Pretty Little Liars Season 4.10 – The Mirror Has 3 Faces

Pretty Little Liars Season 4.10 Review:
‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’

PLL - Season 4

With only one episode left until the season finale – billed the biggest summer finale ever by ABC Family – it’s time for the Liars (and us) to get some answers. And get some answers we did, but man, did this ride lead us to a pretty sketchy area.

Ali’s Shrine Gets A Visitor

Alisons Room - PLLMrs. DiLaurentis (here on out, Mrs. D) is lonely in the house that Jason remodeled and has invited Emily and her mom to stay with her as long as they need to. Emily wants to say no, but Hanna insists they say yes so that Emily can snoop for clues about Cece. I think this is probably all moot because Emily’s mom makes the decisions, but regardless of who made the decision, Emily gets to move into Ali’s old room, where everything is exactly as Ali left it.

You know, after the DiLaurentis’ sold the house, Mya moved in with all her stuff left Ali’s in the trash then possibly died there only for Jason to buy the house back remodel, and he must of got lucky at the junk yard to find all of Ali’s stuff??  And I’m still confused as to how Mrs. D is living in Jason’s house when they didn’t get along, but let’s not worry about the details. Mrs. D is living there and has made Ali’s room a shrine and Emily’s living in it.

Emily’s mom is out of town, so it’s just Mrs. D and Emily, who is creeped out even before Mrs. D starts telling her all her woes. I guess Mr. D has decided to serve her with divorce paper. Mrs. D is shocked by this, though God knows why, because she did have that affair with Mr. Hastings that produced Jason and she was downing cocktails at lunch as an excuse to avoid her marriage even before Alison disappeared.

Toby’s Mama Drama

Toby picks up his envelope from ‘A’ to discover a note telling him to leave Eddie Lamb alone and some sheet music. Weird, right? I mean, if ‘A’ was telling me to disregard someone, I’d immediately make them suspect #1. Not Toby though. Instead, he wants Spencer to bail on a promise to Emily and come with him to talk to Dr. Palmer.

Dr. Palmer’s dementia is still a problem and he thinks Spencer is really Toby’s mother. Uh, yeah, it’s a good thing Toby’s like an 18-year-old boy and everything makes him ready for sex because it would totally kill the mood if he was older. Still, this leads Dr. Palmer revealing that he spoke to Mrs. D. So now we have three blondes who could possibly be the evil blonde: Ali, Cece and Mrs. D. Can this get more complicated?

After the meeting with Dr. Palmer, Spencer heads back to the DiLaurentis’ house. She tells Emily and Hanna that Toby found out that Dr. Palmer knows Mrs. D and wants to ask her about it. For some reason that I don’t understand, Spencer’s acting like she wasn’t there and Toby found all this info out on his own. What did she tell Emily she was doing instead of hanging out with her? Anyway, Emily and Hanna don’t want to ask Mrs. D about it, since she’s going through a hard time and Dr. Palmer is kinda a nut job.

Normally, I’d be Team Spencer and point out that despite her hard times, Mrs. D raised Ali to be the Evil Bitch Queen and makes snarky remarks so she can take it, but Spencer’s lying to the girls and I’m Team Liars here.

This Toby drama is frustrating for so many reasons, but Spencer having to lie to the Liars (or bail on plans with them) is particularly annoying. I love Toby, I love Spoby, I get that he wants to know more about his mom, but c’mon! This guy tried to steal a key to a storage locker on their anniversary! He let her sob outside his loft door! He gave ‘A’ the RV! He was part of the ‘A’-team for God knows how long without telling her! Having Spencer protect him like this, at the expense of her friends, is way past old and is making me hate them both.

Caleb’s Almost Adult Decision

Caleb - Mirror 3 Faces - PLLToby may be losing all the points in the Boyfriend Wars, but Caleb’s picking a lot of them up. He continues to make perfect sense when he tells Hanna that she should not be trusting Mona and that they need to go to an adult for help. When Hanna refuses, he almost breaks boyfriend code to go to Veronica Hastings himself and give her the heads up. Oh, if only he had. She wouldn’t have been so badly played by the end of this episode.

Mona Knows Something We Don’t Know…Again

During one of their sessions, Mona lets Wren know that she knows she can’t trust him because he has secrets. Wren tries to play it off, telling Mona the only thing they both know is that Mona stopped taking her meds.

Which true, but we all know that if Mona’s playing cat and mouse with Wren, she’s got something big on him. I want to know what that is.

Aria Learns Cece Holds A Grudge

Aria - PLL - 3 facesAria checks out the address that Caleb got for Cece and discovers an angry, bitter roommate who is all to happy to give Aria some information on Cece. I mean, what other kind of roommate would Cece have? The big news here is that Cece thought all the Liars were in on Alison’s plan to get her kicked out of school and she was planning on getting even.

Well, that answers the motivation question, I guess.

Ezra is Free

We are all finally free from Ezra and the baby momma story when he discovers that Malcom isn’t really his. Sadly, this means Aria isn’t free of him.

I’m especially sad about this because I’m enjoying the simplicity of Jake right now. He’s too dumb to be evil and he’s got those abs. When Aria decides to ignore a call from Ezra in order to watch Jake’s fight, I’m happy. When she kisses him on the stoop, I was near thrilled. I’m sure the show thinks this means that I believe that Jake has a chance, but c’mon, we all know that Ezra and Aria will be together by Halloween. What’s the point of starting to ship them?

Jake, I suggest you stop by Radley and meet Mona. She’s crazier than Aria, but she’s also not hung up on anyone besides Hanna, so it could happen! And we can get more ab scenes!

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  1. Thank you for stating exactly how I felt about Spencer and Toby. I was happy with the previews. She finally does pick her friends! I get the feeling I will hate Toby next week

    Wren is a shady bastard