Big Brother 17- Week 3 Review

Big Brother 17- Week 3 Big Brother 17- Week 3 Review

Johnny Mac


We start off the new week with Liz and Vanessa having a late night chat about trust that ends with Liz/Julie finally feeling safe enough to officially reveal her big secret to Vanessa. But, seriously, at this point it’s the only thing she can do to gain safety in the house since almost everyone is on to her and her twin. Vanessa lets a few others in on the big reveal including Clay, Shelli and Austin who all are pleasantly surprised and agree to help keep her safe until her twin can enter the game. Even future alliances are in the works for this group and it seems everything is looking up for the twins, well at least for now.

Liz/Julie are coached on what to and not to do by their new found allies, so they can fool the other houseguests. It will definitely not be an easy feat with everything they have to fix and be aware of, while already playing the big brother game, but good luck to them because they’re going to need it.

Game Plan

Vanessa and Austin, as close allies and fellow HOHs, talk game about getting out Jeff or James this week because they believe they both are threats to their game, and Audrey is a huge target that needs to be kept in the game. They decide that Vanessa will nominate James and John with the hope that John will throw the BotB so she can remain HOH and keep James nominated. While, Austin nominates two strong competitors that can win a comp to hopefully come out on top. Sadly, there are a lot of variables in this plan that could ruin it. But, they both agree, and it looks like life will be easy for them this week in the BB house, but maybe not.

John, Jeff, and James have a theory that Liz is a twin because of different teeth seem between the two. Jeff goes back to Austin with the info, not knowing that Austin isn’t with him at all and will just go back to his true allies with the info.

Nomination go as planned with Vanessa nominating John and James. Austin nominating Jason and Meg

Battle of the Block- Gronk’s Amazing Foam Party

Each pair had to take turns choosing clothing with different patterns to go into a foam-filled maze and match the pattern with a person, then take them back to their VIP section. The pairs take turns bring people back until the one pair gets 10 people in their VIP section, making them the winners. This goes along with the party, this week’s BB Takeover, Gronk has promised and keeping up the trend for the summer.

Vanessa convinced John to throw the comp, quickly giving him the rep that will mostly liking make him an obvious favorite with the HOHs each week, that will soon prove to either be one of the smartest or dumbest moves this season.

John and James definitely weren’t enjoying the party with how bad they were performing in the comp that even had people guessing if James was throwing the comp too. But, on the other side Jason and Meg seemed to be breezing through the competition and coming on top, dethroning Austin as HOH in the process.

Vanessa and Austin’s plan is going perfectly so far to get out James or Jeff, while James believes Audrey is the backdoor plan for this week. Vanessa even goes as far as letting Audrey know that she is safe and that they should work together this week.

Jeff stupidly continues the confide in Austin about them needing to start an all-guy alliance, but also saying that they need to get out Shelli because she will mess up Clay’s game.

Veto Competition- Rock N’ Roll

Vanessa choices Shelli

John choices Austin

James choices Audrey

Each player must choose another player to go up against, eliminating each other one by one. The players must enter a die numbered 1-6 and a spinner will determine the number that must be on top of the die when the players get on their platform.

Round 1- Audrey vs Vanessaimages52VROI02

Round 2- John vs Audrey

Round 3- Austin vs James

Round 4- Austin vs Shelli

Round 5- John vs Austin

John won the POV yet again

Trouble in Paradise

James is very much ok with John winning the POV and maybe even happy, he is perfectly fine with still being nominated and is definitely feeling too safe. He believes Audrey is being back doored this week and thinks everything is going as planned, but wait until he finds out the true plans, like Julie always says expect the unexpected.

Vanessa rightly accuses Austin of throwing the comp to John, but Austin claims to have not thrown it, knowing that he did. Vanessa questions his loyalty to her and is definitely convinced that he threw the comp, but Austin does not waver in his lie, leaving them on rocky terms.

