Pretty Little Liars S5.19 Review ‘Out Damned Spot’

Pretty Little Liars S5.19 Review ‘Out Damned Spot’
ABC Family – February 10, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S5.19 Review 'Out Damned Spot'


Pretty Little Liars didn’t give us much with ‘Out Damned Spot’ (who didn’t know that “A” would end up with the Liars DNA), but it was a fun ride none the less!

Cookie for Your Blood

It’s the Annual Blood Drive and Ashely is helping out, must be trying to score points with Pastor Ted. Hanna, Aria, and Spencer all donate blood, while a summer in Haiti protects Em from the needle and deprives her from brownies and cookies. It’s no surprise to anyone (but Aria) that Mike lacks ninja-skills and causes a racket to alert everyone to his presence near the blood cooler. Spencer, Hanna and Em believe creepy brother Mike is doing something shady and Aria still has faith. This is why no one is surprised Aria can’t get into college.

Rosewood’s Very Own Banksy

If you thought Barn Boy was strictly a low ambition coffee house artist, you’ll be surprised that he gets another gig this week: graffiti artist. Poor Spencer tags — pun intended — along for what ends up being illegal fun under the mistaken impression Barn Boy’s gig was commissioned by Hollister College.

I will say, it’s nice to see Barn Boy making Sad Face Spencer smile. I just can’t though with his flirting, being in her kitchen at all hours (since when do strangers masking as barn squatters get to come into the main house whenever they please!) and kinda setting her up to go to jail for destruction of property. He can just go and I blame Toby for this entire mess.

Dollars and Lack of Sense

Hanna is super excited that she was accepted to some pretty kick ass colleges but can’t get any financial aid despite her mom’s bad fiscal year because her dad had a really good one.

Ashley tries to warn Hanna that her dad is only going to provide what they had arranged during their divorce and to let her handle it. As if Hanna ever lets anyone handle a problem she can sovle! Fearing Ashley might steal from another safety deposit box, Hanna goes to see daddy dearest herself.

I have no idea why she thought this would end well, her father never chooses her, but Hanna’s never gotten the hang of the Hasting’s anti-hope motto. Not only is her dad shocked she got into good schools but he can’t help. Why? Evil step-sister Kate is going to Dartmouth and he already promised he would cover the bill, leaving Hanna with only $10,000 a year. As someone who graduated with student loans, this 10K a year thing isn’t really a reason I’d throw Hanna a pitty party, but Hanna kills it when she admits to Ezra that she’s upset because not only is her dad okay with disappointing her over Kate, but he wasn’t even proud of her accomplishment.

Speaking of Ezra, maybe it’s because Tobey is sucking so badly right now or that Ezra didn’t share a scene with Aria today, but he is acting like best boyfriend material!! I melted when he told Hanna he, as her former teacher, knew she had it in her and that she can work her ass off to pay for school just like he (and the rest of us) have done; her possibilities are endless and she can show her dad she can do it without him, just like he showed his parents.

Hanna is motivated and while leaving notices a Cinderella Pageant poster – first prize a $20,000 scholarship. Not only is Rosewood getting another town event with pretty dress, but chances are we’ll get to see a preview or two of the live-action Cinderella movie from Disney. I like Caleb, but man, if only they could get Richard Madden, aka Prince Charming, to do a guest spot.

Romancing Teachers, Adults and Cops … Not Married Women

Speaking of fairy tales, we’re suddenly in a romantic let’s go on bike rides and redo our first kiss moment with Em and Chef. To be honest they are laying it on thick here and it was just too sweet for something not to go wrong. I just thought it would be that Chef was part of the ‘A’-team, not that she was married. To a man!

Yes, Ezra, as great an employer as a teacher, spills the beans to Em that Chef is married according to her CONFIDENTIAL HR ONLY form. Em freaks and tells Chef to leave her alone. Like that’s going to happen. Chef explains she married her high school boyfriend, who is her best friend and knows she loves the ladies, they just can’t be apart. Em is ok with that because what is simple anyway and we can cue the romantic music here.

Another couple update, Ashley told Pastor Ted yes but lost her mind and let out the whole truth about her hot hook-up with Jason. Self-destructive much? It’s like she wanted to torpedo that relationship. Pastor Ted needs time to think and Ashley is ready to throw in the towel but Hanna’s continuing to pick-up not only herself but those around her tells Mama Marin to fight for her Pastor! I think Hanna’s just doesn’t want a future step-father who’s as hot as she is.

From Creepy to Certifiable

The smarter liars know Mike is up to no good, but Aria holds onto hope that he isn’t bad. Boy, is she wrong. First, Aria answers Mike’s cell phone and receives a call from Hank Mahoney (aka Ali) at the woman’s correctional facility. Aria even confronts Mike, who is in his room lifting weights while jamming to heavy metal music, if this isn’t a scene out of Fear (millennials, this is  a classic Mark Wahlberg movie that you should stream) I don’t know what is. Mike tells Aria to leave him alone (again) and we learn he has the blood. Em discovers Mike taking $400 out of an $18,000 account and even Aria can’t deny Mike’s doing Ali’s work now.

Aria and Em use Andrew (who seems to be transferring his Spencer crush to an Aria one) to follow Mike. Yeah, when the two smartest liars aren’t around we end up with tutor boy driving the getaway car.

Paint the Town Red

Mike’s meeting Mike Mahoney at a bar but Em tells Aria that guy is actually Cyrus Petrillo, the guy who faked kidnapped Ali. As the worlds two worst spies hold court outside, wondering why Mike would give Cyrus $400, “A” sends a thank you text for their donation to her getting out of jail fund! Mike’s not giving money, he’s all about their blood!!

If that’s not bad enough, Cyrus almost plows them over with his bike, and they demand that he give them back what’s theirs. Can’t we just say blood? Cyrus laughs and it gets scary before Andrew, who was supposed to leave but had more sense than that, shows up with baseball bat in hand to defend the girls. Andrew, you’re too good to have a crush on Aria. Stick to pining for Spencer.

Slumber at Spencer’s when Aria FINALLY realizes Mike is dangerous and the Liars worry about just where “A” will their blood. Next slumber party could be prison with Ali.  Continuing Rosewood’s tradition of creepy siblings, Mike lurks unseen outside, giving great psycho face.

Lastly, we leave “A” with the blood samples, the evidence from the storage unit and the recording of Hanna telling Caleb how to destroy the evidence. A few drops of Hanna’s blood on a tacky flower shirt, which no would believe belonged to Mona or Hanna IMO, and I have no idea what “A” is planning, but it’s not good.

Who wanted Hanna to punch her dad in the face or at least key his car?! Was I the only one who thought Aria took too long to embrace the fact that Mike is crazy? Should we be happy that Em is ok with Chef being married or do we worry that Chef’s husband will be yet another psycho Emily has to face-down? Let us know what you think in the forum.