The Originals Episode 1.16 Review — Garden of Eden

Judge Judy. Judge Alex. Judge Divorce Court Lady. There’s tons of options if small claims court shows are what tickle your daytime entertainment fancy, but the CW has provided a primetime option for those who prefer their court shows with more blood and less legal stuff. That’s right, Klaus took on the role of judge, jury and executioner as he held his trapped sister to a trial by fire. And, all Bex had to her defense was a chivalrous brother and a sharp tongue.

We all know the story. Adam and Eve, perfect and unaware of the world’s evils, live blissfully in the Garden of Eden. They are told by God that this is their domain to roam freely, so long as they do not eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. But, a serpent tempts Eve to disobey God’s warning. She eats from the fruit and encourages Adam to do the same. And, they are made to feel shamed and cast out by an angry God.

Playing the role of God tonight (and, well, every night) is Klaus. He has decided that Rebekah has disobeyed him one too many times and now her heart has a date with his white oak stake. The only thing standing in his way is Elijah. Elijah tries his best to make Klaus remember how innocent they all were once (side note: are Little Klaus and Bex the cutest things ever or what?), but Klaus has a one-track mind. Kill. Kill. Kill.

I have to say, it didn’t do her a bit of good, but I liked that Rebekah refused to just roll over for Klaus. She gave him a heaping helping of cold, ugly truth, pointing out that, for all of his whining about their father, he has essentially become him. GGirls on the forums wrote, “I love that she can hold her own. I know she is placed in the role of a victim a lot but it doesn’t take away her ability to kick ass.” I totally agree with this. We’ve seen Rebekah be taken down so many times in recent episodes, it’s nice to see her strength again. And, it was especially nice to see a call-back to her early-season bonding with Hayley towards the end of the episode.

Just as Eve was cast out of the garden for her disobedience, so too was Rebekah. She said her goodbyes to Elijah, Hayley and Marcel, and took off in a hot car for parts unknown. We all know she’ll be back sometime, but I hope in the meantime she finds some kind of happiness. Hey, Bex, there’s a certain blond boy in Mystic Falls who adores you. Just sayin’…

Final Thoughts

If this review seems short, it’s because, despite the Davina subplot, all I could focus on was the tension in the garden. Yes, Davina is back (hallelujah), and on any other episode, I would be much more interested in her fear of using magic and becoming a pariah within the witch community. Instead, all I could think about was Rebekah. Her journey from fearful to fighter to freedom was breathtaking. The writing was incredible for all three Original siblings in this episode. They spat out one heartbreaking line after another, reminding us all that they were broken humans before they were immortal beings. They say time heals all wounds, but these three have proven that a thousand years isn’t enough time to heal the damage inflicted on them by their father. This episode wasn’t a fast-paced plot-driven episode, but it was a character study into our three leads. I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Something tells me Elijah is going to be one to watch in the final stretch o episodes this season.

Grade: A+