Pretty Little Liars Season 4.20 – Free Fall

Pretty Little Liars Season 4.20 –
‘Free Fall’ Review

PLL - Aria Hanna Emily - Shes Come Undone

After last week’s flat noir, we needed a pick me up and ‘Free Fall*’ did just that. Is it perfect? No. There are loose ends and things that don’t make sense, but for the moment let’s enjoy Hanna and Emily’s friendship, Spencer’s meltdown and Aria figuring something out (for once).

Aria & Ezra

If you watched ABC Family at all this week, or checked out Tumblr or twitter, you know that the big deal in ‘She’s Come Undone’ is Aria finding out and her ugly cry. First, let’s give credit where it’s due — props to Lucy Hale for not being scared to look awful when Aria finally has it out with Ezra.

PLL - Aria Ezra - Shes Come UndoneAfter Ezra tells Aria that Spencer’s a speed freak, the Liars confront Spencer and she tries to tell them that this is just more of EzrA being brilliant. He’s twisting things so Spencer is the baddie, instead of him, and she’s right. EzrA is brilliant because she’s made believing in her a wee bit difficult.

Lucky for her, Ezra isn’t as good at being ‘A’ as he thinks he is and he slips up big time, telling Aria that it was seeing Toby’s tattoo and motorcycle that drove Spencer to Radley. All true, but not something Ezra should know, unless as Spencer says, he really is ‘A.’

Aria goes all Nancy Drew on us, and while I’ve applauded both Hanna and Spencer for their undercover work, Aria alone makes me a little nervous. She surprises us all though and discovers Ezra’s new lair under the cabin. Sadly, he’s recently cleaned it out. What cleaners does this guy have on speed dial? I need them to look at my apartment.

Aria doesn’t give up though and continues her search. In a book called Carnivores Delight (because of course vegan Aria would never look at that, right Ezra?) she finds what she’s looking for, Ezra’s truth about Alison. Ezra’s manuscript talks about how easy it is for Alison to lie; it’s like breathing, she can do it while she’s kissing you, he says and Aria realizes she doesn’t know Mr. Fitz nearly as well as she thinks he does.

Instead of showing up at the trap Spencer, Hanna and Emily lay, Ezra heads to the cabin after a text message alerts him that someone has entered. Stuff like this is why, even if he isn’t ‘A’, Ezra is irredeemable. Aria’s been to that cabin several times, he gave her a key, and suddenly its password protected? WTF. It’s not as bad as the camera he has spying on her while they’re in bed together, but it’s pretty twisted. Aria tries to ditch him, but in typical Aria fashion she fails and they have it out on a ski lift of all places.

The ridiculousness of the Liars being outside in sleeveless shirts while a ski lift is still operational, or Aria not realizing Ezra is sitting next to her in said ski lift, aside they due have it out.

Yes, Ezra dated Alison but she lied about her age! Dude, she looks 12-years-old in flashbacks so I don’t think that’s gonna help. Yes, Ezra knew who Aria and the rest of the Liars were when he met them; it’s why he applied to Rosewood to begin with. After Ali went missing, he wanted to write a book about it (which is what Aria found in Carnivores Delight).

Aria is completely 17-years-old in that she’s caught up in the fact that her boyfriend lied to her, that their relationship has been betrayed, instead of allowing herself to go to the more sinister place that the rest of us are at. EzrA is ‘A’ and has been stalking the Liars. Instead she yells about trust and feeling like a fool after defending him to her friends and family.

Oh, Aria, you were almost there. Still, at least she doesn’t take him back and makes it home in one piece. I can’t even begrudge her throwing things around her room.

Mona & Mike

Rosewood’s other teenage Montgomery is also deluding himself about the state of his relationship. While Mona is completely checked out at their dinner date, he wonders if she wants chicken or steak. Even after she leaves to go talk to EzrA, Mike stays oblivious.

Lucky Mona. She’s able to tell EzrA she’s out of playing for his team while her dinner date wonders what she wants for desserts. Unfortunately, EzrA isn’t so easily played and doesn’t want her out of the ‘A’ team.

