The Originals Episode 1.18 Review — Heartless

The Originals Episode 1.18 Review — The Originals Episode1.18 “The Big Uneasy”
April 15, 2014 – CW Network

 So, there’s good news and there’s bad news on the Originals front. The good news? Claire Holt recently cleared up the rumors about her status with the show. She will return, she just needs some time off. Which means I don’t have to view this show through the lens of someone super angry they would let a talent like Claire, not to mention someone as integral to the canvas as Rebekah, go. The bad news? I’m almost ashamed to admit this in print but…I spent exactly sixty-three seconds of this episode on Team Cami.

But, more on my momentary lapse of sanity later.

Witches Just Want to Have Fun

Genevieve wakes to find Klaus painting her naked and sleeping in his bed. They’re still in that warm, fuzzy honeymoon stage of their hookup, so she feels comfortable asking Elijah to let the witches have a festival, which they haven’t been able to do since before Marcel took power. Elijah agrees, reluctantly. Genevieve, meanwhile, gets the “hurry up and die,” talk from Monique, who wants the four original Harvest Girls back and at full power so they can protect themselves from the vampires. Genevieve has a plan to get Esther’s grimoire, which she claims is for them, so they’ll be prepared to handle Klaus when she’s gone.

At the party, Monique continues to do her best impression of a mean girl. Davina hasn’t suffered enough, so she and Genevieve conspire to make her the only witch who doesn’t receive a gift. But, Klaus arrives and gives Davina perhaps the best gift of all – Josh’s freedom and the spell to make daylight rings. Look, it’s a better gift than that silly comb Cami gave Genevieve.

Genevieve’s plan to get Esther’s grimoire gets her a box with her book-stealing patsy’s hands in it, courtesy of Klaus. But, the ancestors decide to give her a pass on her expected sacrifice, if she does something for them – kill Klaus’ child. I actually think she’s going to be dumb enough to try it, which means that fourth Harvest Girl might as well start prettying up for her resurrection because Elijah will kill anyone who tries to bring harm to Hayley and her child.

Speaking of Hayley and Elijah…


This episode was a total love letter to the Haylijah fans from the moment Klaus accused Elijah of wanting to make renovations to their home to impress Hayley. Aberdeen on the forums noted her inner fangirl as going crazy, while GGirls wrote, “Elijah’s love for Hayley is a thing of beauty.” I agree wholeheartedly on both counts. The way Elijah looked at Hayley in this episode was electrifying, and his speech about denying his desires for Hayley for a brother who has no intentions for her was almost primal. You could feel Elijah’s ache for her, which made his restraint as he silently watched her laughing with her pack from afar all the more bittersweet.

Hayley had her moments, as well. When Elijah invited her pack to the witches’ festival, she initially had no intention of going. But, once she found out about the secret alliance Jackson brokered with Klaus, she went to Elijah. No, she didn’t tell him (Marcel would handle that later), but I understand why she didn’t. When Marcel sent his suicide squad in and she got thrown about as all hell broke loose, it became clear to her the peace treaty would never work.

Someone tell me she’s not going to end up with Jackson. He’s cute and all, but he can’t compete with a certain well-dressed, mannered, heart-stealing (literally!) Original like Elijah.

Final Thoughts

A moment of silence for Thierry, if you will. He paid the price for Marcel’s crimes (crossing Elijah and harming, if indirectly, Hayley). Can’t say I’m all that brokenhearted by it. Every time a secondary vampire dies, my response is always, “thank goodness it wasn’t Josh.” He and Davina remain as adorable as ever, and I like that he’s always got Davina’s back, especially in light of Monique’s mean girl-ing of her. I want to see more of them.

Oh, I guess you’re probably waiting for me to explain my sixty-three seconds of madness? At the end, when Klaus confronted Cami for hooking up with Marcel, I felt bad for her. What? Every once in a blue moon the fates align just right that weird things happen. This is one of those weird things. I hated that Klaus went all Sex Police on her, especially since he’s been sleeping with the witch who brought Mikael to New Orleans, while banishing Marcel and Rebekah for their role in the subsequent fall of the Mikaelson Empire. It’s none of Klaus’ business who Marcel is dumb enough to sleep with.

Final Grade: B