Nashville 1×05: ‘Move It Over’ Review – Out With The Old, In With The New

Nashville upped the stakes this week when Rayna wrote Deacon off for good, Juliette dealt with her Momma issues and Scarlett learned that a good man is hard to find.

Rehab & Prince Charming…

All work and no play gives Juliette and Deacon one hell of a song.  ‘Yellin’ from the Rooftops’ is definitely this episodes strongest song and it comes to us by slave driver Juliette, who’d rather keep her band in the studio 24/7 than go home and face her Momma.   Deacon offers to help; after all he’s got some experience at this rehab thing. But it’s no dice until Juliette comes home and finds her mom in bed with some scruffy looking loser type with a few empty pill bottles on the nightstand.

Deacon saves the day, but Juliette needs to save herself.

I know this was a plot point and we can’t expect too much, but first, how did that guy get in? Juliette lives in a gated community and would have put a no guests restriction up at the gate.  And also, not every boozing druggy has to have stringy hair and look like they haven’t showered.  Most don’t, actually.  Regardless, it moves the story where it needs to go, which is, Juliette letting Deacon help her convince her Momma that going to rehab is for the best.

Deacon pulls out the big guns when Juliette’s mom refuses rehab and of course, she agrees to go.  Though there’s a show down at the clinic, where Juliette ends up getting smacked and blamed for her mother’s downward spiral, she does walk through the doors.  I’m torn on this storyline.  Yes, I’m sure advice coming from a recovering addict is more relatable than the anger directed at you by your daughter, but considering creator Callie Khouri told Vulture that she’s a feminist who writes strong women, I’m a little disappointed that the man swooped in and saved the day.

Unlike me, Juliette isn’t torn.  Her bond with Deacon is stronger than ever, certainly stronger than sex made it, and despite her lease and brand new furniture, she decides she needs a new space to restart her life as Juliette Barnes.  She abandons her gated community mansion for new digs that look like it’s in the hills of Hollywood, complete with an infinity swimming pool.   Out with the old, in with the new.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to be quite the sunshine life Juliette thinks it will be, but go for it girl.

All By Myself…

Last week, Rayna stood by her man after an argument between Deacon and Teddy at the country club fundraiser.  She’s still Team Teddy, having cut Deacon off completely and canceling her tour.  Oh Rayna.  Teddy spent all your money, remember? How are you gonna pay for the house?

The simple answer is commercials; Rayna’s hawking her song and image.  The commercial they shoot is pretty much everything that Faith Hill’s performance at the CMAs should have been and wasn’t.  I have no idea if Connie pulls from Faith Hill for Rayna, but if she is, she’s killing it.

Rayna can’t convince Deacon to let her have the song for the commercial.

Unfortunately, Deacon owns half the rights and he’s refused due to lyric changes.  Rayna (rightly) thinks it’s because he wants her to call, but she’s surprised when she shows up to find that Deacon’s not giving in. Saying that music is the only thing in his life that he still has.

I respect Deacon’s choice, but honestly, don’t be so pissy.  You’re really just refusing because she’s choosing Teddy and you know it.  Own it, sir.

In direct contrast to Juliette’s approach to fix things, Rayna decides to go at it alone and write a new song.   Bucky says it’s going to be a hit and I believe him.  It’s not Juliette Barnes who was revived this week, but Rayna James.

Like Father, Like Son…

Teddy’s got his own issues this episode.  If you think it’s spelled P-E-G-G-Y, you’d be right.  Not for the reasons you’re thinking though.  Instead of an affair, Teddy went to Peggy when he got into financial trouble and together they borrowed two million dollars from the credit union; only the credit union didn’t know it.

Now there are auditors breathing down Peggy’s neck and she’s ready to go to the feds and make a deal.  Despite being a stepford, junior leaguer, Kimberly Williams-Paisley sells Peggy’s fear and you really do feel sorry for her.  Unless, you’re Teddy.  He just pats her on the head and promises to protect them both.

Everyone’s all smiles, but Coleman wipes the floor with Teddy at the debate.

