ABC 2014/2015 Program Schedule

ABC added six new shows to its 2014/2015 Fall lineup. Three of which are scheduled to air on the same night.  Selfie, Manhattan with Love  and Forever air on Tuesday nights, with no established lead in. Forever is after Marvel’s Agents of Shield but Shield is not a ratings powerhouse.

Black-ish and How to Get Away with Murder appear to have the best slots. Blackish is squished between Modern Family and Nashville. How to Get Away with Murder  airs after two of ABC’s highest rated shows, Greys Anatomy and Scandal.

ABC must want Cristela to fail. Friday is a death blow for established shows. A new show stand zero chance of surviving at that time slot.

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ABC 2014/2015 Program Schedule

DAY 8:00PM 8:30PM 9:00PM 9:30PM 10:00PM 10:30PM
SUNDAY Once Upon a Time Resurrection Revenge
MONDAY Dancing With the Stars Castle
TUESDAY Selfie Manhattan Love Story Marvel’s Agents of Shield Forever
WEDNESDAY The Middle The Goldbergs Modern Family Black-ish Nashville
THURSDAY *Grey’s Anatomy *Scandal How to Get Away with Murder
FRIDAY Last Man Standing Cristela Shark Tank 20/20
SATURDAY Saturday Night Football
Bold (New Show) ……. *(New time slot)