Big Brother 17 Week 4 Review

Big Brother Week 4 Review

The Sixth Sense alliance is back in power for another week, it will most definitely be an easy week with the HOHs Liz and Shelli working together anyway. They both decide to go with their gut on nominations and do what is best for their game. Liz nominates James and Jackie, while Shelli nominates Jason and John.

Battle of the Block Competition- Grunge Bomb


The BoB winners are James and Jackie who dethroned Liz, leaving Shelli as sole HoH and Jason and John as nominees. It wouldn’t be surprising if John threw the comp and was even approached by Clay and Shelli to throw it, yet again. But, crazily John finally pit his all into winning the BoB with Jason and came really close, but sadly came up short with James and Jackie’s wicked comeback.

Veto Competition- Saved by the Smell

The players had to watch a sequence of colors and answer a question, regarding the sequence at the end, by pouring the liquid with the correctly colored tube into a beaker until one player is left standing. The players are eliminated one by one and Vanessa wins, earning the PoV. It was very surprising to see Vanessa win the PoV, but not unexpected with the great game she’s been playing so far. The two nominees were the last to be evicted and even at the same time after getting to cocky. It would have been very obvious what would occur at the Veto ceremony if one of them one, but Vanessa winning will definitely keep the power in the hands of the sixth sense and now they all have to decide their next move.

At the veto ceremony, Vanessa choices to use the PoV to save Jason from the block and Shelli renames Audrey as the replacement nominee, which isn’t a surprise at all and is more like a long time coming. But, what is surprising is the fact that Audrey set another first in BB history when she wasn’t present at the veto ceremony.

Audrey’s Game

Audrey goes into the diary room, which is obviously not a big deal to BB houseguests, but Audrey doesn’t come out for several hours. This leaves all the houseguests confused on what Audrey is going to do now that she is nominated. The houseguests throw around ideas of it possibly being a game move, of Audrey deciding to leave rather than being evicted, and of her not feeling well. But, the truth of the matter is the houseguests will never know or understanding Audrey’s motives or thoughts on the situation.

Audrey’s family speaks about her journey as a transgender person and their thoughts on how Audrey has played the game. Her family says that they fully supported her throughout her transitioning and that she has been as strong player straight out the jump who they are proud of, while basically backing up all her decisions in the game so far, good or bad.


Audrey receives a penalty vote before the voting takes place because she ate regular food as a have-not this week, which is obviously against the rules. It’s nice to know that no matter what was going on with Audrey this week, she isn’t above the rules because that would have been very unfair for the other houseguests.imagesDMJDZAWL

Jason votes to evict Audrey

Jackie votes to evict Audrey

Julia votes to evict Audrey

Clay votes to evict Audrey

Austin votes to evict John

Meg votes to evict Audrey

James votes to evict Audrey

Vanessa votes to evict Audrey

Steve votes to evict Audrey

Becky votes to evict Audrey

Audrey is evicted with a vote of 9-1

HoH Competition- Pop Till You Drop

The players will go head to head on a one on one battle where each player will listen to a song played at a comp and buzz in if the song was played at a HoH, BoB, or Veto Comp. The player that buzzes in correctly first will eliminate their competitor and pick two other players to compete bbagainst each other. Jackie and Vanessa are crowned the two new HoHs for the week.

Vanessa will definitely go after houseguests she feels is detrimental to her game, which could end up being Austin after all the tensions and mistrust between the two these last couple weeks. Clay, Shelli, and Liz/Julia will have a say on the events that transpire this week with the sixth sense alliance in effect. Jackie will probably be greatly influenced by Vanessa to go along with her plans this week because at this point Jackie will only be seen as a floater and/or pawn, even while up in the HoH room.