Pretty Little Liars Season 4.24 Review – ‘A’ is for Answers

Pretty Little Liars Season 4.24 Review – ‘A’ is for Answers

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This week, Pretty Little Liars pushed #AliTellsAll, #AisforAnswers like they were digging out of that grave Ali was in. I admit, despite their truth campaign, I thought this would be just like those other times. ‘A’ would have an identity and then a few episodes later we’d learn why he/she wasn’t ‘A.’ Pretty Little Liars had an even better trick up their sleeve — the truth!

It was the roller coaster I’d hoped it would be and even though we still don’t know who ‘A’ is, at least we know the truth about what happened that night.

Then I remembered this is Ali’s truth and “you’re always better off with a really good lie,” right? Do we trust Ali? Can the Liars?

The Kahn of it All

PLL - A is for Answers - group2When you think about it isn’t the manipulative Noel Kahn the perfect guy for the devious Alison DiLarentis? Maybe it’s those secrets that Ali says he doesn’t want anyone else to find out about that keeps him close to her, but they’re so similar it was hard to be surprised that he was the one who showed up to take the Liars to Ali. Or that Noel’s helping her with her latest escape from Rosewood. Or that he pulls a disappearing act after that, leaving with the Liars’ phones, and could possibly be some sort of double agent ‘A’.

Still, it was great to see him again and if Ali sticks around, I hope he does too. They’d so get Most Toxic Couple in the yearbook.

Rosewood PD’s Finest Hour

Officer Hottie finally caught his lady! Cece’s in custody and he’s pulling out all the usual cop stops to try to get her to confess to Wilden’s murder which don’t impress her much. Lucky for him, Cece wants to bargain. She knows who killed the girl that the cops thought was Alison and can prove that Alison’s alive. Officer Hottie’s gonna make that deal but I have a funny feeling that all she can tell him about the murderer is that he/she likes to send notes and sign them ‘A.’

If that little bit of detective work didn’t get him employee of the month, Officer Hottie also manages to get search warrants for all the Liars’ homes and get the Hastings family in separate interrogation rooms at headquarters. I guess Cece is still spinning the Spencer’s guilty story?

Or maybe not.  Doesn’t it seem weird that the same night Ali tells the Liars everything, Cece is sharing all with the Rosewood PD? Those two have certainly worked together before…

‘A’ is NOT for Mastermind

PPL 4.21Alison told the Liars many things tonight, but one of the best truths she revealed was that Mona came up with the idea that Alison should stay dead. This is one truth I believe, mainly because Alison isn’t a brain trust like Spencer. Faking her own death seems like it would require more thought than Alison gives to anything that’s not related to blackmail or threats. Mona, on the other than, is not only crazy enough to come up with that plan but has the smarts (and money) to pull it off.

Speaking of interesting, isn’t it interesting that Mona’s ex, Noel, is now the one handing over passports and plane tickets, trying to send Alison away from Rosewood, never to return. Maybe those secrets he has aren’t keeping him close to only Ali?

Something in that Hastings’ DNA

Spencer’s been riddled with guilt that she may have killed the girl laying in Alison’s coffin in a drug induced rage, but Alison’s dispels that notion. Spencer was asleep in the barn when Alison took off for home and was ultimately “killed.”

Instead, it’s Mrs. DiLaurentis who was there when Alison is attacked, watching out the window as someone hits her bitchy little princess from behind, and she’s the only one there when Alison is buried. In one of the creepiest moments in Pretty Little Liars history, Mrs. D is the one who buried Ali.

Alison’s truth rings completely true, especially if you combine it with Cece’s story that Mrs. D paid her not to say who hit Alison. Cece was just lying about that person being Spencer.

The list of people who wanted Alison dead may be long, but the list of people her mother would cover for is much shorter. It’s pretty much a list of two, her husband, the never seen Mr. DiLaurentis, and her son, Jason.

Earlier Mrs. D was giving Alison some advice about never turning her back on a Hastings, that there is something in their DNA that makes them untrustworthy. There’s only one Hastings on that list of people Mrs. D would protect: Jason.

Speaking of Hastings DNA gone wrong, what about Ali’s story that Melissa showed up while Ian was having a weekend with Alison at Hilton Head? Could that weekend have been what drove Melissa to her breaking point? Did she think she was killing Alison and instead killed the other blonde girl in the yellow shirt?

If Mr. Hastings hadn’t been such a horrible father, I’d feel badly that two of his progeny are the most likely suspects for the attempted murder of Alison and the murder of Alison look alike. Instead, I’m just thankful that Veronica obviously had a hot one night stand with an uber intelligent, sexy lawyer type that resulted in the awesomeness that is Spencer!

Ezra isn’t ‘A’ Bad Guy

Alison takes all the blame for the fling with Ezra, admitting she tricked him into thinking she was Cece’s roommate and over 21. Ali also spins a tale that she never did the deed with Ezra (or Ian for that matter) and when Ezra found out she wasn’t of age, he was angry but worried that Alison’s storytelling could really get her hurt. Ali lays it on thick, she’s pretty much head shipper of the Ezra and Aria fandom! She tells Aria that Ezra found Shauna and offered to help, figuring if he could save Ali that Aria would forgive him.

PLL - A is for Answers - aliezraIn the only predictable moment of the hour, Ezra shows up just as the girls are chased by ‘A’ onto the roof with no chance of escape. He wrestles with ‘A’ and is shot for his trouble before ‘A’ launches himself from one rooftop to the other in a daring escape only Bruce Willis could pull off. Aria wails that he can’t leave her and we know he’s redeemed their love in her eyes.

Oh gross. Even if we ignore that Alison looked all of 15 years old here, Ezra went and dated a high school student directly after Ali disappeared! Then he slept with and stalked Aria, spied on the Liars and threatened Mona, Noel and God knows who else. Yes, all of those people have done not so nice things or have secrets to hide too, but they’re all teenage people! Ezra is still a psycho. I have to believe Ali recognizes this and is playing some sort of game with Aria again. Maybe she’s helping Noel get even; after all, he’s little blackmail for grade scheme ended up going no where.

Burying Loose Ends

After ‘A’s daring escape, there’s some loose ends to tie up, well, one loose end to tie up. Mrs. D meets the fate ‘A’ wanted for Alison, dead and buried (or maybe buried alive).  I hope Ali’s dead mother is more interesting Toby’s was.

The Liars and Ezra may be on the roof, but there are still a lot of ‘A’ suspects we haven’t seen. Is Cece still in the holding cell? Are the Hastings still at the police department? Where is Jason? Noel? Mona? Jenna? What about Toby? Melissa said she ran into him in London, but is he still there? Was he ever?

So there you have it, the end of season 4 and we’re really no closer to discovering who ‘A’ is, but Ali’s alive and she’s given us some answers! And I even believe most of them! Did you? Will you keep search for ‘A’ on these new roads uncovered or was ‘‘A’ is for Answer’’ your last roadblock? Sound off in comments or at the forum.

Grade: A