The Bachelorette Season 11 “Week Four” Review; You Are Late!

Brokeback Volcano

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The bromance between Clint and JJ definitely erupted this week, but their passion was undeniable. Did you see how close their faces were to each other while they were saying goodbye? I seriously thought they were going to start making out in the hallway. According to US Weekly (thanks for the spoilers, y’all) JJ and Clint’s friendship is back on and stronger than ever. But will it ever lead to more?

Are You Cold?

I think everyone who saw Andi’s After the Final Rose special knows the question to that. Yes, Nick is very cold. A New York City winter hath no fury like a Nick Viall scorned. Beware, Kaitlyn! Obviously, he’s staying and most of the frontrunners are upset about it. Justin scored the date rose for telling Kaitlyn to follow her heart, but before all the Nick drama blew up, I would have given the rose to Ryan B. Yes, his hair sucks almost as bad as Justin’s, but his rap was so sick! Justin did have some game, and I’m starting to see the Matt Damon resemblance, but comparing Shawn to Ryan Gosling was a cheap shot. He definitely looks much more like a young Peter Stormare. My husband, an avid Prison Break and Blacklist fan, agrees!

I Like You A Lot

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Solid Forrest Gump reference, Jared! His date with Kaitlyn was pretty bomb too. I mean, their dinner at the Met and helicopter ride left Kaitlyn thinking she didn’t need to let Nick come on the show, so I’d say he did a good job. Honestly, to hear about how distracted she was over her decision, I thought she was going to send Jared home. Lucky for him, she snapped out of it and got her head in the game. It does kind of annoy me that she said her day started out as “the worst ever.” Really? You’re having a bad day because too many boys have crushes on you? You soooo have my pity, girl!

Let’s Have a Ball

So Cupcake’s cheesy moves almost lost him the part, but in the end, he outshone Ian’s singing skills to win a sweet guyliner look, some alone time with Kaitlyn, and the date rose. Unfortunately, I don’t see he or Ian making it much farther. At least he got to touch the New Years Eve ball!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will the guys get over Nick crashing their party? Who will go home next? Who will get the final rose from Kaitlyn?