Big Brother 17 – Week 11 Review

Big Brother 17 – Week 11 Review




Steve is finally getting the full benefit of being in power when he won his second HOH competition, after the first double eviction. He decides that this is the week to make some big moves and that he is the one that wants to get it done. He believes his best beat is to break up the Austwins, so he nominates Austin and Liz for eviction.

The houseguests are split right now with Steve and John on one side, Austin and the twins on the other, and Vanessa in the middle playing both sides like only she would. Going into the veto competition, Austin and the twins decides that their best bet would be Julia winning the POV, which works out in their favor since players can pick their opponents,images2DJ04P83 but we should all know to expect the unexpected in the BB game. Vanessa somehow manages to convince Julia to choose to go against Austin, which goes against their plans and puts doubt into Austin’s head about where the twins stand. Austin fights for his safety, eliminating the Julia and the remaining players, earning himself the POV.

Austin seems very happy to have won the POV and has already made up his mind to use it on himself rather than his girlfriend Liz. Steve names Julia the replacement nominee leaving the twins as the sole nominations for eviction.

Splitting the Twins

With the twins on the block together, they obviously haven’t campaigned much or at all this week and have spent most of their time mourning the lost already. They have managed to evoke tears from everyone except John, who appears to be the only one to have remembered this is still a game and someone does have to be evicted every week. But, the twins have ultimately decided that Liz should be the one to stay out of the two, but it is too bad that they don’t get to decide the votes either. Steve and John think Liz should go, but with her being the swing vote this week, she is still up in the air with what is best for her game, and it looks like it is going to be another week of Vanessa evicted yet another houseguests, when will the others learn.


Austin votes to evict Julia

John votes to evict Julia

Vanessa votes to evict Julia

Julia is evicted with a vote of 3-0

HOH Competition- Under the Rainbow

The players must maneuver their eggs over the rainbow to the other side and the first player to get ten eggs to the otherrainbow side will be the new HOH. The players can also choose to go for a luxury prize along with the HOH, but it could possible hinder their chances to win. It is pretty obvious that at this point that Liz and Austin would go after Steve and/or John if they won and vice versa. Vanessa winning would probably be the most interesting with her playing both sides up to this point because she would be forced to pick a side and it won’t be pretty when involving Vanessa.