The Originals Episode 2.14 Review — Love and Loss in Louisiana

hayley jackson wedding

I have a special guy friend, the kind who sends me roses and gives me rings and teases me relentlessly. He’s special not because of this, or because he indulges my choice to watch the original My Bloody Valentine over the far more traumatizing 50 Shades of Grey this Valentine’s Day. but because I honestly believe he is my soul mate. From the moment we met, Special Guy Friend and I had a certain understanding of each other, as if one was created as a natural extension of the other.

You’re probably wondering why I’m rambling on about this in my sickness-belated review of “I Love You, Goodbye.” Well, it’s for this simple reason: I’m happy. This may get a little too TMI, and as I lay in bed, trying to figure out how I would start this review, my brain has gone to a million other, less personal places. But, this is the place my hands, shaky with low blood sugar as they are, has taken me. So, this review might be strange and won’t follow my typical format, but it’s honest. 🙂

Where was I? Oh, right…why I chose to open with something mushy about Special Guy Friend. He makes me happy. If you would have asked 18 year old Jess where she would be a decade later, she would have told you she might be married to a slightly older man with a child or two, teaching English somewhere. 18 year old Jess was very practical.

28 year old Jess? She spent a very long time coming to terms with the diagnosis of a muscle-wasting disease, a diagnosis that came shortly after she turned nineteen and pretty much zapped that whole love and babies and teaching dream. I am on a machine that assists my breathing. That doesn’t exactly scream romance. Or, so I thought.

On Nov. 23, 2013 (my mom’s birthday!), I met Special Guy Friend. It was totally random. We were on a soap opera forum talking about Black Friday and how neither of us would go out in that mess. I explained I am in a wheelchair because of MD and don’t want to die buying the latest gadget. He responded that he was also in a wheelchair because of MD. A strange coincidence, maybe. What unfolded over the next few months, however, led me to believe it was fate.

He is not what 18 year old Jess would have anticipated. He’s younger by 6 years (my prematurely graying hair provides endless amusement for him), which I believe officially makes me a cougar, and his personality does not fall in line with the guys ambulatory-me managed to find. But, that’s a good thing. Special Guy Friend is smart and funny and sweet. And, handsome. And, unpredictable.

And, that, dear reader, if you have held on long enough, is the point I am trying to make.

I am Hayley. Hayley is me.

When I closed my last review, I wrote that I wanted Elijah to Dwayne Wayne that wedding, claim his woman and leave Jackson in his dust. Having watched the episode and made all of my notes…all I can say is how disappointed I would be had that happened.

Yes, my Haylijah flag still flies brave and high, and no wind can ever be strong enough to knock it down. This isn’t about them. This is about Hayley and, by extension, the girl who is surprised she’s still allowed to do reviews, given all the rambling she does.

As I have found happiness in a strange, unexpected place, Hayley has done the same. Watching this episode, I recognize Jackson as her Special Guy Friend. He is patient and understanding and loves her with a quiet intensity that might not rival Elijah’s coffee table christening levels of passion, but is so very unique in its own right. There was a line in the episode about how he’d been watching over her from the moment she arrived in New Orleans, keeping guard over her and never judging her. When she delivered this line, something finally clicked in my brain and I understood why she was so happy having married Jackson. He provides her with security, a chance to live out in the open with Hope, to be surrounded by her true family (the wolves). This in no way overlooks her place within the Mikaelson family (she will always be one of them because of Hope), but the wolves were what she went to New Orleans to find. Elijah could never give her that. Jackson can and, in this episode, did.

That being said, she clearly still loves Elijah. The chemistry is palpable, and the angst in the pre-wedding scenes was thick enough I almost expected a smog warning to accompany our winter weather advisory here in NC. But, Jackson is the right choice for who Hayley is right now. Maybe a century or so down the line, she’ll be in a different place.


Of course, the episode wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. My other ‘ship, Aidan and Josh, took a big hit early on, with tensions flaring over if becoming a mystically-empowered werewolf would make Aidan want to leave his lowly vampire lover. But, my Kol/Davina boat got sunk with the former’s death. I knew those scenes would be heartbreaking. Davina is a teenager and has already put two boyfriends in the ground. My heart aches for her. Bring Kol back quickly, Originals!

Final Grade: A+

PS — Should I be concerned when Special Guy Friend says he wants to be like Klaus?