Pretty Little Liars S5.22 Review To Plea or Not to Plea

Pretty Little Liars S5.22 Review ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’
ABC Family – March 3, 2015

Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandless

Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandless

Only two more weeks until the Big “A” reveal on PLL! Why am I keeping this countdown? I’m ready to get to the drama! Yes, I know, Hanna’s been arrested, Alison’s still in jail, Spencer’s new life may be abroad and Aria is going to college single. Drama happened; I just want bigger drama.

Jailhouse Hanna

Hanna had a rough week. When Ali’s offered a plea deal that could have put her behind bars, she has to explain to her mother why she was visiting Alison and who ‘A’ was. Ouch. But the truth will set you free, right?

Not so much; Tanner manages to turn her circumstantial evidence into real evidence without Ali’s testimony when she discovers Hanna’s blood on the last thing Mona was wearing. After all the stupid things Hanna’s done to cover up this crime, it’s just sad that it was doing something nice – giving blood – that tripped her up. Still, this is Rosewood, where neither lies nor truth will save you. All you really have is your friends. Not only does Hanna have the Liars and Alison, but Caleb, her mother, Veronica Hastings, Ezra and even Toby are on her side. She wont be wearing that orange jumpsuit long (though she probably will see it again when she hides a gun or something because she’s Hanna).


Has there been a more romantic moment on PLL than Caleb insisting that he was going to make Toby tell him what the Rosewood PD have on Hanna? Though Toby held fast to his shield of silence on what evidence Tanner had, he did give them the heads up about the warrant for Hanna’s arrest. Did I agree with Caleb that she should go to the police? Not really, I was hoping she would run, but we’ve been there so this was a good choice.

What wasn’t a good choice? Not backing up your data before you go to the cops! How many times do they have to have “A” come in and delete their video, messages, etc. before they learn to back everything up?

The worst choice about this whole thing though? Not letting us witness the bromantic quarrel! Caleb vs. Toby, what team are you on? Who would win? It seems like Caleb won because Toby gave him more intel than he’s been giving Spencer lately. Remember that when we talk about London okay? Toby hasn’t won best boyfriend in a long time!

Aria the Singleton, Emily the Detective

Aria and Emily teamed up with Ezra this week to take on the P.I. duties usually performed by Hastings and Marin. After Ezra threatens the lawyer who pretended Mona hired him (it was really “A” who wanted Hanna to have that info) but gets nowhere, the trio decide to follow him for answers. Mona’s faux lawyer leads them to a creepy mansion, where a text from Andrew keeps Aria and Ezra from focusing on the mission, and Emily ends up behind closed gates alone to sleuth.

Well, this will end well.

Amazingly, Emily manages not to get hurt or threatened! She even uncovers that the lawyer is really working for Varjak and is either “A” or on the “A”-team. Oh, plus she finds a receipt that somehow will help prove Hanna and Alison aren’t lying about not killing Mona. I’m not really certain why this receipt will work, because this was a really boring plot device, but I’m onboard with the get the blondes out jail plan.

Aria and Ezra took the time to discuss Andrew, in that way where Aria isn’t admitting they kissed or are dating and Ezra is pretending to be an idiot. In the end, Aria tells him she regrets nothing about their relationship, but wants to go to college a single woman. Good decision, Aria, lousy timing.

So to sum it up, Ezra came up with the lawyer’s name, Emily found evidence that may help free their friends and Aria talked about Aria. If she’s not a member of the “A”-team, Aria should be recruited.

British Boys, Sly Sisters

Melissa’s back from Wren’s house in the country and the Hastings sisters are bonding. Sharing secrets isn’t really their thing, but they manage and it’s heartwarming. Spencer admits to having some Toby trouble and Melissa suggest Spencer consider leaving Rosewood drama behind and live in England, where Spence can enjoy life like Melissa is. They touch on Melissa burying poor Bethany alive to protect Spencer. Spencer doesn’t think she could have done it in Melissa’s place, Melissa thinks she could’ve and for the record, so do I. Sisters Hasting agree to work on their relationship, be the kind of sisters without secrets and we all know this is where it’s going to go wrong.

For starters, Spencer hasn’t told Melissa that Rosewood drama has followed her to London, which is kind of a big deal. Melissa, for her part, is keeping Mrs. Hastings secret that there is no interview set-up yet for Spencer; they’re trying to keep her out of Rosewood in case Alison were to name Spencer as the accomplice. When Hanna is arrested, Spencer finds out and it all blows up in their faces. Spencer doesn’t care that it was a lie of omission, and a lie to protect her, she’s going back to Rosewood and can NEVER trust Melissa.

It’s all a little melodramatic and I couldn’t help but be on Melissa’s side! She literally murdered someone to protect Spencer, a little gratitude and trust from her little sister isn’t asking too much.

Surprisingly, I find myself wanting Spencer to stay in London a bit longer. This is the part where you need to remind yourself that Toby hasn’t been the best boyfriend lately, btw. Anyway, yes, the London scenes are filled with stereotypes, but English Ezra won me over with his accent, mad kissing skills, and ability to make brilliant hot toddys. At least let him make you something steamy if you’re not engaging in more smooches before you leave, Spencer.

Ali’s Plea

The Liars, and various Liar parents, spent ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’ wondering if Alison would throw Hanna under the bus to save her own skin. As Hanna herself stated, Ali always looks out for Ali first, and it was no surprise when she took the plea. Or that she backed out when Tanner arrested Hanna early. Ali’s just looking for a friend and now that she has a cellmate, and a guarantee that Team Liars & Co. will be fighting to prove that Hanna (and by extension Alison) did not murder Mona, she’s all for one and one for all.

Are you counting down to the Big “A” Reveal? Or did ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’ have enough drama for you? Tell us your thoughts in comments or head over to the forum.