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The Originals Episode 1.17 Review “Moon Over Bourbon Street”
3/18/2014 – CW Network

And, then there were two…

Normally, I open these reviews with a little introduction blurb I hope lands closer to funny on the humorous-to-plodding spectrum. This time? I’ve got nothing. Last week, as we all know, Klaus allowed Rebekah to leave New Orleans with her life, with the caveat she never return. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I assumed Rebekah would take a little break and show up again. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Claire Holt has left the show.

So, what does this mean for The Originals? I’m not sure. The core concept of the series is the relationships within the Original family. I’m on the side that recasting Rebekah is out of the question. The other Originals are dead. And, we already have a show about two vampire brothers, one a petulant manchild (still love you, Damon), and the other far too forgiving and patient for his own good. On the forums, Jenners suggested a long-lost sibling might be introduced, ala Paige Matthews, while my preference is to resurrect Mikael. He terrifies Klaus, making him a worthy antagonist, and Klaus and Elijah would unite against him. Plus, the world needs more Sebastian Roche. But, is there anything that can take the place of Rebekah? I don’t think so … and I fear they’re going to try with Cami. But, more on her later.

First, let’s check in with Davina…

Power Outage

Last week, I neglected to write much about Davina’s story. I was too swept up in the graveyard saga to care much about Davina’s post-resurrection plight. A quick refresher – the Elders are mad because she abused her magic and she’s afraid to use any now. This week, we find her and two of her fellow Harvest girls doing a simple spell to restore the health of a rose. The other girls can do it, but Davina cannot, causing Monique to tease her mercilessly. Davina turns to Josh, who encourages her to be herself in that adorable way of his, prompting Davina to restore not only one rose, but a whole room of them. Score: Davina – 1, Monique 0.

Davina has been one of my favorites since early on in the series. Her friendship with Josh was a nice surprise. Josh himself is a nice surprise, as he’s sort of atypical for the genre. There’s a sweetness and awkwardness you don’t expect from the network where every vampire is a hot stud with anger issues. Their scenes worked so well. I liked how he equated making his own way in life when his parents couldn’t accept him with her similar struggle to accept herself in light of the Elders’ disapproval. He was the key to restoring not only Davina’s magic, but her confidence as well. The jury’s still out on if he can rebuild the bridge between her and Marcel.

Marcel, meanwhile, is feeling quite powerless himself. A month has passed since Rebekah left and he is biding his time, cobbling together an army from the vamps that defected from Klaus, and…oh yeah, having drunken hookups with Cami. I’m not sure which is worse, that he downgraded from Bex to the human answer to wallpaper paste, or that we’re undoubtedly going to get another round of Klaus crying about how BETRAYYYYYYED! he is. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll banish Cami, too.

Blood Brothers

Klaus and Elijah found themselves at cross-purposes. As chaos rained down on the city, Klaus opted to paint rather than rule. This left Elijah to bring together the witches and the vampires and the mortals in the interest of peace. The only faction not represented was the werewolves, at least until Hayley showed up. She demanded a seat at the table. Otherwise the wolves would destroy any hopes Elijah had of a nonviolent resolution to their dilemma. Klaus did not like her threatening his authority. Know what else he didn’t like? Her with Jackson. At the party he and Klaus threw, she made sure to leave Elijah for a dance with her potential suitor. And, if looks could kill, Jackson would be one dead dog.

Speaking of Jackson…as it turns out, Klaus wasn’t all that disinterested in the drama unraveling in the French Quarter. He’s secretly aligned with his baby mama’s wannabe boyfriend in hopes of reclaiming the city in the name of the wolves. He promises Jackson that they can prove they’re the superior species, that they can be more powerful than ever before. The question is – what does this mean for Elijah? Could he be planning on cutting his brother out just as he did his sister? If that’s the case, what do they rename the show? The Original?

Final Thoughts

I appreciate that the show has gone back to the giant chess game it was early on. Different factions all with different motives and different strategies to achieve their endgames. I like that. I liked this episode. Yes, it was sorely lacking Rebekah, but I feared my heartbreak over the exit of Claire Holt would negatively impact how I viewed the show, despite my best efforts to remain objective. Marcel and Cami’s boozy hookup aside, I felt it was a strong episode, though it’s possible Davina and Josh and Haylijah rescued it from the clutches of my bad mood. I don’t know what the show’s plan is, moving forward. I only ask that they please not try to replace Rebekah with Cami. It isn’t going to work. It’s like going to your favorite pizza place and finding out they’ve substituted the pizza sauce with ketchup. No one wants that.

Final Grade: B