Pretty Little Liars S5.20 Pretty Isn’t the Point

Pretty Little Liars S5.20 Review ‘Pretty Isn’t the Point’
ABC Family – February 17, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S5.20 Pretty Isn't the Point

‘Pretty isn’t the Point’ was pretty pointless up until the last few minutes when Mike revealed Mona’s plan to frame Alison for her murder, discover the identity of “A,” and free Aria and the Liars (I’m sure when Mona said it was Hanna & Friends but whatever, Mike loves his sister). In the regular plot twist, “A” was one step ahead and foiled Mona’s plan, most likely by really killing her and keeping the game of cat and mouse going with the Liars. Mike’s sad, Aria feels bad for doubting him and the Liars are shocked that Mike even knows about “A” (as if they all didn’t tell their own bed buddies). As for the rest of it, well, here’s the top five pointless plots from this week’s episode.

#5 The Crown Doesn’t Fit

Still bummed that her dad is giving away her tuition money, Hanna puts all her effort into being Teen Queen Something for a $20,000 prize. Caleb, Rosewood’s Most Supportive Boyfriend, is immediately against her decision and I wonder if Caleb forgets that at one time, being Queen was totally a Hanna thing. Still, he’s right, it’s not Hanna now and more importantly, she’s got way too many secrets to play pure for a plastic crown.

Hanna’s steadfast in her determination and hires a beauty pageant coach who simpers foolish advice about pageant girls needing to have opinions about what’s going on in the world. Listen, I can suspend disbelief about a lot going on in Rosewood, but not that there is a world where a pageant girl is expected to know about, let alone have an opinion on, our foreign policy. At most, she’d have to pick a cause close to her heart and explain why she wants to save the world.

The Liar who got into more colleges than Spencer Hastings freezes up and decides to concentrate on her dance routine to win. I may not have thought she would ever be asked about foreign policy, but the idea that it dumbed her down so that she couldn’t even articulate that she had no opinion on it annoyed me. Is Hanna book smart or heart smart, show? Pick one!

I didn’t stay too mad though because Hanna’s dance instructor is Emily and their routine is adorable. Caleb shows up for a break (with food because even when he disapproves he’s the best boyfriend) and the bad news that Hanna’s tuition stealing, father hogging stepsister Kate is also competing. Enraged, Hanna throws herself into the routine and makes a fool of herself in front of her coach, who promptly drops her and tells Emily she’s the one who’s pageant material. Hanna’s heart broken and she goes home to emotionally eat through the pain. Mrs. Marin and Emily foil her plan though; Kate is not competing in the pageant (she was signed up courtesy of “A”) and Emliy’s going to win the crown for her.

Pageant Plot is saved by some great performances and getting back to the heart of the show; the friendship between the girls. I’m not sure why Emily no longer needs money for college (she’s worried for two or three seasons now) or how she’s going to transfer her winnings, but its great when the Liars support each other and Emily’s at her best when she’s fighting for those she loves.

#4 The Rules of Love

Poor Toby. ‘Pretty isn’t the Point’ was rough on him. He spies his girlfriend having coffee with an artist type and has to put up with Barn Boy’s pretentious Italian comment (can’t bother to google the translation to that pissing contest), his boss is trying to leverage his relationship with Spencer to solve Mona’s murder and his girlfriend is being unreasonable (not to mention hysterical) when he protects her from being arrested for STEALING.

Toby has been winning Rosewood’s Worst Boyfriend award since he got his badge, but he gets a pass this week. He tried. Spencer, on the other hand, is Queen of the Worst Girlfriends. Hey, at least one of the Liars won a crown this week.

#3 Andrew

Andrew shows up again, helping Aria study and spy on Mike. I like Andrew, but this Aria thing makes me think less of him. Who agrees to spy on someone’s little brother? Weirdo. Andrew is too smart for this nonsense. The only way this makes sense is if Andrew is “A,” which is even creepier than Mike stashing Mona’s blood in his fridge for weeks.

#2 Husbands and Girlfriends

Talia’s husband conveniently stops by while his wife is out to tell Emily he knows all about their thing, and he’s okay with it. This is Rosewood, so it’s not like he’d be upset that his wife is dating a teenager in high school, right? Hubby isn’t into open relationship, he just considers Emily a phase. Nice guy, trying to make the high school kid insecure about her relationship instead of dealing with his wife.

Despite Pam Field’s turning over a new leaf on Emily’s sexual orientation, Em’s decided to keep the relationship with her. I’m going to believe it’s because Emily knows her mother would actually parent and have Talia thrown in jail for dating her minor child instead of it being some irreparable crack between mother and daughter. Mrs. Marin steps in and counsels Em to get out of any relationship that isn’t going to last. I’d disagree with this advice, because Em’s 17 and those relationships aren’t supposed to last, but Talia is pretty but not much else. Emily ends it and well, at least we wont be dragging it out for the rest of the season.

#1 Barn Boy

Rosewood’s answer to Banksy discovers his art has been “stolen” by a gallery owner and demands the owner return it to the rightful owner (him). Oh, Barn Boy, this would never hold up in court. Deciding to add grand theft to delinquent resume, Barn Boy and Spencer break in to the gallery and take off with the art.
Remember Spencer being pissed last week because she couldn’t risk any more trouble with the law and possibly going to jail? She doesn’t. What an idiotic, un-Spencer-like thing to do. The plan isn’t worthy of a Hastings and is foiled by Officer Toby. Spencer whines and wails at Toby not to arrest Barn Boy and it’s just too much. This young woman was raised by lawyers and has to know someone is going down for this lame stunt, just be glad it’s Barn Boy and not you.

Spencer’s not and calls her mother to rescue her artist friend from the evil, soulless police. Veronica Hastings shows continued good sense, gets him out and evicts him from her property. He leaves, but not before kissing Spencer, and God that was chemistry-less. Toby can be a jerk, but at least there’s some spark.
Did you stay awake through “Pretty isn’t the Point” or did you nod off? Could Andrew be “A”? Are you worried about what’s going to happen to Mike, now that “A” stopped by his room? How did Emily secure her college funds? Tells us your thoughts in comments or at the forum.