The Originals Episode 2.11 Review — Saving Private Marcel


Sometimes, I manage to open these reviews with something relevant to the overall theme of the episode and not just another glimpse into my whacky brain. Tonight, I have done both! Yes, as I sit here, patiently waiting for my internet to come back on so I can post this, my mind has gone to an odd place…If Klaus is Marcel’s surrogate father, and Marcel is Davina’s surrogate father, does that make Klaus Davina’s surrogate grandfather? Because, as she was slapping knocked out Klaus last night I, with no Candy Crush to distract me, started thinking about how funny it would be if she started calling him Grandpa Klaus. Over-under on how long it would take him to kill her? Ten seconds? Twenty?

Hungry, Hungry Hippos Vampires


The main story for this episode centered on Marcel, both past and present, in the throes of war. Flashbacks show us Marcel, having grown weary as Klaus’ son, doing as most restless children do and leaving the nest to go find himself. Where he finds himself is in an actual war with guns and bombs and questionable uniforms. His men face starvation in the trenches, while I face disturbing flashbacks of my own to sophomore English when we had to read All Quiet on the Western Front (I do not do well with war books or movies).


Present day Marcel finds history repeats. Finn’s barrier is still up and so is his hungry-making spell on the vampires trapped within the compound. Also trapped? Kol. Delicious, not-vampire Kol. Marcel proves his leadership when he keeps his army from eating Kol, and then from eating the parade of New Orleans humans when the barrier is finally lifted.

The theme of this episode is about family being who you choose, or who you fight for, and not just the people who share DNA with you. I love that Marcel and Klaus are back considering each other family. Early on in the show’s run, I wrote that I just didn’t see Marcel as a formidable adversary for Klaus in terms of power. After his display of leadership tonight, I would like to amend that somewhat. Do I now think Marcel could overpower Klaus physically, even with his army? No. But, I do think he could easily outwit Klaus if Klaus allows their battles to become chess matches. That’s neither here nor there, I suppose, since they’re back on the same team.

Got a Secret…Can You Keep It?

That Hope…she’s like a tiny, drooling, adorable time bomb. The secondary plots of the episode focused on Hope’s parents struggling to keep her secret. Klaus found himself and his brothers in some strange mental hunting lodge where Finn, drawing power from his own parents, picked up on Klaus having a secret. A big secret. A juicy secret Finn is determined to figure out. After all, if it was big enough he would kill his own biological father, well, wouldn’t you want to know that if you were trying to take Klaus down?

Hayley, meanwhile, was off in the woods with Jackson’s grandmother, doing these trials they have to pass before they can do their alpha wedding thingy. It’s all going well and good until Hayley learns she needs to smoke a flower root and it’ll make her spill all of her secrets. You know, like how she didn’t leave a note when she dinged that guy’s fender last month, or how she drank out of the milk carton again even though Klaus hates that, or that little thing about how her baby isn’t really dead. Jackson, in another make-me-question-my-Haylijah-loyalty moment, vowed that whatever her demons were, he would take them on as his. I believe him

The ticking grows louder. With February sweeps fast approaching, I can only assume that baby bomb will blow sooner rather than later.

Final Thoughts

(There was a comment here about poor Elijah getting stuck in Cami hell two weeks in a row, but as soon as I typed it, my internet died and did not return until a little while ago, so I have taken it out in the interest of not having my family kill me because they cannot access Facebook).


Final Grade: B+