Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 01.14 Review – ‘Yes Men’

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 01.14 Review – ‘Yes Men’


‘Yes Men’ proves you should never send a man to do a woman’s job; it was everything the earlier Thor crossover episode wanted to be: funny, smart and storyline moving. From heroes to villains, the ladies were out in force and the action never slowed down.


After being injected with the mystery drug, Skye has made a miraculous recovery but Simmons still isn’t allowing her out of bed. Skye complains as good naturally as someone who must be going stir crazy does and wins over even the hardest of hearts when she tells Simmons she’s grateful to her, and Team Coulson, for saving her life. Aw…one big happy family. Minus Coulson who is off on “personal time” trying to find Director Fury who has gone AWOL.

Simmons is drawing Skye’s blood on the hour to do tests to discover what exactly that drug was and coming up with zero answers. The same is true for the tests run on Coulson, it was like they were never injected with the life saving cure. Simmons vents her frustration to Fitz, why couldn’t they have found more than one sample, why must they keep all these tests in house instead of requesting help from HQ, why are the damn answers so hard to find!

Lucky for Fitz, he doesn’t have to answer the hard questions. Coulson is recalled and the team has to go out to deal with an Asgardian disturbance that has come to earth. Ward reminds us all that Asgardian doesn’t always mean friendly because Loki but lucky for us it’s Lady Sif, here to prove to the world that Marvel needs more female superheroes.


JAIMIE ALEXANDERLady Sif immediately recognizes the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and is surprised to see Coulson. After all, Thor told her he was dead. Coulson asks that he be the one to tell Thor that he’s alive, after all that’s movie material, and Lady Sif agrees and gets down to business. Lorelei, the man seducing sorceress we met last week, has escaped from Asgard and she’s been charged to bring her back. Lorelei, she warns them, can bend a man’s will with the sound of her voice or, if he’s particularly stubborn, a single touch.

While Lady Sif is filling Team Coulson in, Lorelei quickly discards the new husband she commandeered last week for a biker gang full of patsies and takes over their bar, rather her #1 patsie Rooster’s wife bar, demanding riches. I guess we should just be happy she didn’t run into a convoy of military guys.

S.H.I.E.L.D. locates her quickly enough and Lady Sif, May, Ward and Coulson head out to take her down. Should we be bringing people with a y-chromosome to this party? Nope. Not only does Lorelei manage to get away, but she snares Wards and the Asgardian gold collar used to contain her gets broken. Not a great first showing, Team Coulson.

Girl Talk

Back on the plane, Agent May’s walls go down a little bit more after a chat with Lady Sif. While I enjoy the begrudging mentoring/protecting she gives Skye and Simmons, it’s nice to see May with a female equal. It’s even nicer when Lady Sif warns her that Ward is not the man she knew anymore and May refuses to let it bother her. Ward might try to kill her, but he won’t, she promises the Asgardian warrior, and we believe her. Not because she’s counting on Ward’s feelings for her, but because May wont let her feelings get in the way of talking him down.

Coulson wants Fitz Simmons to fix the Asgardian gold choker. It’s impossible, but we all know that Fitz will figure it out. Simmons takes the opportunity to ask Coulson one more time about the blood work but he refuses to allow her to send any blood work to HQ. Simmons furious is a sight to see and when she yells at him that she may report to him, but she’s also a scientist and this is bloody bad science, it’s almost as marvelous as that time she accused him of cheating on mom with hookers on the train. Except you ­­know, her fury here is real. It doesn’t get her anywhere, but it’s nice to see Simmons standing up for the greater good.


sif and coulsonAfter a stop in Las Vegas, Ward decides the best plan to deal with Team Coulson is to bring the fight to them. Lorelei brainwashes poor Fitz, who locks Simmons and Skye in a room and helps Lorelei eject Lady Sif from the plane with the collar he’s fixed. Ah, Lorelei, you really shouldn’t have let Sif keep a weapon to be used against you, but she’ s not thinking clearly. She’s all about rubbing May’s face in the fact the Ward’s sleeping with her but desiring someone else (aka Skye) and getting her hands on Sif’s sword.

With a little team work, Fitz ends up knocked out (again) and Sif gets back on the plane and takes Lorelei down with witty banter. There’s nothing more important for a super hero than the ability to banter, especially a Whedon super hero. Ward and May also have a showdown and it’s anything but the sexy times we’re used to seeing them have. Even though Ward gets his will back after Lorelei is collared, her announcement about Skye pretty much ends and possibility of sexy time for the two and I miss it already.

The Code

After Lorelei’s caught, Coulson askes Lady Sif how she’s managing to keep Lorelei alive to take back to Asgard after all the sorceress has done. Lady Sif throws off an answer the pre-New York Coulson would have not only understood, but given himself. Oden, her king, rather (Thor sequel SPOILER)Loki impersonating Oden, has ordered Lorelei back to Asgard to answer for her crimes and she has her code to follow.

This is not pre-New York Coulson nor is it the man who thought he spent some recovery time on Tahiti. This is the new, improved Coulson who understands that S.H.I.EL.D. isn’t always right. At May’s prodding, he relieves himself of the burden of what he saw at the Guest House to Skye.

If you were expecting the hacker to freak out, well, you haven’t been watching closely enough. Skye isn’t worried about the alien properties of the cure, she’s just grateful that she was saved. For once, Skye having the perfect answer doesn’t grate. After all, this is the girl who spent her entire life not knowing who her parents are or where she’s from, she’s now an 0-8-4, being without an answer isn’t going to throw her for the loop it’s thrown Coulson. And boy, did it throw Coulson. He’s swears to find the truth, no matter what stands in his way.

Listening at the air vents, much like a parent on a wacky sitcom, sits Agent May. At first, it’s possible that she was just being a concerned friend, but no, she picks up a phone and calls in the report. Coulson knows.

How will Coulson react to May’s double agent status? Will Ward be able to win May back or will he move on to Skye? What’s Coulson’s plan to take on the Clairvoyant?   S.H.I.E.L.D. is off (again) next week, so be sure to head over to the forum and let us know your thoughts on ‘Yes Men’!


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