Big Brother 17 Week 8 Review

Big Brother 17 Week 8 Review

This week the power has shifted once again when Liz wins the HOH competition with her knowledge of emojis. It was definitely surprising to imagesee Liz win this comp when her, Julia, and Austin had seemingly taken a break from the game these last couple of weeks, acting as if they were enjoying another fun year of “summer camp.” But she made it up with her big win and nominations of Becky and John, not a huge surprise there.

Veto Competition-Otev the Rockin’ and Roll

To win this comp, the players must listen to the hints given by Otev about different houseguests and race to find the butter plate with the correct houseguests’ name. The players must get back to a seat and the last player without one will be eliminated if all other players have the imagecorrect houseguests’ name.

Liz wins the POV continuing her winning streak and decides to keep her nominations the same. It is personally a good move for her at this stage of the game. Even though it would be nice to see her finally make a big move and get out Vanessa, who has been digging her own grave since forever now.

New Alliances

Now that Liz is in power, the band has gotten back together, but because Shelli and Clay have been evicted, they decide that its time for a change so the Sixth Sense have become Austin’s Angels. But this was doomed from the start with Vanessa’s schemes coming out and her emotions once again getting to best of her. I am guessing it won’t last long at all with the doubt already forming within the alliance itself.

Another alliance was formed was between Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve, and John. It is definitely all about the numbers with this one and leaves Vanessa out of the loop with the growing target on her back.

Jury House

Jackie enters the jury house to Shelli’s surprise and gives her all the details on her blindside by Steve. Shelli is shocked by the news and seems convinced that Vanessa was behind it and was pretty hopeful to have Vanessa in the house with her. Shelli believes that Vanessa is manipulative, untrustworthy, and her reasoning for being evicted. Jackie and Shelli both agree that Vanessa is a great game player and needs to be the next to go if anyone wants to win.


Steve votes to evict Becky
Vanessa votes to evict Becky
Meg votes to evict Becky
Austin votes to evict Becky
Julia votes to evict Becky
James votes to evict Becky
Becky is evicted with a vote of 6-0

HOH Competition- Ready, Set, Whoa

The players must hold down three buttons each round and race to hit their buzzer, but the last player to hit their buzzer will be eliminated each round. Before the players race, they must wait until the screen says ready, set, go because the first player to start before go will also be eliminated. The last player to hit their buzzer first will be the next HOH.

Hopefully, after the eliminations of Jackie and Becky, the underdogs can come back on top and knock off another power player because right know they are in power, numbers wise. Preferably, James needs to win to make some houseguests sweat a bit again and be sure to not make it easy for them. It would also give him the chance to up his social game and get some houseguests on his side because he and Meg are gonna need it at this point.