Big Brother 17- Week 6 Review

Big Brother 17 Week 6 Review

This week the tables have finally changed, we have the other side of the house in power when James won the HOH competition against all odds. The sixth sense dropped like flies and it became clear that James was definitely going to come out on top with all the other houseguests clearly struggling. But, Shelli did decide to make a deal with James, including safety for her and Clay this week. She claimed to not want to be the HOH for a third time, but it was pretty clear that she was not going to last much longer. James went along with the deal, but was more than ok with breaking it if he decided, which is exactly what happens when James nominates both Shelli and Clay. Get ready for a bunch of drama because this is by far the most dramatic week this season.

Veto Competition- Game of Throws

The players must catapult a dart at a map, labeled with points, and the player in each round with the lowest amount of points is eliminated. The eliminated players will then claim there prizes, but players eliminated after have the choice to either keep their prize or switch prizes with another eliminated player. The player that has the POV prize at the end of the comp wins the POV, and James won the POV.Big-Brother-2015-Spoilers-Week-6-Who-Wins-PoV-Tonight

At the veto ceremony, James decides to keep his nominations the same, leaving Shelli and Clay as the sole nominations for eviction.

James has made the best decision for himself and his allies this week with just throwing Shelli and Clay on the block from the get-go. James was in a very bad position going into this week after Jason was targeted last week and the only way to make his odds better in this game was to put them up with the influence they have in the house it was the best option for him.

Splitting up the Golden Couple

Clay and Shelli’s fate in staying together in the house is impossible at this point and they decide that neither of them could ever campaign against the other, so it looks like the house gets to get out whoever they want this week without a fight. But, of course, it’s never an easy week in the BB house and Vanessa takes it into her on hands to get Shelli to stay because she believes it the best bet to keep the sixth sense alliance intact.

Clay is obviously love crazy because he has basically given up his game, at least Shelli still has some sense and agrees to let Vanessa campaign for her. Shelli talks to the sixth sense to solidify her moving forward with them in the game if they vote to keep her and they all seem to agree.

It seems like Clay and Shelli has agreed that she would be the better of the two to keep playing the game, which is definitely true with her track record in the game so far, Clay has shown to be extra baggage in Shelli’s game so who knows how far he could make it without her. Also, it is very crazy that the sixth sense is still going strong after the last couple of weeks they’ve had. But, honesty they resemble a very dysfunctional family and fortunate for them family sticks together above all, which has been proven a hundred times over in their alliance.

Most of the houseguests meet to discuss who they are all going to evict this week, but it doesn’t seem to make things easier with James, Meg, and Jackie set on evicting Shelli, while the sixth sense are pushing to get out Clay. It leaves everyone frustrated; Jackie is suspicious of Vanessa for wanting Clay out so bad and knows something fishy is going on, while the sixth sense now doubts their decision to keep Shelli.

Shelli is definitely the better player and it would just complete James HOH if she was evicted because it would just mean everything went his way this week. But, everything is up in the air this week and no one knows which way they’re going to go for sure. This was the craziest week, which is surprising since Clay and Shelli were nominated and should have made the week a breeze. Vanessa and James seemed to be more into who was evicted than the actual nominees, which made for a interesting eviction.


Meg votes to evict Clay

Jackie votes to evict Clay

Vanessa votes to evict ClayimagesBYZ9RLW3

Austin votes to evict Clay

Liz votes to evict Clay

Julia votes to evict Clay

Steve votes to evict Clay

Becky votes to evict Clay

John votes to evict Clay

Clay is evicted with a vote of 9-0

HOH Competition- Midway Mayhem

The players must fill up their funnels and transfer it into their gas tank by walking across a slippery path of ice. The gas untitled tanks contain three balls and once a player can reach one of them, they can choice to receive either the HOH, $5,000, or Never be a Have not. The players can try to get one or all the rewards, but once a player choices to receive the HOH, the comp will end. All the houseguests, minus James, seems to be going good so far in the comp, so only time will tell which one comes out on top and is made the new HOH for the upcoming week.

The winner of the HOH this week is critical, like always, but the stakes are definitely high with the line drawn with Jason and Clay’s eviction. The winner will definitely target their immediate rivals, but the a known floater winning could change the game, while keep everyone on edge and more than likely be forced to choose a side. So, basically, whoever wins will have the house in mayhem proving this HOH comp is accurate with vibe that is going to occur in the house moving forward.