Big Brother 17 Week 7 Review

Big Brother 17 Week 7 Review

This week big moves are being made and lines have never been draw more than now. The underdogs are taking over the game, for now, and the power players are running scared this week. Becky won the HOH competition and was so far ahead of the others that she took it a step farther by taking the $5,000 and Never a Have not prizes. Becky decides that Vanessa is her target this week, but she needs to back doored, so Becky nominates Shelli and Steve as pawns.

Veto Competition- BB Comicsimage75-480x587

The players must go down a zip line to see the correct order of comics and the correct comic of the houseguests. The players must then recreate the model exactly, but will have to pay attention to detail by there being multiple comics of each with minor changes. The player with the lowest finished time wins the POV.

Steve wins the POV and chooses to use it to save himself, which has Becky ecstatic with plans right on track and making it easy for her to name her replacement nominee Vanessa.

Shelli and Vanessa are now the sole nominations for eviction

Flipped House

Vanessa being the player she is goes around to campaign to anyone and everyone on her behalf. She tries first to approach Becky, after her harsh nomination speech, who shuts down the conversation right away. Vanessa then goes to James and tells him about Becky being a rat during his HOH because she went back to Shelli and Clay and told them things meant to be kept secret. This information seems to win James over a bit because he goes back to Jackie and Meg to talk to them about how Shelli should be evicted since she is more of a threat to them. They all seem to stick to this change in plan and goes as far as getting Austin and the twins on board also. I think this was a good move for James, Jackie, and Meg because even though they have made big moves, they sometimes go along with plans that don’t have their best interest, so it was nice to see them go with their gut for once.


First Eviction

Austin votes to evict Shelli

Steve votes to evict Shelli

James votes to evict Shelli

Meg votes to evict Shelli

Jackie votes to evict Shelli

Julia votes to evict Shelli

Julia votes to evict Shelli

John votes to evict Shelli

Liz votes to evict Shelli

Shelli is evicted with a vote of 8-0

Julia announced that there will be a Double Eviction!

HOH Competition- Getting Loopy

The houseguests all watched clips of each other and Julie asks questions based off the clips where the players must imagesCIGUAPEKanswer either true or false. Austin, Steve, and John were the last ones standing, but Steve pulled out his first win and is the new HOH. With only a few minutes to decide, Steve nominates Meg and Jackie for eviction. It was a huge surprise to everyone and made no since game wise for Steve’s game and it seems the only thing he managed to do was get a bigger target on his back, so good luck to you Steve. Steve more than likely was planning on back dooring Becky, but definitely was misguided with that decision that would require more time.

Veto Competition- Slippery Slope

The players must role their balls down their ski slope with three holes in it and land a ball in each hole in order then buzz in to win. John and James were tied but James dropped his ball and John won the POV. John chooses not to use the POV, so Meg and Jackie are the sole nominations for eviction. John probably anticipated that Steve would nominate Becky as a replacement nominee, which wouldn’t be good for his game since he is aligned with her.

Eviction #2

Vanessa votes to evict Jackie

Becky votes to evict MegXQqGaEq-big-brother-17--cas

John votes to evict Jackie

Austin votes to evict Jackie

James votes to evict Jackie

Liz votes to evict Jackie

Julia votes to evict Jackie

Jackie is evicted with a vote of 6-1

No one was expecting this outcome from the double eviction and it was definitely one of the most bizarre and honestly very confusing. But, the final houseguests have made it through and now it’s back to the normal schedule. Next up is the new HOH being crowned and after the eviction of Jackie, it is anyone’s guess of who will be walking out the door next week, proving this has been one of the craziest seasons of BB in a while.