Big Brother 17 Week 5 Review

Big Brother 17 Week 5 Review

This week of Big Brother, like most, has taken a turn and has left all viewers surprised with the twists that have takeb place. The events of this week really symbolize how an underdog can come back out on top no matter how far things have gone. The HoHs, Jackie nominated Liz/Julia and James, and Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky.

Battle of the Block

For the Battle of the Block comp, the plans were set by most of the houseguests for Clay and Becky to win and even James agreed to throw the comp to make sure of it. Austin was the backdoor plan this week with Jackie doing all the dirty work for Vanessa and the sixth sense alliance. But, almost everything went wrong when Liz and James still managed to win the BoB and dethrone Jackie, leaving all the hard decisions for Vanessa. Even though, Austin would be a great houseguests to get evicted at this point, it’s still nice to see plans not go exactly as wanted and force the houseguests to make some quick changes.

Veto Competition

The veto competition had everyone on edge now that the BoB for the week didn’t go as planned, especially Clay and Becky, who volunteered to go on the block. They probably regret that decision now, but it still worked out for one of them, since Clay won the PoV. It’s crazy to see Clay finally when a competition when his life in the game is on the line, I guess it is the motivation that he needed.

The players had to role nuts up one side of a ramp and catch the nut when it rolled down the other side, which imagesU1W9HCVDwould give them one point. To win, the players had to score a total of 250 points, and if a player drops or fail to catch their nut, they must start over with 0 points.

For the veto meeting, Clay made the obvious choice to use the PoV to take himself off the block, but Vanessa gave everyone a surprise by putting Jason on the Block with Becky. Vanessa has now left a huge target on her back with almost everyone outside of her alliance because she believes Austin is still an ally. This has to be one of the dumbest decisions mad so far this season because Vanessa has basically given up her game for Austin who was a huge target, but now Vanessa has taken that spot, hope it was worth it.


The “other side of the house,” Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James are blindsided with Jason being nominated and now know that the eight-person alliance Vanessa formed with them was a lie. Jason talks to the other houseguests about who knew about his nomination because it was obviously planned and realizes that Clay and Shelli have had a hand in almost all evictions, so why not his. This proves that Jason is a very smart player and sees a lot of what is going on in the house. It is terrible that he was dealt such a bad hand in this game because he definitely could be in a better position if things were different.

Meg and Jackie do some investigating to find out what’s been going on that they haven’t been aware of. Meg talks to Clay who pretends to not have known that Jason was going to be nominated and even goes a step farther by admitting he believes Vanessa made a deal with Austin. Meg tells Vanessa, who says Shelli and Clay were part of the decision and she couldn’t have done this on her own, even though she is HoH, which basically means you hold all the power. Jackie also talks to Vanessa who tells her that the plan was to evict Jason with many people backing the plan. Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli all talk about the consequences of the choices they made this week and how badly this could affect them in the future. But, while they’re on edge Austin seems to be just chilling with Liz and is on cloud 9 after his comeback, I must admit that was a commendable move on his part and has definitely weakened the target on his back for now.

The “other side of the house” decides to try to keep Jason by getting Clay and Shelli on their side. Jason goes to them to make them paranoid and see him as an ally, so he can get their votes. Jason pulls out all the stops on his conversion with them and it definitely seemed to have some effect but in the long run, it didn’t work.


James votes to evict Becky

Clay votes to evict Jason

Meg votes to evict Becky

Shelli votes to evict Jason

Jackie votes to evict Jasonimages

Steve votes to evict Jason

Liz votes to evict Jason

John votes to evict Jason

Austin votes to evict Jason

Jason is evicted with a vote of 7-1

Game Reset

Now that five evictions have taken place Julia can now enter the house and the twins can play as individuals. Julie sits the houseguests down to reveal the already well-known twin twist. Julia finally enters the house and Julie reveals a surprise that the game has now been reset and that there will be no more Battle of the Block competitions.

HOH Competition- On The Edge

This is by far the most important HoH comp to date with their being only one HoH and two nominees. The imagesO6OLYCKY players must hold on and stay on the ledge of their cliff and the last houseguests standing will be the new sole HoH for next week. This comp looks like it is going to be a long one so tune in to Big Brother this Sunday to a win and have the sixth sense finally sweat for a week. No one wants to watch another season of a powerhouse alliance picking off the others, so maybe they can even out the playing field this week, so keep your fingers crossed.