Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review I’m a Good Girl, I Am

Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review ‘I’m a Good Girl, I Am’
ABC Family – March 17, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review I'm A Good Girl I Am

ABC Family/Eric McCandless

There’s a saying that good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere. ‘I’m a Good Girl, I Am’ proved that good or bad, we all will wait in limbo until Pretty Little Liars reveals “A.” In the meantime, the boys of Rosewood tried to fix things – they get an “A” for effort but they made no progress at all.

Hunger Games

Despite the fact that Mike has rebuffed Ezra’s attempts to bond many times this season, somehow they end up together at Ezra’s cabin. If you’re interested in Andrew and Aria (I know, you’re not – no one is, but let’s play pretend), this causes some problems. Not nearly as big as the problems it causes Caleb.
Caleb, Best Boyfriend Ever, shows up and hides in the shadows like some sort of comic book character. He wants Mike to put on his big boy pants and do the right thing, go back and spill his guts. If he admits what he knows, Hanna and Alison may go free. Mike’s down, but Ezra has issues with this plan because it’s not going to get him back into Aria’s bed anytime soon.

Mike takes off while Ezra tries to make like a grown-up who can order his former students around. Will he get back to Rosewood?
Not before he’s hunted down by an archer! Apparently this is a thing in high school gym. Not only does ‘A’ manage to shoot an arrow through the windshield with enough precision to make Mike abandon the car but not physically hurt him, but ‘A’ is able to hunt Caleb and Ezra at the same time! Multitasker.

When Caleb and Ezra finally make their way to where Mike his being held hostage, all tied up like this is some sort of Fifty Shades of Grey thing, Caleb insists on taking a photo of Mike before freeing him. Instead of calling the police because the cops have a history of taking their word for it when these things happen.

Unsurprisingly, the photo doesn’t do much without a police report and Tanner isn’t buying any of it. Caleb still gets points for trying to get Hanna out of prison, but his attempt to save the day falls flat. To be fair, he’s cohorts are Ezra and Mike.

Say it all together now, “Toby, please come back! Caleb needs you!”

It’s About Time Toby!

That header may be missing an expletive but it’s nothing but the truth. After a long absence, Toby is back on the scene and Spencer isn’t having it. He’s making excuses (“I didn’t call you because you were in London!”) and she’s giving sass (“Melissa’s roommate helped me, he’s so sweet!”). This seems like the circle we’ve been going round since Toby picked up his police uniform, but finally, there is a resolution!

Toby remembers why he joined the force (to protect Spencer and be the Liars inside guy) and tells Spencer he’s going to fight for her team. It’s super sweet, and if Caleb wasn’t such a great boyfriend all the time, and Toby’s declaration to Tanner actually did something, Toby would be in the running for Rosewood’s Best Boyfriend. Sadly, Tanner tells Toby it’s too late, Spencer & Co. defended the wrong person, and all the Liars end up in jail.

It’s an honor to be nominated, Toby. Ezra didn’t even get that.

Courtroom Catastrophes

Where did Alison find this lawyer? She sucks.

First up, Mona’s friend, the one who showed up out of nowhere a few weeks ago but whose name isn’t worth remembering, takes the stand. She talks about how all of Mona’s friends are hiding things (even after Ali’s arrest), how Mike wouldn’t let her take a book from Mona’s room and then throws Hanna under the bus with a lie about how Hanna wouldn’t even let her in Mona’s room. Not good stuff for sure. Does Ali’s lawyer redirect? Does she wonder if maybe Mike didn’t let her have the book for sentimental reasons, like he’s a teenage boy whose girlfriend just died? What about taking this girl’s stories and saving Alison with it; maybe she should have agreed that Mike was possessive, the Liars were skittish and Hanna was unhinged and inferred they killed Mona and not her client? No, no she did not.

Lawyer lady has it handled though. She doesn’t need to create doubt with more suspects, she has proof her client didn’t do it! After all, Ali had an injury when she was three and can’t smash anyone’s head against the wall, which is how they know Mona died despite the fact that they DO NOT have a body. Still, here’s the proof. Physically Ali can’t do it. It takes the prosecutor less than a lunch hour to produce Ali’s archery trophy, suggesting that Ali can smash someone’s head against a wall. Less than an hour to figure out that Ali had an archery class at summer camp and won a trophy. Someone does their homework much faster (and better) than Ali’s lawyer, right?

To be fair, the prosecutor wasn’t great either. Ali’s on the stand, under oath, and the only thing he asks her about is sleep away camp and archery! It got the job done, sure, but there’s a lot more things we want to know, right? Like who’s “A”?

”A” is for Archery, Andrew, Alison and Aria

For five seasons, we’ve all wondered, who is “A”? Alison and Aria have both been thrown around as “A” candidates since the beginning, but as we close in on the reveal episode there are some new options to choose from. Archery. Andrew. Whom, or what, ever will it be?

Let’s start with Andrew. The boy who pined for Spencer but suddenly became an Aria devotee. The smart guy who didn’t mind a smart woman but suddenly hates Mona for usurping his spot as Most Intelligent in his Rosewood class. He tries (and fails) at hiding his temper, stalks his girlfriend outside of houses and whatever else I’ve forgotten. Andrew is definitely part of the “A” team, if not “A.”

Archery took center stage this week. Alison is suddenly a first place winning archer, but surprise, surprise, she cheated to snatch up the trophy. Mike, Ezra and Caleb are hunted in the night by an archer. Unless we’ve suddenly left ABC Family for the CW, and Rosewood became Starling City, no good can come from a mystery man (or woman) who shoots arrows in the night. Could Andrew somehow be Alison’s camp bunkmate, who helped her win the archery trophy? Archery can’t be “A”, but our archer is definitely not on the Liars team.

Off With Their Heads

Though they may be good girls, Alison is found guilty and the rest of the Liars are arrested for helping her/Hanna. I don’t even think Tanner knows what she’s arrested them for. Behind bars, they’re sitting ducks. Who will “A” pick off first?

Tell us who you think “A” is – and which Liar will be the targeted first – in comments or head over to the forum.