The Originals Episode 2.12 Review — I Ain’t A-Freya No Ghost

The Originals Episode 2.11 Review  “Brotherhood of the Damned”
Written by Kyle Arrington & Diane Ademu-John
Original airdate 1/26/2015 – CW Network


So, maybe it’s because I had to time-shift this episode due to a basketball game I wanted to watch (go Mavs!), but I couldn’t help but think tonight’s reveal of a brand new Mikaelson now evens the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio up enough that the Mikaelson clan could have a battle of the sexes, five-on-five basketball game.

Team Ladies: Rebekah, Hayley (she counts!), Freya, Hope and Esther.

Team Gentlemen: Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Finn and Mikael.

Sure, there are some kinks to work out, like Hope being smaller than the ball and Mikael trying to foul his own teammates by stabbing them with white oak stakes, but I’d pay good money to watch that game.

Until then, on with the show…

Do You Want Freya With That?

This episode featured Rebekah, still trapped in the witchy cuckoo nest, making a new friend. The pretty blonde is strangely familiar, but Bex can’t place her. Still, when she’s caught with an apple by what passes for authority in that place, Bex springs to her defense and gets her hand busted for her efforts. She later offers to let the mysterious blonde escape with her and Cassie.

Slight problem…Cassie can’t be trusted. She sells Bex out and, when it looks like she’s about to meet her maker, the mysterious blonde shows up and unleashes a can of magical butt-kicking on Cassie and her cronies. When she and Bex are on the outside, the blonde identifies herself as long-lost big sister Freya and tells her to tell their brothers she’ll be meeting them soon.

I have to say, I’m glad we have another Original sibling in the mix. I already like her more than Finn. Then again, I think I like Cami more than Finn, but that might just be because she wasn’t in this episode (please don’t kill me, Internet Box Thingy).

The Secret Is Out

Last week lit the fuse on the Hope bomb and, tonight, it detonated. After getting distracted by Kol while Davina and Aidan tried to rescue Josh, Finn figured out from his interrogation of Marcel that Klaus and Hayley’s daughter didn’t die. And, this, he believes, is the weakness he needs to exploit to bring Klaus down. Also, he kind of cursed Kol, but I really don’t mind that since I think Kol needs some humanizing and I’m sure this will lead to awesome scenes with Kol and Davina.

Also learning The Secret was Jackson, though not until Klaus nearly killed him. He trusted Hayley, but had no faith in her plan (going so far as to snap her neck when she didn’t give up on her Wolf Army plan…seriously, is Marcel the only one who gets an army, Klaus?). Luckily, she came to in time to stop him from killing Jackson. Unluckily, he later told Elijah he was only letting Jackson live until the wedding so Hayley would have her wolves.

That’s kind of…sweet. I know, it sounds weird, but between emphatically stating he trusts Hayley and trying to find a way to both give her the wolves and kill Jackson, I feel like Hayley truly has grown on him. Not that that really matters, I suppose, since most people Klaus loves wind up dead, comatose or otherwise irreversibly maimed. It’s the thought that counts?

Final Thoughts

So, I’m not sure I’m trusting Freya. Happy to have her here, but I’m sure Dahlia can’t be far behind…right? Maybe she’s an agent of Dahlia. Or, maybe she IS Dahlia, pretending to be Freya. Either way, things are going to get worse before they get better for Hope. Team Kill Hope is starting to outnumber Team Save Hope.

Final Grade: B