Arrow Season 2 Spoilers – The Problem with Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance

Arrow Season Two Spoilers:
Can Laurel Lance be Saved?
Do You Want Her To Be?

Hiatus is almost over and we’re ready to talk spoilers. If you want to be surprised when Arrow airs in October, turn back now. This post contains Arrow Season 2 Spoilers

Jess, our resident Arrow extraordinaire, laid out all the positives and not-so-positives of the first season of Arrow, especially in the area of character development. All character development seemed lack luster, but female character development was near non-existent.

I have a slightly different view point than Jess. I did see some interesting beginnings of development toward Felicity, Moira and Thea. Some of them scared me, like Thea’s abrupt regulation to Roy’s girlfriend instead of inquisitive, annoying little sister Speedy for the second half of the first season. Some excited me, like Felicity’s role with Diggle and Oliver, taking out the bad guys outside of their lair on occasion. The problem was, Laurel Lance played by Katie Cassidy.

Though Katie Cassidy gives 100% to Laurel Lance, there is not much she can do when the material isn’t there. Cassidy certainly has proven she can do drama and comedy before, it would be a shame to continue to waste her talents.

Mo Laurel, Mo Problems

LaurelLaurel Lance sunk before the ship ever sailed, for me. A successful, confident woman whose boyfriend cheated on her with her sister, resulting in the sister’s death and the destruction of her family was too much to begin to handle in it’s first season.

Laurel should have had a purpose other than bed warmer. I’d have liked to have seen her develop through scenes helping people, siding with the police, looking out for Oliver’s sister Thea, just so she could get out a bitchy comment about how, unlike Oliver, Laurel manages to return people’s siblings alive.

Sadly, Arrow dumped her in a love triangle she could never really win. She loved Tommy, but not enough. She loved Oliver, but felt like she had to hate him more. Add in the fact that the woman who lost her sister in a cheating triangle is now part of a triangle that could destroy the life long friendships. Remember, before Laurel was girlfriend to any of them, she was simply the girl who grew up along side them, the girl who was their friend. If Arrow had the story play out dark as it sounds, a revenge motive of sorts, perhaps it would have been interesting. Instead, they treated Laurel like a clueless bedwarmer.  Where was Laurel’s history, the girl who shared secrets, laughter and tears with Oliver and Tommy since they were children, in this triangle? Where was her pain at losing not only love, but life long friends?

Still, one bad season can’t destroy a core character. Right? Right. So let’s take a look at what season two holds.

Arrow Casts Isabel Rochev

Desktop2Cult favorite Summer Glau has been cast in a recurring role to play, Isabel Rochev, Vice President of Acquisitions of Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated. To no one’s surprise, Rochev will be mysterious, beautiful and dangerous. Let’s get Oliver and Isabel a shipper name right now because it’s gonna get home.

Arrow Casts Black Canary

Arrow has cast Caity Lotz as the Black Canary. Are you shaking your head? Even non-comic book fans like me knew that Laurel Lance was supposed to be Black Canary. That’s why we put up with wet mop Laurel of season one, I thought. Anyway, after some backlash, CW President Pedowitz came out to calm some fears, telling eonline, “I hope she brings a certain amount of conflict since she’s playing the sister of Laurel Lance,” he reveals of the new character, who he wouldn’t confirm or deny is actually the Black Canary. “It’s an origin story. I don’t know if this character is the Black Canary or not the Black Canary, so it is in origin story. But remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the DC universe.”

So, Laurel has another sister that Oliver has a chance to sleep with? Or is this the mysterious Sarah, back from the dead but having undergone plastic surgery. Whatever. Pedowitz wants people to remember that Laurel’s not Black Canary now, but they’re moving toward that direction. Which sounds great, except Laurel’s current role on the show has been like the wardrobe we see her in – BORING. I don’t think we can wait another season for Laurel to get bad ass.

What does this mean for Laurel’s future?

I’ve been wondering, what does this mean for Laurel Lance? In terms of Oliver, does she even fit anymore? Tommy’s dead. Oliver has his friends who know his secret, Diggle and Felicity, will soon be mentoring Roy and has to protect his mother and sister. For romance, they brought in two possible flirting partners that aren’t Laurel. Given that one is Laurel’s sister, I’m sure she’ll have some family drama there, but that doesn’t actually make her a must see character. Laurel Lance: files papers, makes an occasional sassy speech, likes to bed millionaires but feels bad about it and fights with sisters over men. Gee, she sounds fun, right?

