The Originals Episode 1.15 Review — Crime and Punishment

Last week, I complained that the show did not deliver on its promise Klaus would be subjected to unimaginable horrors. A pain, they promised, so severe the Original would wish he could die. Instead, it was Rebekah who suffered. And, this week, though Elijah told us Klaus was suffering, he seemed to be sleeping soundly. So, what gives? Turns out that the pain was coming. It was coming hard and fast and poor Klaus had to endure it for most of the episode. That’s right … he got stuck with Cami. I honestly felt a little bad for him. Weakened as he was, unable to escape, forced drink her vervain-laced blood and listen to her armchair diagnosis of his many, many psychological problems. Clearly Celeste spent some time at Gitmo.


Left subjected to the unfathomable torture that is a day with Cami, Klaus tells her about the fall of his empire. There was a time when werewolves and vampires and humans alike drank and danced and…did other things with each other. Six months had passed since Rebekah and Marcel did their little conjuring spell to bring their father to town and, with Klaus being strangely welcoming of their love, they hope the spell misfired. Unfortunately, Papa pays the Big Easy a visit and, by the time he’s done, Marcel is thought dead and the Original siblings are left to scatter in the wind like dandelion seeds.

Back on his feet in the present day, Klaus reveals he has a white oak stake and it’s got Rebekah’s name all over it. Not literally, but I could totally see Mr. I Draw Ponies doodling Rebekah’s name and crying about her not loving him while listening to the Biebs on loop. Come on…admit it. You can see it, too. There’s an unsettling intensity between Rebekah and Klaus, between her fear of him and how deeply he feels her “betrayals.” Aberdeen on the forums commented that Klaus is acting like a jilted lover. His order for Elijah to get away from Rebekah because she’s “his” at the end of the episode certainly supports this observation. Hey, if you’re feeling skeeved out, I’m right there with you. But, there’s no denying Klaus has got some major boundary issues when it comes to Bex.

Speaking of Klaus’ territory…


He fears Celeste has taken Hayley when his lupine lady love turns up missing. In actuality, Hayley and her kin (two-legged and otherwise) have Celeste tied up out in the bayou. Hayley threatens to go for the kneecaps if Celeste doesn’t undo the curse she put on Hayley’s pack. Celeste agrees. A little too easy? Elijah thinks so. But, Celeste is craftier than that. If Elijah busts the Mason jar of green werewolf-be-gone goo, Hayley will be angry. If he gives Hayley her pack back, she’s going to go with them. Celeste knows either way Elijah will suffer the loss of Hayley, a girl he didn’t have the guts to make a move on because of Klaus. Like I said…Gitmo.

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Elijah ultimately decides to let them both go. He gives Hayley her jar-o-goo and a heartbreaking forehead kiss, leaving her to be with her people. Celeste, on the other hand, gets a one-way ticket back into her old body, which Elijah then murders.

I have to say, the Hayley fan in me loves that she’s so strong. After watching Bex get tortured week in and week out, it’s refreshing to see a knocked up werewolf brandishing weapons, knocking out witches and saving her pack. Likewise, the Haylijah fangirl I am, I’ve got a bad feeling that forehead kiss is going to have to sustain me for a long time.


The lovers are prepared to flee the city for parts unknown, but they know running is futile. There’s no place they can go Klaus won’t find them. They need a cloaking spell, and there’s only one witch they can trust to do that – Davina. There’s only one slight problem with that. Davina’s dead. But, like Monique, killing the witch who came back in her place resurrected her. Ergo, kill the witch who took Davina’s place and Davina will come back. It works! Davina comes back.

Celeste is dead, Davina’s back. Everything’s right in the world…isn’t it? Unfortunately, no. Before Celeste died, she put a little spell on the cemetery. Until the next moon rises, an Original can enter the cemetery but cannot leave. The cemetery Elijah is in. The cemetery Bex is in. The cemetery Klaus is in. See where I’m going with this? Three Originals trapped in a graveyard, one of them armed with a stake and a mad case of bloodlust. This isn’t going to end well.

GGirls on the forums floated the theory the newly-resurrected Davina will save Rebekah from her crazy brother. Here’s hoping! The Originals needs to move back to beautiful girls being powerful and kicking butt. No more of this dead Davina, torture bunny Bex stuff. Whatever the case, I’m glad we only have to wait a week to find out. If this episode aired before the Olympic break, this review would be peppered with so many expletives you’d think you were reading a transcript of the Wolf of Wall Street.

Final Thoughts

Well, my blood pressure certainly liked this episode better than last week’s. And, it had Cami in it! Maybe it’s the lack of Rebekah torture, maybe it’s getting Davina back, or maybe it’s the forehead kiss. I only wish it were next Tuesday already.

Final Grade: B+