or not…maybe he did?

    • I think, if there was one resolution I could make come true, it would be Ted’s to find the mother. We’ve all suffered his singledom long enough!

  9. Sheldon Cooper would know if baby Jesus made a resolution or didn’t. Genius!

  10. Oh, this is hysterical. I’m not sure I want Hook to lay off the eyeliner, though. I kind of dig that look on him! (Am I really the only one? Anyone? Bueller?) And, man, I hope Ted DOES meet the mother this year. I’m not holding my breath, though. Any more clues about the girl with the yellow umbrella would be welcome, though! Such a fun, thoughtful post.

    • The eyeliner on Hook looks hot. It makes him look like a rock star.

      At some point Ted has to meet the mother, they can’t keep dragging this story out forever.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Honestly, we’ve got to meet the mother soon! I thought this was the last season — it’s one of the reasons I haven’t walked away yet. If they string us along another year, I may not be there come fall.

      Hook is a hottie. I don’t think he’s losing the eyeliner any time soon.

    • Hook lay off the eyeliner? I would never wish for that. But luckily I think that’s a resolution that would only last about a week.

      This entire article was brilliant, but I particularly love Raj and Sheldon. Spot on, my dear.

  11. I feel like Chicago Fire is just a cast of models and people who look like they’ve been on laguna beach. It seems to be another soap opera plus the whole fighting fires thing. I don’t know maybe cast some actual firefighters to make it look believable.

    • You know, you’d think that but there are some that aren’t model good looking. I tend to focus on the shirtless honeys because I’m shallow, but a lot of guys look like (better looking) regular guys.