Pretty Little Liars 4.14 ‘Who’s in the Box’ Review

Pretty Little Liars ‘Who’s in the Box’ Review

PLL - Whos In the Box

When we last left Rosewood, Caleb was heading off to Ravenswood, Ezra was ‘A’ and Alison was alive. If you thought their season 4B could top it, or answer any of the questions haunting you, you’d be in for a let down.

DiLaurentis Domination

Now that the shock has worn off and the Liars know that Alison really is alive, they’ve got questions. Pretty much the same ones we have: Where has Alison been hiding? Who is she hiding from? Has Alison been messing with the Liars this entire time?

‘A’s lair was completely cleaned out by the time Caleb got back to it in Ravenswood, so the Liars are without clues. Spencer wonders if maybe they aren’t the first people Alison has reached out to, which duh. I mean, someone has to be helping her because a high school junior can’t exactly fake her death on her own, right? Not even the devious Alison DiLaurentis.

Spencer suggests they find out what Jason knows and it’s weird because she keeps calling him Alison’s brother, while ignoring the fact that he’s also her brother. Not that they are super close, but they’ve shared some moments and Jason wants to get into Aria’s pants, so I think that would buy the Liars a heads up if Alison talked to Jason.

MrsD - PLL - Whos In BoxSpencer decides priority one is talking to Jason and so Emily heads over for a chat with Mrs. D., who is changing the sheets in Alison’s room to keep it fresh. She’s super creepy about it and admits that Jason needs some private time, but that she can contact him in case of an emergency. This family is so weird. If she really believes her daughter is dead, no way would she not let her son check in on the regular.

Reaching a dead end with Alison’s mom, Spencer asks her dad if he’s been in touch with Jason. In typical Mr. Hasting fashion, he’s not willing to tell Spencer much until he realizes the Liars are talking with Mrs. D. He promises to find out where Jason is, as long as Spencer (and the rest of the Liars) stay away from Alison’s mom.

While I doubt Spencer ever intended to keep that promise, she’s definitely not going to be able to now that Mrs. D. has hired Hanna’s mom to work in her real estate firm. I wonder with Mrs. D. has on Mr. Hastings. His wife and daughters know about his love child and that he changed a will to benefit Jason at Mrs. D’s request. What else could there be? I hope that Hanna’s mom isn’t caught in the crossfire. Orange is not her new black.

If ‘Who’s in the Box’ is any indication, Mrs. D and Jason are going to be playing as big a role in 4B as Alison herself. Hopefully this means answers (if nothing else, with Jason around, at least it means hottie).

Emily’s Not in Love

With Alison alive, it makes sense that Emily’s heart would go all aflutter, but the PLL’s self proclaimed weakest link surprises us all. She’s the first to say out loud that it’s likely that Alison has been playing them all along. Em can also admit now that Alison never cared about her in the same way, or at all. After all, Emily’s convinced that Alison isn’t capable of loving anyone.

Oh, how pissed is Alison going to be when she figures out her favorite is over her? I can’t decide if this declaration will keep Emily safer than the other Liars or if she should hire security.

Hasting Law

Toby returns to town after spending a week doing research on his mom’s death. Did you care about this before finding out that Ezra was ‘A’ or Alison was alive? I didn’t, and still don’t.

Toby - PLL - Whos  In BoxBut for those interested, Toby found a bunch of staff members who agreed to say they knew his mom didn’t kill herself. Spencer and Toby stalked one of the VPs of the company that owns Radley, who let herself be intimidated by two high school kids and the internet. Yup, that’s right, the owner of a multi-million dollar health care facility got scared when Spencer threatened to go on the internet and tell the world that Toby’s mom didn’t kill herself. So she agreed to give Toby a letter stating that there was a mistake regarding his mother’s cause of death and they’d look into it.

Yeah, why bother running something like that by your legal department. It’s not like you just opened yourself up to lawsuits or jail time with that letter.

Back at Spencer’s house, Toby tries to brag about her skills to her dad, who acts like her ability to threaten a grown woman in charge of a multimillion dollar company and win is no big deal and had Toby gone to a real lawyer (meaning him), Radley would be closed down completely. Needless to say, Toby has benched Spencer and brought in Mr. Hastings as his legal counsel.

Spencer tries to figure out what her dad’s up to, because we all know he’s not looking into closing down Radley for anyone else’s good. He of course  plays it off like he’s interested because he saw what that place did to her.

Please. Spencer didn’t buy it either.

