The Originals Episode 2.10 Review — Hungry Like the Vampire

When last we left our merry band of assorted supernatural creatures, Kol had played an awful trick on Rebekah, trapping her in the body of a witch imprisoned in a mystical nuthouse, Esther woke up a vampire, Elijah and Hayley finally succumbed to their passion, and someone sprung Finn from his coffin. And, that’s what you missed on Glee The Originals.

The first episode of 2015 played with one of my favorite TV Tropes – mortal enemies trapped in a confined space. Thanks to that dastardly Finn, vamps and wolves alike found themselves magically confined, with the vampires getting a supernatural metabolism boost that left them hankering for a bite out of those werewolves. Meanwhile, Rebekah found a ghostly ally in her prison, while Elijah faced the worst fate of all – doing trivia games with Camille.

True Love

I’ve made no secret about how much I love Josh. He’s kind and adorable, and I find his friendship with Davina to be one of the best-drawn relationships on the series to date. I’ve also been intrigued by the star-crossed love presented between Vampire Josh and Werewolf Aiden. Tonight, we saw that love get put to the test when they were trapped and, thanks to Finn, Josh started getting very, very hungry. I enjoyed seeing the conflict their two very opposite natures presented and how they responded to it. As a fan, it was nice seeing a tertiary relationship like that of Josh and Aiden’s get such a big slice of the spotlight.

I am also an unabashed Haylijah fangirl, so it pains me to say this. But…I was kind of feeling Jackson and Hayley this week. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the deafening silence when Jackson asked if Hayley loves Elijah, but I am also getting the feeling that while Elijah represents most girls’ vision of Prince Charming (smooth, worldly, sophisticated, handsome, well-off), Jackson might just be a tomboy werewolf’s idea of Prince Charming. He gets her in a way Elijah cannot and clearly loves her. But, let’s not count Elijah out. Jackson can never understand the vampire side of Hayley, and if there’s anything Elijah understands, it’s struggling to balance your humanity with your bloodlust.

Let the games begin.

Speaking of games….

Elijah’s Inferno

Someone call Dante…I think Elijah just discovered an unexplored circle of hell.

I made a resolution to try not to be so hard on Cami, but, when the opening scene has the Most Special Baby In Existence cry and jerk free when Cami approaches her…the fates aren’t making it easy on me. So, that resolution has gone the way of No Cake. I spent the bulk of this episode flip-flopping between feeling bad for poor Elijah, getting stuck doing trivia games with Cami, and being angry at Elijah for not going all greasy spoon on her. A dozen innocent diners he’ll eat, but not Cami. In retrospect, this may be why I was feeling Jackson a little more this week.

In Cami’s favor, I am glad she got to meet Hope (even if Hope was having none of it). She’s been carrying some guilt for her role in Hope’s “death,” so, I’m happy for her that she has unchained that particular albatross from around her neck. That said, she continues to be a weaker link, and her dime store Dr. Phil routine still does not ring true for me. Thee vamps are a thousand years old. You’ve been studying psychology for five minutes. Am I really supposed to believe you can get in their heads and heal them? I don’t, and I say this as someone who totally believes all of the body-jumping and magical resurrections.

Freya the Friendly Ghost

So, Bex woke up in the body of a woman imprisoned in the witch version of Briarcliff Manor. Despite her best efforts at convincing everyone she was Rebekah Mikaelson, it did not work out so well for her. In fact, the only real help she got was from Cassie and an invisible helper. Neither of them were quite enough to get her out, but the latter did identify herself via letter chips as Freya, Rebekah’s sister.

You’ll recall that Dahlia took Freya as payment for the fertility spell she did on Esther. Dahlia told everyone Freya died. I’m not quite sure what her status is now (I’m leaning towards ghost, but with The Other Side being all imploded, that doesn’t really work), but I am one who has always wanted to see more estrogen injected into the Mikaelson family, so I’m glad we’re meeting Freya in some form.
Dahlia can’t be far behind, right?

I’m sure Bex is hoping her big sister makes a corporeal comeback so Klaus will have someone else to go all creepy Flowers in the Attic obsessive over.

Final Thoughts

I’m so glad this show is back! I’ve been waiting a long time for the winter premiere and it did not disappoint (Cami stuff aside). Any guesses on what Finn is going to do with Esther and Mikael? No good comes of vampires and sigils on this show.

Final Grade: A-