Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review ‘The Melody Lingers On’

Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review ‘The Melody Lingers On’
ABC Family – March 10, 2015

Pretty Little Liars S5.23 Review The Melody Lingers On

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Last week on Pretty Little Liars, Alison was (still) in jail, Hanna joined her, Emily worried about her friends, Spencer was overprotected by her family and Aria was useless. If you missed it, don’t worry. As the name suggests, everything remained the same in “The Melody Lingers On.”

Mommy Dearest

Caleb likened the Liars to Vikings this week, saying that Hanna would never leave Spencer, Aria and Em behind. I had no idea Vikings had a code of honor and loyalty; they must have gotten from their mothers, like our Liars did.

When Ashley Marin is advised to stay away from Alison’s trial, she refuses. Ashley makes no apologies for why she needs to be there, she wants to see for herself what Ali’s up to. While Hanna tries to spin tales of “A”, Ashley’s certain her daughter’s been set-up by Alison. Even if she hasn’t, Ashley no longer cares about the truth, she only cares about protecting Hanna. Not surprising to any of us, but Preacher Boyfriend seemed unsure of this maternal confession. I know he thinks he’s long for Rosewood and the Marin women, but he’s either going to need boyfriend lessons for Caleb or this isn’t going to work out.

Over at House of Hastings, Mama Veronica has laid down the law. Spencer will not attend Ali’s trial and she strongly suggests Aria and Emily stay away. The Liars almost never listen to a mother’s good advice, so it’s not surprising when Em and Aria end up with front row tickets to the Ali Show. They’re shocked to discover the prosecution thinks they lied about freeing Ali from her kidnappers. How are the Liars not on the prosecution’s witness list, but Jason was called? This trial is insane.

Not as insane as Veronica though. Spencer’s not happy that her mother didn’t warn them and that she’s still being banned from the courtroom, but like Mrs. Marin, Veronica easily gives up her only concern where this trial is concerned. Someone is going to jail for a long time and it’s not going to be Spencer. So much so, she doesn’t need to ask Spencer if she knew about the fake kidnapping; she’s already decided that Spencer didn’t know.

While Em and Aria’s mothers are MIA, Mrs. DiLaurentis still manages to cause trouble from the grave. After seeing a personal ad with a nursery rhyme and a phone number shortly after her mother’s death, Alison began texting with “A.” Check Rosewood out – for once, Ali got the better of the deal! In any other city, that personal ad would have been from a pedophile with creepy kink. Ali thought the notices were from Mona, playing with her, but owner of the phone number has started communication with the Liars so it was definitely “A” or someone on the team. Speaking of that phone call…

Aria the Useless

Last week I wondered if maybe Aria was really on the “A”-team due to her inability to help Emily and Ezra sleuth. This week, I’ve decided Aria wears heels and boots because she was never able to master tying her shoes.

When “A” calls her phone, she panics and worries over how “A” got her number. Seriously. Aria believes that whoever is on the other end of the call set-up two of her friends for the murder of a classmate, but can’t fathom how her number got out. Thankfully, Caleb was there to pull the phone out of her hands and answer it. Sadly, Caleb is much too nice and apologized afterward. Something about needing to stick together or they all won’t make it. If someone has to go, Caleb, it really should be Aria.

Andrew is suddenly hanging out in empty classrooms. Is he straightening up? Passing out papers to the invisible students? I have no idea, but maybe he thinks Aria has a teacher thing and wants to role play. Instead, they talk about Mona and Andrew gets all crazy bitter that his teacher thought Mona was the brightest student ever. It’s not like Andrew really had a shot at being the class rock star with Spencer and Mona as classmates, so it’s more than a little crazy when he all but admits he’s glad Mona’s dead and not going to be able to run against him for President. Aria was too worried about where they should meet up for their next date (they decide on Ezra’s coffee shop because Aria’s over thinking about Ezra’s feelings apparently). The next time they meet up, Andrew apologizes for the crazy and says he didn’t want Mona dead. Glad he was there to clue her into his rage monster ways or she’d never have gotten it.

Leave the Lying to the Liars, Jason

Jason spends much of this episodes singing his new favorite song, “Spencer’s Fault.” The chorus goes something like, “I never really believed Ali killed anyone, Spencer made me doubt, I never meant to turn on my sister, and it’s all Spencer’s fault.” If only Hanna wasn’t in jail so she could tell him to take responsibility for his actions as a grown man and stop blaming teenage girls.

He’s called to the witness stand and changes his testimony. He’s not sure that it was Ali at all, he was confused. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. The prosecutor has sniffed out his sexy times with Mrs. Marin and makes it seem like Ashley slept with him to get him to change his testimony.

Ali’s lawyer really sucks because though she kept objecting, she never managed to redirect. How about pointing out that the “affair” happened prior to Hanna’s arrest, lawyer lady? Or pointing out Jason was an addict and has memory issues from drinking!

Instead, Jason stared dumbly (so prettily but still) before blaming Spencer (again) and Ashley Marin was mortified.

Everybody Hides Things

“A” torments the Liars with a French song that Mona used to play all the time. With the tune following them everywhere they go, the Liars realize that it’s best to repeat what’s worked for them in the past. With that, the girls take off to Mona’s to search her room again. “A” has gotten there first, and I don’t know how Mona’s mom is going to feel when she sees the mess that was left, but while “A” can do many things, thinking like Mona isn’t among them.

Thankfully, the Liars have some practice and discover a clue in the mirror. Oh Mona, never change. Andrew creeps outside. He’s got to be part of the “A” team at this point, but I wonder if maybe Mona’s tricked them all. Is she still running the show with Andrew as her lackey? After all, this latest “clue” doesn’t make much sense. Chandeliers, sisters, lists and chains; maybe Mona was on drugs.

Jail House Rock

Hanna and Ali got to spend some friend time this week, but the best jail scenes were with their visitors. Caleb continued his best boyfriend streak and Hanna proved her love for him by begging him to leave rather than getting thrown in jail or killed by “A.” Jason can only hate one sister at a time, so he finally visited Alison to tell her he never really believed she was a killer. Riiight, Jason, that’s why you wouldn’t accept her calls or see her until now. Ali suggested Jason take the same vacation as Caleb, which was interesting because since when does Alison look out for someone who betrayed her? Especially if nothing’s in it for her? I’d be careful, Jase. Mrs. Marin came to tell Hanna about the court house situation and apologize for making it an even bigger circus with her Mrs. Robinson act, but Hanna would hear none of it. As I told you earlier, she gets her loyalty from her mom.

The end of ‘Melody’ got us closer to the big “A” reveal but didn’t uncover anything accept Andrew’s rage issues. What did you think? Are you singing this episode’s praises or trying to desperately to get it out of your head?Tells us your thoughts in comments or head over to the forum.