The Originals Episode 2.08 Review — Dine and Slash

I considered opening this review with a list of things I am thankful for when it comes to the Originals. After all, ’tis the season. But, I think we all know that list pretty much begins and ends with a bunch of Haylijah fan-girling. Instead, I wanted to open with an apology.

I’m sorry I’ve been so hard on Cami lately. Now, I’ve been critical of her place on the show. She’s like one of those orphaned kittens who gets adopted by a dog who nurses her with her newborn pups…sweet, but sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe I am not always fair in my criticism of Cami. Maybe I didn’t need to spend so much time on pointing out she is Not Rebekah and nothing more than a blonde placekeeper.

I certainly never anticipated the show would actually try to turn her into Rebekah.

In the interest of these reviews, I stay away from spoilers as much as possible. Going into it blind keeps me from judging what’s happening now on something I know will happen down the road (and makes baseless speculation much more fun!). So, you can imagine my surprise to see a plot tonight centering on Esther grooming Cami to be the new Rebekah. That kitten is never going to be a Golden Retriever, show. Even if you change her name and call her Rebekah.

Speaking of Rebekah…

The Bex is Back!

While playing with Hope at the park, Rebekah realizes she’s being tailed by Esther’s goons. She seeks help from Klaus, but he is busy torturing his brothers, so he sends Elijah. Unfortunately, Elijah’s cheese having slid off his cracker, he gets a bit peckish waiting for her at the rendezvous point and kills a bunch of people. This naturally disturbs Rebekah, who snaps his neck and calls Klaus again for reinforcements.

How great is it having Rebekah back? As much as I miss having her around full-time (that Mikaelson family could use a shot of estrogen every now and again), episodes like these are a real treat. Hope is a thousand different kinds of precious, and the writing hits the character beat of Rebekah noting Hope is not hers and she longs to have a little one of her own someday. With her mother promising humanity to her brood, I’m nervous Bex might swap sides.

Know who isn’t swapping sides? Finn. That guy is the definition of Mama’s Boy. And, it gets him locked in a coffin with tiny air holes. Kol is on Team Kol, which is at least on the periphery of Team Klaus, but Finn might as well change his name to Oedipus and call it a day.

Wedded Bliss?

There’s an old myth that, when two alphas marry, anyone in attendance who is a wolf in their pack will receive certain powers. Hayley, being a hybrid, can now control when she shifts. She doesn’t need a moonlight ring acting like a leash for the witches. This is pretty appealing to Jackson’s pack. There’s only one problem…they have to get married. Hayley wants to treat it like a marriage of convenience. Jackson insists they have to be 100% committed or it won’t work.

After doing some research, Hayley decides to move forward with the marriage and gets herself engaged to Jackson. I don’t think this is going to work out well for Jackson. Hayley clearly still has a thing for Elijah (she told Cami as much). Either she’s going to stray, or Elijah’s going to rip Jackson’s heart out.

If I were a betting woman (and, I am…that penny Zeus machine at Harrah’s could tell some tales), I would lay down money on Elijah killing Jackson. Call it crazy speculation if you must, but there is way too much happiness going on with Aidan and Josh, Davina’s bestie. Something like a vampire killing an alpha would certainly reignite the vampire/wolf war, landing Hayley squarely in the middle.

But, I hope not because I really like Jackson, Haylijah spoiler though he may be.

Final Thoughts

Despite Rebekah’s return, this episode didn’t carry the weight of the previous installment. However, with promises of Klaus and Hayley at long last reuniting with Hope, the next episode (in December!) will probably be a full box of Kleenex affair.

Final Grade: B+