Trust but VerifyThe only hope here is that her sister, the first Black Canary, has more spunk than Laurel and no interest in riding Oliver. Laurel needs a girl friend, especially one who will tell her the hard truths but still give her reasons to laugh. In this one instance, I feel like the creators of Arrow would do well to watch Pretty Little Liars. Those girls are very different from each other, and from the other girls on TV. They support each other, they don’t steal boyfriends and while they’ll tell their friend they’re wrong, they have their back in public. Laurel’s missing that support system on Arrow and her character has struggled because of it.

It would also be nice if they tied Laurel back to Oliver without making her just simply a love interest. Maybe we could have a non-island related flashback and see how Ms. Lance related to Mr. Queen before sex every came up; back when they were just friends looking out for each other. Then, maybe, the could start there. Laurel needs friends more than she needs romance, and though Oliver’s got Felicity, Diggle and eventually Roy, having someone who knew Oliver Queen before he was the playboy or the vigilante can only be a plus as he makes his way from the Hood to Arrow.

Do you think there’s a way to save Laurel by November Sweeps? Or do you see a tragic death, and waste of comic book mythology, in Laurel’s future?

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  1. I didn’t like Laurel from the start. Bleh.

    Now that we know that Sarah is the Black Canary (why would they do that if its suppose to be Laurel) how will they change it to Laurel? Unless like Dig that he sometimes wears the Hood to distract they will do something like that with the sisters and eventually Laurel will become the Black Canary?

  2. Yeah, she needs to go. Oliver Queen has clearly had his comeuppance, but she is flatly nasty as can be to him; she is a judgmental drama queen that I have trouble rooting for. At the beginning a least, they gave her friends and went into her career of helping the unfortunate, but then they started that ill-fated love triangle and that was basically her main deal after that. They’ve made Oliver so obsessed with atoning for what he’s done to her, he can’t grow as a character himself unless Laurel Lance is killed off. Oh, and they need to get some female writers on this show so this doesn’t happen again.

  3. if your brother dies and they were married, isn’t there problem if you take up their girlfriend or wife?

    • Depends on how its handled. I have to admit I cringed when Carly’s son asked uncle Diggle if he can now call him dad. It is not verbatim but it was close.


  4. I think they should just get rid of her. I’ve like Cassidy in other things (she was awesome as Ruby), but both she and the writers seem to be at fault for Laurel. She isn’t given much to work with, yet she seems to be sleepwalking through the role as well.

    It feels like a mixture of miscasting and a dud of a character, and I’m not sure how or if they can turn it around.

  5. I voted for the first one. I don’t have a problem with Katie Cassidy. in fact, I thought Katie was pretty badass as Ruby in Supernatural, and some of her other t.v. shows and movies. I am not going to fault an actress for the material she has to work with.

    But also, this is an origin story that does not necessary follow the comic mythology. And, lets not forget that once the season started, Laurel had been living 5 years with the loss of her sister, boyfriend (which she couldn’t properly grieve for because she was angry at them for cheating), a distant father who is an alcoholic, and a mother who left. That’s a lot of stiff to deal with. I also think the writers were trying to establish that Laurel wants to help people, and she does that by working for the CNRI.I think, once she realizes that the city is too corrupt and needs something more, she will evolve in to the Black Canary.

  6. Katie Cassidy is part of the problem lol, what 100? more like 10% no Laurel cannot be saved until she start being an actress. The fans have been vocal about disliking her acting too lets remember that.

    The show EPs show very much they do not have faith in KC. They may have messed up the writing and character for laurel but the actress give them no incentive to do better. Honestly, nothing is going to change if we dont start acknowledging the problems with KC’s acting. Why is it that they have given Emily bett leading lady duties, why do they feel the need to bring someone to play Black Canary. Both actress and writers need to step up for there to be any real change in season 2, where is the voting option for that .

    • And maybe it would have been a better off decision if they had the guts and tried to recast Katie with Caity and see how it works, no offense. Since Caity actually seems to resemble the Black Canary more and has more physical training than Katie. What happens then if people start liking Caity in the role, they just complicated things more and more. whether laurel can be saves may actually depend on KC herself, that’s why i cant stress enough how much its important that she outperforms not just herself this season, but this girl and others. I’m sure the writers are going to try and do their part and bring the character into the fold of the action and fix the mistakes they made last season, as they have acknowledged and promised. But its up to the actress too to fight off the competition now, this may actually be a test by ptb, and now someone has to pass it.