So when she shows up late for another date with Mike, we’re left to wonder if perhaps she put on a blonde wig instead of a black hoodie and did more of EzrA’s bidding, this time in the reptile building where the Liars set their trap for EzrA.

Who are we kidding? We pretty much know it was Mona in the blonde wig. I’m just glad Em, Hanna and Spencer made it out alive.


Spencer & Toby

Sadly there is no song for Spencer’s addiction storyline, just shower shoes and gym shorts.

Despite promising noir Toby that she’s through with the pills, Spencer lands herself in trouble when she takes some more and ends up sleeping in Ezra’s classroom. If that’s not bad enough, instead of taking a mental health day and skipping school, she stays and tries to explain things to Emily and Hanna while wearing the above.

TROIAN BELLISARIOOh Spencer. Remember when Hanna was too depressed to work a zipper? This is way worse than that and getting more awful all the time.

After getting some of Hanna’s hand-me-downs (and show, while I don’t like point out these things, no way do I believe those incredibly skinny on Spencer skinny jeans were Hanna’s), Spencer goes about her daily life which includes seeing Toby.

He’s been gone awhile, so what could go wrong? Well, first, she refuses to bail on school to hang out with him. That’s not too weird because it’s Spencer and grades. Toby can’t believe that it could be as simple as that though and pushes. Oh Toby, none of us appreciated you bringing up your mom again, let alone trying to guilt Spencer about wanting you to press charges against Radley instead of taking the money and running. I mean, I get what you’re saying, and yes your mom probably would prefer you happy to her “murder” being solved, but way to be a jerk about it.

Still, Spencer and Toby are one of the most evenly balanced couples in Rosewood, so next it was Spencer’s turn to be the jerk when she blew him off to “have dinner with my mom and her cronies at the club” to go trap EzrA at the zoo.

She may have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for that drug problem that she’s been sporting for 3 episodes and has escalated into full blown intervention time. After many calls into the doctor’s office to refill a prescription she hasn’t had in years, the office calls Mrs. Hastings to ask what’s up.

Veronica calls Toby and lets him in on the fact that Spencer has had a problem before with uppers and she thinks Spencer’s using again. After the trap failure, they’re both at Casa Hastings to give Spencer a bit of tough love.

If this had progressed more slowly, maybe it would have been believable, but instead I spent most of these scenes wondering:

1)      Since when would the Hastings alert the school or their daughter’s boyfriends when they can’t control their kid? Have rich people stopped using therapists and private counselors?

2)      Why would Toby be so judgy? Wouldn’t a boyfriend who was romantic enough to get their girlfriend a Scrabble tile necklace for an I-Love-You present think that all the abuse ‘A’ had put her through had driven her to this? Or feel guilty that maybe his own demands that she keep secrets from family and friends pushed her into this?

Hanna & Emily

It really sucks to be Hanna and Emily this episode, even if they both look awesome. After finally coming to grips with the fact that Ezra is EzrA, he drops the bomb in their laps (via Aria) that Spencer’s logic is flawed because she’s on drugs. How can you not doubt yourself.

Luckily, all those mystery novels Hanna’s been reading has paid off and she points out the stronger parts of Spencer’s logic to Emily. They agree to be part of a trap for ‘A’ at the zoo, only to be stuck in reptile world and out maneuvered by MonA, another member of the ‘A’ team or hell, even Alison.

Still, ‘A’ didn’t get away with the mystery bag and they made it out without a snake bite, so even though they didn’t do much, they were aces this episode.

‘Free Fall’ was all about the couples about couples: EzrA & Aria, Alison & EzrA, Hanna & Emily, Mike & MonA, Spencer & Toby and Spencer & her Mom. Unsurprisingly, the couples who are frayed and on the verge of breaking are the couples consisting of only one Liar; I guess the girls can really only trust each other. Did ‘She’s Come Undone’ leave you with a new found appreciation for the Liars? Do you think MonA was the girl in the wig at the reptile house? Will Mrs. Hastings and Toby forgive Spencer’s drug use? Does Aria think Ezra is EzrA or does she just worry that she’s Alison’s sloppy seconds? Sound off in comments or at the forum.

Grade: B

*This review was mistakenly labeled ‘She’s Come Undone’ instead of ‘Free Fall’ when originally published.