The Originals Episode 2.13 Review — It Takes A Village

I’ve always wondered what kind of movies Elijah would like. He’s so sophisticated, I figured it would be old, French films with subtitles. Turns out, he’s a modern horror fan. How else do you explain him going all Ghostface and Tom Prinze on Finn? For those of you who have no clue what I’m wasting precious review time on this week, I’m referencing Scream 3. Ghostface (aka the killer) had a handful of film-within-a-film stars and series favorites gathered at one of the stars’ house. The lights were out. All that worked was a fax machine. Everyone was outside while one brave soul — Tom Prinze — remained inside, watching script pages from the killer slowly come through. The pages promised safety to one person. The person who smelled the gas first.

Unfortunately for Tom, it wasn’t him. Plus, he was reading by the glow of a lighter. And, with Elijah’s one-Original tribute to one of the better kills in arguably the weakest film of the series, things didn’t work out so well for Finn, either.

In other news, we learned Baby Hope has magical powers! Not only can she stop a car, she can also do the impossible … make Cami tolerable!

Finn and Freya vs. the Family

As expected, Freya’s allegiance was called into question when she teamed up with Finn after helping Rebekah escape from the Cuckoo Cottage last week. She didn’t do much this episode, but did drop a nifty piece of info — Dahlia is alive and hunting for a firstborn Mikaelson. Of course, she thought it was a fruitless mission, seeing as how all the Mikaelsons are vampires, but Finn lets her in on the Hope secret.

Kol manages to make peace with Klaus and Rebekah and, channeling Klaus to offset Finn drawing power from their parents, stops Finn from getting to Hope by overpowering him. With Finn shut down, it’s up to Elijah to finish the job. Which he does by turning on the gas, removing his daylight ring, and holding his arm in the sun until it burst into flames and the house goes boom, taking him and Finn with it.

Cami, meanwhile, is driving home from a day out with Hope, when her car randomly shuts down just close enough to witness the explosion and not be harmed. Judging from the flabbergasted look on her face as she looks back at the baby, we’re led to believe it was Hope who saved their collective bacon.

I’ll admit I was hoping for some Kol-Davina scenes, but I was more than pleased with his time with his family. Maybe something is wrong with me, or maybe it’s Joseph Morgan’s undeniable charm, but I couldn’t help finding his, “I dagger because I care” speech almost endearing. I refuse to believe they won’t save Kol, so I’m eager to see the new family dynamic with him on the side of the angels (or, what passes for angels on this show).

Uninvited Guests.

The secondary story again focused on preparations for the wedding between Jackson and Hayley. This week, we learn alphas from packs all over Louisiana want to renounce their alpha rank and join the new Crescent pack. But, thanks to that wily Finn and a van full of strategically-placed vamps, the renouncing ceremony hits a snag. Fortunately, Kol intervenes by shutting Finn down and with it his rabid hunger spell on the vamps.

As enamored as I have become of Jackson, I’m ready for the wedding to be over. Thankfully, judging by the previews, next week will see this wedding through — one way or another. Not going to lie, I’m still hoping Elijah pulls a Dwayne Wayne. Yes, that’s another one of my random pop culture references. See Whitley and Dwayne were soul mates, but…oh, just watch this.

Final Grade: A