The Originals Episode 2.09 Review — Merry Matricide

Nothing says Christmas like a little murder and mayhem, am I right? Hey, this is the Originals. It can’t all be bonfires and adorableness with babies (seriously, if that little bundle of witchy-vampy-werewolfy cuteness didn’t melt your heart, check your pulse). The holiday episode was chock full of sweet moments, steamy moments and some moments that will take your breath away.

Home for the Holidays

The first half of the episode was devoted to the Mikaelson clan just being normal people. Klaus and Hayley reunited with Hope, Hex (Hayley and Rebekah) tag-teamed Klaus and Elijah into embracing their old tradition of making wishes on a bonfire, and we got a glimpse of what life could be like if only their mother and father and aunt and potentially presumed-dead sister would just stop trying to kill them.

My favorite moment (okay, my second-favorite…we all know ain’t nothing dethroning that coffee table scene as the best part of this episode) was the banter between Klaus and Hayley when she asked him to write down his wish. He said his wish was for her to tell Elijah she is marrying Jackson so they can have a drink and celebrate the bullet his brother dodged.  The teasing was refreshing and reminds us that Hayley is more than his baby mama. She’s his friend. Also? Joseph Morgan does smiling so, so well. More happy Klaus, please!

And, then there was the Haylijah hookup. If you heard someone screeching “FINALLY!”…that was me. Sure, it was bittersweet. They only succumbed to their passion after he told her to marry Jackson and lead her people. But, like Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris, we will always have that coffee table in Arkansas.

Christmas Checkmate

It takes a village to take down a woman as formidable as Esther, but it seems as if Klaus and crew have done just that. The plan was to have Esther start her body-swap spell on Rebekah, have Davina do the same spell at the same time, jam up the witchy frequency at the crucial moment and, with Esther distracted and vulnerable, kill her before the swapping can occur. For the most part, it went off without a hitch. Unless you’re Rebekah, in which case you’re probably not going to be inviting Kol to any Christmas bonfires for a while.

Once the spell was started, there was no stopping it (despite Klaus’ valiant attempt at taking his sister’s place). But, thanks to Kol, Rebekah wound up in the body of a witch Klaus imprisoned in 1914. We saw in flashbacks that this place was boarded up to keep the witches inside, but, here we are 100 years later and it’s still boarded up and they’re still there, wearing today’s clothes. I’ll admit, I’m a little confused. Hopefully the whys and the hows of this place will be further established in future episodes. Though, it’s possible all the awesomeness of the episode distracted me from picking up a vital piece of information here.

Rebekah woke up in an imprisoned witch’s body, Cami woke up in Cami’s body, and Esther…well, Esther woke up. Unbeknownst to her, Rebekah had slipped a bit of her blood into Esther’s wine when she wasn’t looking. So, when Klaus killed her? Yep! She turned into a vampire. As he pointed out to his mother, one cannot be both witch and vampire. He tossed her a blood bag and gave her the choice to be the thing she hates most or be dead, which, as he also notes, is more of a choice than she ever gave her children. Ouch!

Sucks to be you, Esther. Literally.

Final Thoughts

Let’s talk about Kol. I like him. He’s a smarmy little devil and I do not like his betrayal of Rebekah, but I like him. He reminds me of what Klaus would be without the daddy issues and kill-first-ask-questions-later nature. Also, I’m loving his relationship with Davina. Though, I do worry for her. As powerful as she is, she’s still a naive young girl when it comes to affairs of the heart. I hope he doesn’t break hers. For his sake as much as hers. Marcel will kill him. A lot. Most likely after several days of torture.

Final Grade: A+