Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 01.09 Review – ‘Repairs’

SHIELD - repairs - may

Oh,S.H.I.E.L.D. Didn’t I tell you last week that if you say Thor’s name, he has to show up? Lucky for you, Fitz-Simmons are charming and adorable; they saved our ninth date and perhaps our love story.

May’s Pain, Starring Skye

This week, Team S.H.I.E.L.D. is on the case of a possible telekinetic, a woman who has been present at a number of disasters that has killed everyone who isn’t, you know, her. Everyone is slightly weirded out by the idea of a telekinetic, Fitz-Simmons especially doesn’t believe that such a person could exist, and really? You’ve all wrapped your mind around aliens from space, medical procedures that can create super human strength and all the other classified information S.H.I.E.L.D. has access to, but someone moving things with their brain is too much to handle?!?!

Of course, the naysayers end up being right. Ms. Telekinetic 2013 is really just a woman, being hunted by a co-worker who had a crush on her, but was too childish to actually ask her out. Instead, he loosened some bolts on the thingamajig so they’d have something to talk about; you know, if the ensuing explosion hadn’t killed their coworkers, turned the town against her and trapped him to a life of bouncing between worlds.

SHIELD - repairs - may2The point of this week’s mission was really about May and how she became the frosty, detached agent she is today. Sounds great, right? We found out that May and Ward have been sexing up on the DL for a bit, we finally get to hear the story of how May got nicknamed the cavalry, but then the show took that familiar turn and became the ‘Skye’s the Greatest Potential Agent Ever!’ show.

Despite the lack of explanation, Skye turned bitchy when Coulson chose May to go in and help assess the telekinetic situation. May’s pulled Skye’s cookies, and the team’s, out of the oven more times than I can count and Skye has always been in awe. Her attitude was out of place, especially when Skye had several reasons she would turn icy towards May, like the sex fests with Ward or May knowing more about her mother than Skye does.

After Skye snarks one too many times, Coulson finally breaks and gives up some history. I was a bit disappointed that it was exactly what I thought; May used to be a bit of a prankster, and enjoyed breaking the rules, before a mission went south and she had to go in, sans weapons, to rescue a civilian girl and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

In the end, May uses Ms. Telekinetic as bait to draw crazy coworker away from her team, but still protects the girl. Like Skye, she quickly figures out that crazy coworker’s motivation isn’t the originally thought destruction, but the desire to protect her. May talk’s crazy coworker out of, well, what I’m not sure. Continuing to pop back and forth between worlds, taking out people who hurt Ms. Telekinetic’s feelings? Grabbing Ms. Telekinetic and taking her back to the galaxy he’s trapped in? Whatever it was, she gives it to him straight, he has to do the right thing and let her go. He agrees and vanquishes himself back to the hell universe. Or he was able to choose death, it was a bit unclear. If he had control over what universe he was in, why did he keep popping between them?

SHIELD - repairs - skyeRegardless, crazy coworker goes bye-bye, May goes back to acting aloof with everyone and Skye gets to hug and coddle the woman formerly known as Ms. Telekinetic.  After she falls asleep, Skye has another heart-to-heart with Coulson and tells him she thinks Agent May can be saved. He tells her that he thinks she’s going to be the bestest agent ever, as long as she applies herself. I contemplate throwing something at the TV.

Seriously?!?! Best agent ever, able to rename Index Asset Evaluation and Intake Process, after like 9 weeks without ever going to S.H.I.E.L.D. academy?

I like Skye. I really do. Chloe Bennet hits her mark on every witty Whedonesque retort, she has chemistry with her co-stars and Skye’s transformation from Rising Tide to S.H.I.E.L.D agent has the potential to be good if they’d just stop cramming her awesomeness down our throats. Show us, instead of telling us, and we’ll figure it out S.H.I.E.L.D., I promise.

Fitz-Simmons Love…Does This Mean I’m Into Threesomes?

Despite an awful outfit choice for Jemma, Fitz-Simmons and their prank war was so charming that even the fact that it also circled Skye was tolerable. The chemistry between Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge just gets better and better. Plus, the writers are able to balance telling their history (Fitz says Simmons screamed like a girl when an agent pranked them at the Academy) with showing who they are (neither can lie worth a darn to Skye and Fitz’s prank is only scary because everyone’s on edge that Ms. Telekinetic’s crazy co-worker is on board and causing mayhem). They can stay best of friends, or turn romantic, and I’d still love them.

May’s Pain, Part 2…Who Is Coulson?

While Skye overshadows most of May’s drama this week, it’s Coulson who steals its thunder in the end. When asked what May told crazy co-worker to stop his rage, May admits she told him what Coulson had told her after the rescue that went bad. So Coulson told May to let the girl go? Is this what haunts her? Was Coulson, pre-Tahiti, willing to sacrifice a civilian for the greater good? Or did he simply tell her the first part of her speech to crazy co-worker, that you could never get back who you were prior to what you did? Is it that guilt that had him insisting she join his team?

SHIELD - repairs - coulsonI’m intrigued, but admittedly, I’m an easy sell on Coulson stories.

As for May, well, she steps closer to the woman she used to be, pulling off the tried and true shaving cream prank on Fitz. The team finds it funny, but it didn’t hit for me. I’d rather see more sexy time scenes with Ward for warmth; the jokester doesn’t seem like a good fit and we already knew she was protective of her team, based on basically every episode that has aired.

‘Repairs’ faltered when it gave May’s story to Skye, but righted itself with Fitz-Simmons cuteness and layers for Coulson. Still it would have been nice to learn something new or unpredictable about May. Were you surprised that she went into rescue fellow agents without weapons? Did you enjoy the sexy time (and how does May manage those fight scenes without a sports bra of some kind)? Am I being too hard on Skye? Head over to the forum, or leave us a comment, and let us know you’re thoughts!

Relationship Status: Clinging To Fitz-Simmons