Revenge Season 3 Episode 04 “Mercy” Review: The Young and the Merciless

You’re a Real Grayson Now

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

This season I’ve had fun reflecting on what sort of trial by fire each character has gone through to become a true Grayson. This week, Emily’s rite of passage was lying to the police about Conrad’s culpability in the accident that killed Father Paul. Just when our hearts softened over Daniel protecting his family, he shows his true Hamptonite colors by confessing that he needs Conrad out of prison to save the magazine’s reputation. I do have to disagree with him when he said he had “nothing to lose.” I think each of his family’s mistakes have cost him something, whether it’s their reputation or fortune or livelihood, but it’s just now that he stands to lose something that he earned for himself. Leave it to a trust fund kid to forget the difference.

As for his relationship with Emily, I’m not too worried. Like we saw in the premiere, she ends up in a wedding dress by midseason one way or another. Perhaps she actually does make it down the aisle with Daniel, or she’ll turn around and elope with Aiden. A girl can only hope! Either way, I think she’s so wrapped up in her revenge plan for the wedding that she misses opportunities to take them down sooner. In this episode, she refused to let Jack turn Conrad into the cops because she was saving his takedown for herself at her own designated time, but having Conrad serving a lifetime sentence for killing Father Paul would have damaged all of their lives irreparably. But no, she not only has to do it herself and do it on August 8th, but she has to make sure that the Graysons go down for Flight 197, even though her father’s name was pretty much been cleared last season when it was revealed that the jury was compromised.

Man of the House

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

As expected, it was incredibly arrogant of Conrad to say that Father Paul’s purpose was to restore him to the head of the household by allowing him to have a Huntington’s-free MRI. Sure, nobody’s going to treat him like an invalid anymore, but he’s still not the governor, which means they have next to no source of income. If anyone should be calling the shots, it should be Victoria because she actually went out and got a job. Work it, girl! Furthermore, someone’s trying to kill Conrad now. Well, someone has probably always been trying to kill him (we’ve already seen attempts from the Initiative, Victoria, and Jack), but this time they’re getting pretty close to success.

I think the search for the #HamptonsKiller is very much reminiscent of Pretty Little Liars’ #reveAl last season, with the promos making assumptions that just about anyone could be trying to kill Conrad. I’m going to rule out Jack right now, because he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of sneaking into the junkyard (How about Emily’s parkour skills?) and taking a video of the wrecked Ferrari. Aiden could be lying to Emily, but I don’t think he has much of a motive to execute his own revenge now that he’s killed Trask and felt no satisfaction from it. If he truly believed that killing Conrad would help Emily bring her plans to a close any quicker, he might be the killer, but I’m not sold on Aiden just yet. Margeaux is a totally random option, but I don’t know enough about her to make an informed decision. I don’t think it’s Daniel, because the tampered brakes could have easily been overlooked, resulting in Conrad going down for manslaughter and ruining Voulez’s success. That leaves Charlotte (knows nothing about cars), Nolan (knows even less about cars), Patrick (definitely capable), and Victoria. All signs point to Patrick or Victoria or both.


I Can Stop Anytime

Patrick and Nolan Rose

Sure, Nolan, that’s what they all say. He went to a lot of trouble to avoid using computers (very much) this week. Obviously, he had to use a computer to look up Patrick’s ex-wife, but he flew all the way to Florida to talk to her. Yes, the information he gained probably couldn’t have been obtained over the interwebz, but maybe he could have emailed her and sent the money via Paypal or something if he wasn’t so afraid to use technology again. I do wonder if the only drop of juice he got was that concerning Pat’s sexuality, or if he learned anything else. Is he really Victoria’s son? I suppose his ex-wife would spill the beans if it turned out he were lying to everyone in the Hamptons.

photo (38)Speaking of Patrick’s sexuality, did I totally predict that he and Nolan would hook up or what? Man, I’m good! However, Patrick might just be using him to get his mother’s money back, despite Aiden’s “mistake” in ratting Nolan out to Victoria. Even if Patrick isn’t Victoria’s evil spawn, he at least has the evil part down pat. If nothing else, Victoria has secured her own art gallery out of the relationship. I’m not sure how the gallery will be significant in future episodes, but it was fun getting to see Victoria get her groove back.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think is the #HamptonsKiller?