The Bachelorette S10, Week 5 Review: Don’t Judge Me

Two Kids From Atlanta

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Source: ABC

This week’s episode was jam-packed with drama, from the guys arguing with one another to Andi’s mixed feelings about men that have done so well in previous weeks. I’m surprised that Andi gave roses to both Josh and Brian on their one-on-one dates, since neither of them performed all that well. I have a feeling that I’m not going to like her choice for the final rose either. It just bothers me how much she will doubt her connection with a guy (obviously thanks to Juan Pablo), but still decides to keep him on the show. Of course it’s only week five so she can’t start casting off any front runners yet.

I honestly thought that Andi had already gotten over her qualms about dating a pro athlete weeks ago, but she’s clearly still hung up on her seemingly superficial connection with Josh. Even though he opened up about his trust issues from being cheated on, he still continued to skim the surface with Andi. I don’t see him lasting much longer if he doesn’t dive any deeper.

Use Your Hands

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Source: ABC

The mime date was a really great icebreaker for just about everyone but Nick. He’s one of the contestants that I haven’t liked from week one, and it looked like he was going home for sure after both Chris and Cody snitched on him for being snarky. What shocked me most is how easy Andi went on him about his beef with Cody. He clearly does think he’ll go home with the final rose if he expects to get all of Andi’s attention after already having a one-on-one date last week, in addition to the group date rose. She didn’t give him too much reassurance, but she’s definitely being manipulated by him. With any luck she’ll wise up and he’ll be sent home soon.

Thankfully the rose went to JJ, who knocked it out of the park by sneaking away with Andi for a ride on the ferris wheel. Let’s not forget his allusion to their one-on-one date during his mime performance. Still, I don’t see Andi settling down with him. There’s a slim chance he could make it to the final two and be rejected then, which may make him a contender for next season’s Bachelor, but he’s not my top pick there either. I’m just glad Andi didn’t give Nick the rose after reading that stupid poem!

A Kiss in the Kitchen

This was definitely not the same confident Brian we saw last week on the basketball court. He did so well with Andi during the movie and in the market, which was great because their date had a real-life feel to it rather than the vacation vibe (that did wonders for JP and Ashley!), but totally tanked in the kitchen…at least the first time. I will say that as an unusually jumpy person, the last thing I like is to be snuck up on when I’m holding a knife or standing in front of a hot stove, but Brian certainly could have been more flirtatious. He did make up for it by kissing her in the kitchen at the restaurant, but he’s getting into the habit of hesitating. What’s cute on the show can easily become annoying in the real world.

Late Night Goodbye

I saved my comments about Marquel’s drama with Andrew for last because they both were sent home this week. My opinion of Andrew hasn’t changed since we heard that he hit on a girl in Connecticut, but hearing him blatantly deny racist remarks sent him over the top. I think we know JJ well enough to be convinced that he wasn’t lying about Andrew making slurs towards Ron and Marquel during the first rose ceremony, so I don’t buy his sob story about being picked on. He is simply the scum of the earth.

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Source: ABC

If only Andi had sent home two men this week instead of three. Her relationship with Patrick definitely wasn’t going anywhere, but his addition to the list of send-offs may have ruined Marquel’s chances of becoming our first black Bachelor. After having an underdog Bachelor last season (Juan Pablo was sent home during week 6 of Desiree’s run) I was holding out hope for Marquel, despite predicting that he wouldn’t make it to hometown dates. Had he and Andrew been the only men leaving the show, we probably would have said goodbye to them in limos instead of on the front porch. Like every Bachelor Nation fan knows, crying in a limo is gold for ratings and a surefire way to cement your legacy on the show. However, we’ve also learned to expect the unexpected so maybe there’s still hope for Marquel.

My official predictions for hometown dates are as follows: Brian, JJ, Chris and Marcus, in that particular order. I think the drama we saw in next week’s promo will be directed at Nick, though there seems to be issues with Chris and Josh during the lie detector group date. With two or three eliminations next week, I think Andi will send home Nick, Dylan and Cody, then eliminate Josh right before visiting the remaining four in their hometowns.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who will be eliminated next? Who will get the final rose from Andi? And who is the dang secret admirer!? Sound off in the comments below!