Pretty Little Liars S5.24 Welcome to the Doll House

Pretty Little Liars S5.24 Review ‘Welcome to the Doll House’
ABC Family – March 24, 2015

Credit: ABC Family/Ron Tom

Credit: ABC Family/Ron Tom

Finally “A” has been reveAled! Yup, that’s right, we know who “A” is … well, sort of, maybe, kind of. To be honest, it was a curve ball that came out of nowhere and didn’t make a lot of sense (unless you’ve been reading the books or spoilers). I can’t complain though because it was pitched by the fab four with Mona coming in as a pinch hitter! That’s right, Mona’s alive! Anyway, as I’ve always said, the best episodes are when we have our team of Liars together so ‘Welcome to the Doll House’ was a home run for me!

Pretty Little Liar Dream House

Who’d have thought “A” would break the Liars out of jail? Yet, that’s exactly what he did….he ambushed their jail van and gassed them. “A” has a lot of resources. When they wake up, each Liar finds herself in a replica of her own room bedrooms, only the windows don’t lead to outside. Realizing it would be no fun to have them screaming each other’s names and throwing objects through windows that lead nowhere, the doors open and the Liars are reunited. If that’s not enough, when they make their way to the playroom, they find they have a new playmate – a mask girl who refers to herself as Alison but is a blonde Mona Vanderwaal.

WTF? After some game playing – literally, they play Mystery Date – Mona admits to them that “A” is insisting that she go by Ali, who is , of course, his favorite Liar.

Is it just me or is it uber interesting that Ali’s the favorite, but “A” has left her in jail and replaced her with Mona? Mona surpassed Ali in fan popularity long ago. Is “A” like the rest of us? More interested in Ali as an ideal than as a character?

Deep thoughts aside, Mystery Date freaks Hanna out because it means “A” will be making trouble for Caleb. Hanna faces off with the security camera and tells “A” that the Liars are not playing! They are pissed and want out – it’s five against one! “A” has really thought this through though and retaliates with a loud alarm that sends them scurrying for their rooms, on their own again. Leave it to “A” to break up his own party.

The Three Musketeers Ride Again

Just when we thought the Fellowship of Good Boyfriends was long gone, never to be seen again, Ezra and Toby manage to embrace their inner Caleb, and the trio work together to help their ladies, or at least try. If having Team Liars together is my favorite thing about Pretty Little Liars, Team Boyfriend working together comes a close second. Ezra uses his past stalking experience and suggests that street cameras would be helpful in finding out who was “A” and where he took the girls.

“A” wouldn’t be “A” if he wasn’t one step ahead, but it was a good idea and the cartoon trap motivated them to push further. Toby, who is way too naïve for someone who has lived through five seasons of “A,” still has faith in the badge and tries to get Tanner to help look for Spencer and Co. We’re all shocked that all Tanner got from the conversation was that “A” was a skilled hacker who had to be Caleb. When she issued the APB for Rosewood’s Best Boyfriend, I had to wonder if she gets a bonus for all these arrests this month. It’s been a drought for years, but in 4 week, she’s arrested 6 high school students.

New Game, Liars Make the Rules

Madonna and JT had 4 minutes to save the world, but Mona tells the Liars they aren’t that lucky. They only have 3 minutes to figure out a way to beat “A” at his own game. Thankfully, she drops the Alison act too so the Liars can be sure she’s not crazy. Well, as sure as one can be with Mona. She’s always been a little crazy.

Lucky for the Liars, Spencer and Mona have way more brain power than Madonna and JT. During a dream, Spencer continues her streak as Most Valuable Liar, and realizes that the alphabet blocks spell out Charles. Charles is “A,” you guys!

Now if the Liars, Mona and the rest of us only knew a guy named Charles.

Prom Committee

As if high school committees aren’t hell enough, “A” makes each Liar chair a committee for prom. Spencer, always thinking, disses the decorations and suggests way for “A” to make it better. Mona, not one to be left out, picks up on what Spencer is doing and contributes.