Stun for a recent debate with Coleman, who compares Teddy to his father and says that all Teddy’s ever done is inherit and lose money; Teddy goes to Lamar for help.

Teddy comes clean and you’d think Lamar would cut him off, because this guy can’t even embezzle properly, but nope.  Lamar wants a Mayor he can control, so he strokes Teddy’s ego and promises to fix it.

At first, I thought Lamar was going to throw Peggy under the bus, but after a meeting where he gets her to promise to say nothing and do as he says (seriously, for a man who was never home, this guy has quite the father hang up, right?), Lamar gets the auditors to leave without interviewing Peggy.  She’s relieved, but I’m worried.  I really feel like Lamar’s setting her up to take the fall.

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me…

Scarlett and Gunner get the opportunity of a lifetime – yup, another one right on the heels of Whitey agreeing to do their demo and getting a publishing contract – the opportunity to play for Lady Antebelllum’s manager.  Lady A, a chart-topping real life country band for those of you who don’t know, is looking for new material and the label thinks Gunner and Scarlett are perfect.  Since Lady A does a lot of duets with their male and female lead singers, I agree!  Unfortunately for everyone, the label wants to bring in another guitar player to help strengthen the song.  Guess who suggests himself?  Yup, it’s insecure Avery.

Avery suggests he’s jealous of Gunner, but he’s really jealous of Scarlett’s success.

Last week, I was sympathetic to Avery’s plight.  Like Deacon said, it takes some getting used to when you’re in a couple that’s not growing at the same rate.  He pushed me too far this week though.  Instead of playing the song and helping Scarlett, he overshadowed the song, showing off his guitar skills.

Gunner called him out and Avery showed his ass by blaming Scarlett and Gunner.  Lame.  Having overheard this, Scarlett decided to tell both guys how she felt.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, she’s choosing Avery.

I thought she had a bit of nerve saying this to Gunner, since though he’s crushing he’s never pursued her romantically or done anything disrespectful to her relationship, and was happy when he told her he was with Hayley.   I’d like to say he didn’t care, but that would be a lie.  I was glad she didn’t lose that nerve when she spoke with Avery though.  It took five episodes, but Scarlett really stepped up this episode.  Not only did she admit she really wanted this opportunity, but she reminded Avery (again) that she choose him and always did.  Avery tried to spoile the moment by telling Scarlett he wanted to go back to the way things used to be.  You know, when she wrote her poems in private and he was the one on stage.  Oh Scarlett.  This guy isn’t worth the angst. Maybe be single for awhile?

Who Knew A Song And A Photo Would Be So Much Trouble…

Like every Thursday,  Deacon decides to relieve his Rayna induced angst by singing at the Blue Bird.  He’s heckled by a patron who’d rather hear Rayna sing.  Deacon jokes it off, but the guy’s tossed by a Blue Bird employee who’s not Gunner, and he croons a song that’s most definitely about Rayna.  How have these two managed to stay out of the tabloids?  Seriously, the lyrics reference her shine and him being the sideshow.  Gossip columnists in Nashville would be eating this up!

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  1. Avery’s character makes me so angry! Scarlett is so sweet, and Avery just takes advantage of that! He is so jealous of her that he can’t let her have her moment! My prediction is that Rayna and Juliette are going to become irrelevant and Scarlett and Gunner are going to be the next big thing!

  2. I think Teddy is going to become mayor, so Daddy-in-law can continue to pull the puppet strings, not to mention the scandal that is going to erupt from Teddy’s other dealings.

    I have some Mommy issues of my own, so I kind of get Juliette, now. I was wondering how they could keep me watching with such a hateful girl, but they have managed. I hope this show does not go the way of GCB (my previous guilty pleasure).

    • I think you’re right about Teddy. They’ve gotta keep the evil daddy-in-law in the picture, and that’s the best way to do so because they obviously don’t have a close personal relationship with him.

      I think Hayden does a really good job playing Juliette! I was really surprised and impressed by her singing voice!