Pretty Little Liars S5.18 Review ‘Hard Luck Stories’

Pretty Little Liars S5.18 Review ‘Hard Luck Stories’
ABC Family – February 3, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S5.18 Hard Luck Stories

‘Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me’ was awesome for one simple reason — Hanna! Hanna was so strong, smart and just confident – there was no scaring her into the corner. The biggest problem was part of the biggest problem; Toby’s cop storyline. All of a sudden, Spencer encouraged Toby to be a cop because he’s so honorable. Umm …. He went into the academy to be Team Liar and he actually surprised Spencer in his street blues. This rewrite makes the usually strong Spencer seem weak and I don’t like that. But let’s get into the Mona filled episode, shall we.

Panic’s a Bitch

It seems that the one common emotion everyone on this show feels is panic – it’s easy to understand why. Last time Spencer spoke with Hanna, they were fighting it out for the Total Mean Girl award. Spence was going to apologize but Hanna revealed she panicked and admitted that her storage locker mission was foolish.

Apology accepted, but Hanna’s not done panicking yet. Caleb gets called into questioning and Rosewood’s Best Girlfriend tags along allowing her to see Holbrook being suspended – and totally freaking out — because he might have ruined the case against Ali.

Now it’s Holbrook turn to panic and he uses his police car to stop Hanna. Lucky for the Liars (and the viewers), But his panic helps Hanna find her inner badass and she finds out that Holbrook wasn’t Ali’s fall guy recently, he was being interviewed by internal affairs about the case. Holbrook thinks Ali had Hanna kiss him to hurt his career more but Hanna isn’t having it. The badass blonde tells Holbrook he is the adult and he isn’t allowed to be the victim! I’m so proud of Hanna – someone finally mentioned that it is NOT okay for 20-something men to mind fuck teenage girls.

A Lesli in CeCe’s Clothing

Just when you thought the Liars knew all where all the chess pieces are, Mona’s out of town never mentioned before friend Lesli shows up. She wants to help out Mrs. Vanderwaal and thank the girls for being there when she wasn’t able to – midterms are a bitch!

Hanna is open to new friend but Spencer goes all Spencer and wants to know what her angle is. Being that Spencer’s plate runneth over with more food than any of the Liars eat (seriously they all look so skinny) she puts her second-in-command, Hanna, on Lesli Watch.

What Agent Hanna discovers:

  • Lesli thought Mona was super smart!
  • She loved that Mona had a split personality … um, I mean, that she could look at things with two different perspectives.
  • Loved some creepy story book that gave Hanna some major Mona flashbacks (more on that later)
  • Lesli thinks Mike is an angry boyfriend and ordered Mona to hang up on her to talk to him!!

Secret Agent Veronica Hastings

Mrs. Hastings continues to be the Smartest Mommy in Rosewood and allows herself to be a sounding board for Ali’s lawyers. I have no idea how this conflict of interest is legal, but it’s Rosewood, so that’s not relevant. Anyway, this move allows Mrs. Hastings to know who is being called as a witness and what evidence they have moving forward. Snoopy Spencer discovers that Mike Montgomery has visited Ali and maybe I’ve misjudged who the Weakest Link in the Family Montgomery.

Before Spencer can go anywhere with the Mike intel, Mother Hastings has a Mommy Dearest moment and totally freaks at Spence’s college choices and the idea of Spencer taking time off – Future First is the new Hastings’ motto. Spencer even makes a cute chiropractor joke and mom is not having it!

At the end of the day, Veronica is a rational lady and Spencer gets her to recall the non-lawyer dreams she had at Spencer’s age. Aw…so of course, Ali has to ruin this little moment even when she’s not there, and they’re interrupted so that Veronica can learn that last weeks’ bloods spots are Ali’s!!!

Let Me Whisper in Your Ear, Something You Want to Hear

Barn Boy, aka Johnny, was commissioned by Ezra to make a cool piece of art for his coffee shop; which gives Johnny the opportunity to flirt with Spencer. Now I understand Spencer getting her flirt on, Toby has been the worst boyfriend ever – but this kid?!?! Johnny also has a sidebar with Mike about his piece and that it revolves around secrets which Mike understands because that’s what this whole town is about … where are you going with this Mike and when did you met Barn Boy?

Like everyone else ever, Barn Boy is really interested in Ali, he can’t understand how the pretty girl with the cute smile ends up in the slammer. Why so interested in Ali? Not liking this kid at all, I’ll take bad cop boyfriend Toby any day.

The Secret Keeper gave one good, but not surprising, whisper in that it quickly allowed Em to tell Chef Girlfriend she’s into her. Her stupor was simply that she just didn’t know how to react and found it odd sense they barley know each other – which happens when you want to date a teenager — but Em is down and once she realizes she is the experienced lesbian in the relationship she makes the first move! Go Em!

Aria’s Creepy Brother

Aria is certain there was a reason that Mike went to the jail to see Ali but when she’s about to ask, he goes all puppy dog wounded watching old movies Mona recommended to him. Mike explains that Mona was so smart, she could remember not only the plot but details of the whole movie. Instead of being Mona-like, aka smart, Aria is well Aria-like and decides not bring up the jail visit.

Mike freaks out on Hanna and Leslie as they are holding one of Mona’s books, demanding they return it and rambling that they can’t just erase her. Crazy Montgomery moment of the night, right? Sadly, no, there’s more.

Aria wants to believe her brother is just a sad little boy, so she follows him to the lake where she discovers him dropping off a big bag of …. CANDY!! Four out of five dentists would be pissed; which is exactly the feeling Mike displays when he sees his sister. He tells Aria he will never be told what to do again (when were you?) and that she better be careful walking through the woods … what is the big bad wolf out there? Mike flipped the crazy switch and even goes back to visit Ali! Poor Aria, she thought she was so stern!

EveryMONA Wants to Rule the World

Hanna gives us all what we really want — MONA! Even if it’s a flash back I’ll take it! Hanna recalls a creepy sleepover with Mona post Ali going MIA with scary stories and crazy wishes. Mona asks Hanna to pick three wishes – ooh scary stuff! Still the Timid-Hanna Ali created, Hanna just allows Mona to pick for her. Mona wants a stopwatch that will stop time and freeze everyone but her! She will steal from who she wants and get all their secrets she will be controlling them without them even knowing … ok freak show.

Hanna asks if they’d recognize Ali if she showed up again and Mona freaks out! No one would remember or care about Ali, she’d go crazy and be locked up in Radley never to be seen again! Hanna tells Mona to stop and she does, pretending that it’s all a story and not her deepest wish. Still, this flashback drama leads Hanna to discover a secret micro cassette tape in one of Mona’s books!

Who uses those anymore? Who cares! The cassette reveals Bethany going mental about Ali, correctly pointing out that Ali’s evil and ruins people’s lives! The doctor on the tapes asks Bethany if she is going to hurt anyone and Bethany lets him know it would be self-defense. We leave the show with black hoodie in Mona’s room looking for the tape – good thing Hanna is two steps ahead! For once. Yippee for Badass Behavior.

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