Jeff talks to Vanessa to make sure they are on the same age with Audrey being evicted this week and Vanessa finally reveals her true plan causing Jeff to panic and go let James know that he is the target this week. Jeff asks Austin if he knew the plan, and Austin clearly lies to his face, causing Jeff go to Clay to tell him that they need to target Austin next. But, Clay just goes straight to Austin to let him know about Jeff’s plans.

Austin decides this is the perfect time to make Jeff a target in the house, so he can be nominated and evicted this week. So, he goes to Jeff and calls him out in front of other houseguests about the things Jeff has been saying to him and Clay, making Jeff look like the bad guy. Vanessa comes in to seal the deal and put the cherry on top, by telling Jeff off and letting him know that he is now at target of hers. Jeff is left utterly confused and Vanessa will now have no blood on her hands if she nominates Jeff, a very smart move on her part.

BB Takeover

Gronk announces to the houseguests that every time he calls them to a party, they must do as he says or the houseguests can become a have not. But, the houseguests go to all of Gronk’s parties and follow his instructions, they all manage to get out of becoming a have not.


Gronk makes another announcement to the houseguests, saying that the houseguests that won a competition this week will have the chance to win the prize of going on a cruise with him.

Austin, Vanessa, Jason, Meg, and John get to compete in a luxury comp, where they all pick a plastic cup and must drink it to see if they received the prize at the bottom.

Meg wins the luxury comp and will be going on a cruise, good for her because she is such a sweetheart in the house and brings nothing but good energy to the BB house.

Veto Ceremony

John uses the PoV to save himself from possible eviction

Vanessa choices Jeff to be the replacement nominee

James and Jeff are now the sole nominations for eviction

Countdown to Eviction


Jeff campaigns to the votes to stay and even goes to Austin who is one of the biggest reasons he was nominated in the first place, but he can at least count on having one vote in the house and that’s Jackie.

Meg, Jason, and Clay talk about Jeff and James and how they are both threats in the house in different ways and will have to just choice the greater of two evils really.

Jeff does damage control with Clay and Shelli to see if he could get there votes and possibly regain their trust too. They both seem torn right now and don’t know if they should save him at this point.

Love Triangle

Liz and Julie switch again and Liz enters the BB house, being the flirty one out of the two has gotten to Austin who obviously likes her if the touching, complimenting, and dates aren’t enough, he says he has a connection with her. But, what happened to way back when, when Austin claimed to have a girlfriend that he was fully committed to, hope she’s not watching this for her own sake because this might not end well. Now we have Jeff, who is flirting with Liz but for a whole other reason than Austin, Jeff wants to get close to Liz for game purposes, so she can confide in him about being a twin and possibly give him her vote. Austin catches Liz and Jeff together and is very upset about the whole situation, which is obviously coming from his feelings toward Liz. Austin is now very suspicious of Jeff and his campaigning to Liz, so he makes a big deal about it to Liz, which starts to make her believe that Austin is trying to control her and that Jeff might be beneficial to her game.


Jackie votes to evict James

Austin votes to evict Jeff

John votes to evict JamesimagesJIEHOK19

Meg votes to evict Jeff

Clay votes to evict Jeff

Shelli votes to evict Jeff

Steve votes to evict James

Liz/Julia vote to evict James

Jason vote to evict Jeff

Becky votes to evict Jeff

Audrey votes to evict Jeff

Jeff is evicted with a vote of 7-4

HOH Competition- Bustin’ Moves

To win the HOH comp, the players must watch a 90s music videos, then Julie will ask them a series of questions about the videos, where they must answer either true or false. The players that answer incorrectly will be eliminated until two winners are crowned the HOHs.

Question 1: False

Steve, Jason, James, and Clay answer true and are eliminated

Question 2: True

Austin and Meg answer false and are eliminated

Question 3: False

Jackie, John, Audrey, and Becky answer true and are eliminated

Liz/Julie and Shelli are the last two standing and are crowned the HOHs