What are Spencer and Mona doing? They’re using “A”s eavesdropping habit to get items to build power outage switch. Then, they’ll trigger the switch, extend darkness for longer than 3 minutes and run like hell.

Team Liars even talks out the “A” problem, he’ll be at prom and Mona promises that this time, Hanna’s five against one threat will go in their favor!

No One Puts Spencer Hastings in Jail!

Toby, trades his badge for his good boyfriend hat, and lets Mr. & Mrs. Hastings know the Liars have been kidnapped. Somehow, four minors go missing and only the parents of one child is going to be given the heads up. Oh, and Tanner says no press. The impossibilities with this scenario are endless, because these are Hastings and they would not stand for this, but let’s pretend our two favorite lawyerly parents have gone brain dead. This is really happening.

Veronica and Peter have some of their wits about them and go right to the source of Spencer’s problems: Alison. Ali fills them in on the big detail that someone took over being “A” after Mona ended up in Radley and she believes that person killed her mom. It takes awhile for them to believe her, but eventually they do, and now that they’re filled in, the Hastings kinda feel like bad parents because they didn’t realize any of this was going on. At Camp Boyfriend, Ezra reminds them that “A” uses secrets which is why the Liars never went to their parents in the first place. If the Hastings start going through the boxes, “A” will expose their secrets. Veronica insists that the Hastings are over secrets and honestly it’s about damn time!

Their detective work is cut short when the police show up to arrest Caleb, who turns himself in with a member of his kick-ass Hasting Legal Duo on either side. Game on Tanner! The Hastings make quick work of Tanner’s detective skills and Caleb gets to use the police system to try to uncover where “A” has taken the Liars. Rosewood PDs analysts continue to have no success, but Caleb finds the transport van in mere seconds. I wonder if Caleb will join Toby on the force next year, they need him.

Cops, boyfriends and adult Hastings make it to the van to find it empty. Should have called Caleb in sooner, Tanner. However, they realize they’re on the grounds of the Campbell’s farm, now old and abandoned, where the Hastings, and probably all of the other parents, took their kids apple picking when they were younger. They search and come up with a room very similar to Ezra’s lair, but this one belongs to “A.” And even Tanner is forced to realize how wrong she was when she sees video of the Liars and Mona being held hostage. Um, lady you are very late to the party, or rather prom.

Oh, and Melissa calls to check in, because apparently the Hastings let her know Spencer’s missing but not all the other parents. Hope she manages to keep her mouth shut about that Bethenny secret because calls on the Campbell Farm aren’t private, Andrew Campbell (Aria’s new beau) is listening. Weirdo.

Prom King and Queen 2006

“A” has left the Liars’ dresses and accessories for Rosewood’s 2006 Prom, complete with dated dresses, chokers and the infamous Hill’s theme song. Has he been listening to that on repeat all these years? No wonder he’s gone crazy!

Now that they know “A” is Charles, the Liars offer him what he really wants, the chance to be popular, to wear the Prom King crown. While “A” is always one step ahead, Charles is just a guy who wants to be popular and loved, and it’s his downfall. As he makes his way to be crowned king of the dungeon, the Liars hit their lights out switch and make a run for it.

Somehow, Spencer finds herself alone (how does this always happen, stay together ladies!) and discovers a video of Mrs. D with baby Ali and two little boys. Yup, that’s right, Ali’s mom didn’t have twin girls. Instead, she had Jason and Jason’s twin, Charles!!! If he wasn’t crazy, two Jasons wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Charles pulls a creepy Michael Myers thing on Spencer, appearing and disappearing, and Mona comes in to yammer about “A” possibly having a soul. No kidding Mona. You didn’t think someone was doing all this just because did you? As the first “A,” no one should understand broken people better than you.

The Liars think they’ve escaped, but Charles has them fenced in…and just like that, we’re stuck waiting until next season to find out more about “A,” uh I mean Charles. That’s going to take some getting used to.

Did you enjoy your trip into the doll house? Will Charles look just like Jason? How can the girls escape the electric fence? And what’s Andrew got to do with all of this? Tell us in comments or at the forum.