Pretty Little Liars 4×03 ‘Cat’s Cradle’ Review

Pretty Little Liars 4×03 ‘Cat’s Cradle’ Review

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Though ‘Cat’s Cradle’ finally brought back fan favorites Caleb and Melissa, it was stuffed with exposition and fell short of keeping anyone on the edge of their seats. There was much ado about masks, love lives and family dynamics, but nothing really happened.

Immortality Masks

Emily and Aria went through more of Alison’s old things (they’ve gotta be running out of boxes by now, right?) and discover the original Alison mask with designer signature. Aria wonders why Alison would have even had an Alison mask made and I know they’re trying to explain for the new viewers out there, but honestly? Alison likes herself a lot, Aria. At this point, I wont be surprised to find a life sized replica she had built of herself. Thankfully, neither would Emily and she feeds Aria the very obvious reason.

Oh Emily. No good will come from this.

Oh Emily. No good will come from this.

Aria and Emily call Spencer and Hanna to come check out the mask situation, but when Spencer doesn’t pick up, Aria’s ready to wait another day. Is the mask Aria’s kryptonite? It’s certainly making her look weak. This time it’s Hanna to the rescue, pointing out that she’s not about to let A get the drop on them again because Spencer wont answer the phone.

The mask designer has a studio out in the middle of nowhere and is uber creepy, of course! He remembers Alison and her mask instantly and offers to give them details as long as he can make a mask of Emily. Anyone else think this is going to end badly? You’re framed for stuff all the time, Emily! Don’t let someone create a mask for your features.

Of course, she does and so the designer tells them that he gave all the Alison masks to Alison and destroyed the original mould, per their agreement. While he makes the mould of Emily’s face, Hanna snoops and discovers a mask of someone else she knows.


Hanna pockets the mask and takes it to Spencer, who wonders if Ali followed Melissa or if Melissa followed Ali. Hanna suggests they could have gone together. Ali and Melissa going together would be the payoff this mask story needs, so here’s hoping.

Missing Moms

Em’s mom finds out about her pill poppin via a nosy doctor who wants to know how Emily got those pills without a prescription. Instead of being upset that he totally violated her rights as a patient, Emily gets fussy with her mom outside of school and our favorite good Samaratian A gives CPS a call, worried about Emily’s home life.

With all the drama Emily’s been in CPS is worried too. They’re going to do an investigation and Emily’s father is being called back home.  Maybe Hanna’s mom isn’t the only one who will be wearing jail house orange before the seasons done.

Thankfully, Aria’s mom has a much better reason to leave Rosewood. Her cutie pie boyfriend got into baking school in Europe and has invited her to go. She claims she’s not really into it, but it’s obvious she’d rather be with the strudel maker in Europe than teaching high school kids in Rosewood.

A Sister’s Sophie Choice

Since no one in the Hastings house talks, Spencer’s surprised to see Melissa at the coffee shop and the siblings pretend to be happy to see each other as Melissa shares details of her interview and hopes for an internship far away, suggesting that time away from Rosewood would be good for both sisters. Is she planning on taking Spencer with her in her suitcase? Does she know Spencer didn’t get into UPenn and is rubbing it in?

Doesn't Melissa look thrilled to see Spencer?

Doesn’t Melissa look thrilled to see Spencer?

Hanna runs into Melissa at the police station after discovering a Melissa mask at Alison’s mask makers, so despite wanting to believe that Mona’s lying and her sister wasn’t on the Halloween train and trying to kill Aria, it’s looking pretty bleak to Spencer.

As if she can sense that things aren’t going her way, Melissa makes a late night stop in Spencer’s room for some sisterly chit chat, tight, fake smile still on her face. Spencer mirrors back the insincere grin as they banter until Melissa wonders if there are other sisters who struggle to get along like they do. Yeah, they’re just mainly on daytime, Melissa.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Melissa reminds Spencer of the time when she asked if Melissa would protect her over someone else she loved and wonders what Spencer would choose now. Spencer looks at her blankly and we’re all left wondering.

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