Also, all the fathers on this show completely suck, except for Emily’s dad who just occasionally sucks.

Detective Marin

Since Spencer is off playing lawyer with Toby, and Caleb is MIA, Hanna decides to pick up the investigator cap and solve some mysteries. First up, who did they bury if not Ali? Some online research leads her to a group of friends who are searching for their friend Sara, who went missing around the time Alison did.

Hanna - PLL - Whos in BoxEmily and Hanna meet up with Missing Girl Sara’s friends and find out that Sara and her crew used to come to the Rosewood movie theater. Missing Girl Sara’s friends say that another one of their friends saw Sara after Memorial Day, riding her bike, which leads the Liars to believe that Missing Girl Sara isn’t in the box. After all, fake Alison would have already been buried. However, Avery is now heavily medicated, probably by a doctor who was at one time working at Radley, so odds are Sara is very much the girl in the box. No points for that answer because the Liars still don’t know, but way not too push your luck too much.

Spencer gives Hanna an unreasonable amount of attitude for taking initiative this episode to figure out who was in the grave and meet up the friends of Dead Girl Sara. No idea what that was about, but I hope it’s going no where. Don’t be an intelligence bully like your dad, Spencer.

Boyfriend of the Year, Caleb Rivers

Caleb is back in Rosewood after spending sometime in Ravenswood. What’s he doing in Ravenswood? He doesn’t really say, and that’s good because I don’t really care, but his best boyfriend status is definitely in jeopardy. Not only is he leaving to go back to Ravenswood, but he wont say what he’s doing there, other than Miranda needs him.

Uh, Caleb, have you met Hanna? Her mom’s newly out of jail for a crime she didn’t commit, one of Hanna’s best friends has recently come back to life (shh…that’s still a secret) and some lunatic called ‘A’ has been stalking her for 2 years.

Hanna’s either over the Ravenswood spin-off or a better person than me though because she’s quick to forgive his secret keeping. I’m not really sure if they broke up, they’re still together or if he’s going to be able to play the “we were on a break card” should he knock up one of the Ravenswood hotties.

Ezra Wants to Turn Back Time

Ezra and Aria have a heart to heart, where Ezra admits that he was wrong to try to push her and Malcom together so he could have an instant family and wishes they could go back to their forbidden teacher/student love affair.

Aria - Ezra - PLL - Season 4Oh Ezra. Should you want to go back to the day you met Aria so you could have walked out the door and let her finish school dating boys her own age? Even if it turns out you have an evil twin or a multiple personality that’s acting as ‘A’, you’re still a creep. Aria deserves better.

Aria falls for it pretty much completely, and I have a feeling that Jake, who is out of town, won’t be her man for long. 

Awkward Coffee Dates

While the PLLs seem no closer to figuring out who ‘A’ is Mona appears to have bought a clue, apparently by looking closely at the books Mr. Fitz makes them read for class. As if all juniors and seniors in high school are required to be exposed to certain books, but hey, at least we’re getting somewhere with this.

Mona - PLL - Whos in boxAfter bumping into Ezra at a bookstore, Mona guilts him into coffee by bringing up how great Spencer and Emily think he is. If she was hoping he’d lower his guard by not throwing Aria in his face, she was wrong, though I can’t blame her for assuming that. After all, what teacher who has already been in trouble for dating a student would be grabbing coffee with another one?

The two trade barbs, but Mona pushes it too far when she suggests Ezra knows about people thinking you’re one thing when you’re really another. He gives a great speech about fear being Rosewood high student’s number one motivator and lets Mona know that she should be afraid of him pushing back.

Emily also has an awkward coffee date after she and Hanna meet with the girls of Missing Girl Sara. One of the girl quasi-stalks Emily back to the coffee shop she works at to admit that Sara wasn’t a good person and she’s jealous that she’ll always have to be Sara’s friend when she wanted that bitch dead before she even died.  Well, I guess Alison and Sara had a lot in common and so do their friends.

‘Who’s in the Box’ was a bit of a sleeper after the fall season finale. Alison didn’t show up at all and the Liars are no wiser about anything involving her or ‘A’. Caleb came back just to leave again and we got to hear more about Toby’s mom, who we don’t care about at all. Here’s hoping that Mr. Hastings lets this Toby’s mom thing die, that Emily isn’t tricked into thinking Alison hung the moon again, that Caleb’s absence keeps Hanna as lead investigator and we get more answers soon. Let us know your thoughts in comments or at the forum.

Grade: C