Big Brother 17 Week 9 Review

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Review

This week’s HOH comp came down to James and Austin, which isn’t surprising since this was an endurance comp and they both are clearly the most athletic, but Austin managed to finally come out on top and is the HOH for the week. Zingbot stops by yet again for his traditional BB roast of the remaining houseguests and gets Liz and Austin bad by bringing up the fact that he has a girlfriend back home, and that obviously didn’t go over well. With the power in hiszingbot hands, Austin and the twins must finally choose a side after making deals with everyone, so he decides to move forward with James and Meg, which could end up being the worst or best decision for his game, but only time will tell. This has been the most unplanned week so far this season with Austin not having a solid target and jumping around with the ideas to get out Steve, John, or Vanessa.

Veto Competition- Newly Zingle

The players must hit their buzzer to start the timer, and then look at several female robots and figure out the three houseguests each one resembles. The player that finishes in the least amount of time will win the POV. Julia was in the lead, but Vanessa won the POV.

Austin now has one less option for possible eviction and definitely wants the nominations to stay the same, so he isn’t forced to nominate his allies being either James or Meg since the twins are obviously not an option. Vanessa talks to John for the millionth time about being allies and John finally agrees, but it’s plain and simple that this was his last resort. Their alliance is enough to make her try to convince Austin that keeping him is in their best interest, but it has little effect since Vanessa ends up not using the POV, leaving Steve and John as the sole nominees for eviction.

Vanessa talks to the other houseguests to rally votes for john after they formed an alliance and her belief that Steve has betrayed her. The twins manage to convince Vanessa of the benefits of keeping Steve, the main one being him as a target in the house. This campaign was doomed from the beginning because Vanessa is still trying to stay on Austin and the twins’ good side, which prevents her from making decisions that would help her personal game.

James friends talk about his game so far and how he is playing one of the best social games this season and is the jokester of the house. His friends talk about his unrequited love with Meg and how their alliance is a benefit for his game and that he is definitely an undercover threat that the other houseguests need to watch out for.


Meg votes to evict John

James votes to evict John

Liz votes to evict John

Julia votes to evict John

Vanessa votes to evict John

John is evicted with a vote of 5-0


The first four jury members, Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and John are back to compete for another chance to play the BB game. The comp immediately begins and it’s not only a comp between the jury, but also for the new HOH. To win thejury comp the players must hold and stay on to their line, while being spun around, and the last one standing will be the new HOH, and the last jury member standing get to return to the game. This game is going to get very interesting next week, any one of the jury members that return will most definitely stir up some drama and want vengeance for their eviction, and with the possibility of them not only coming back, but being in power, only ups the stakes.