Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 “Revolution” Review: Taking This One to the Grave

Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 “Revolution” Review
April 27, 2014 – ABC

Two Can Keep a Secret

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Even though this week’s episode title is murky (What does it mean? Didn’t the revolution begin a long time ago? Is Margaux going to start a revolution searching for answers to her father’s death?), Pascal wasn’t the only one keeping secrets that could result in war. Both Jack and Daniel played on competing sides of the lines dividing the Hamptons this week.

Jack’s intentions to dupe Nolan into helping his enemy’s sister find her stalker definitely came from a good place. Grayson or not (not obviously since she changed her name to Clarke, but she still works for Daniel), Nolan wouldn’t want harm to befall Charlotte and could understand that Jack just wants to keep her safe. He was officially initiated into Emily’s inner circle last week, but had no part their plan to interrogate Pascal and wire him in order to incriminate Conrad, so he could still consider himself a free agent. Like Nolan, Emily certainly would want to protect her little sister from anyone with poor intentions.

Daniel, on the other hand, has been working both ends of numerous feuds since season one. This week, he congratulates his mother on her engagement to Pascal and calls his friend at Interpol in the same breath, all while sharing his goals against the happy couple with Conrad. Maybe it’s just me, but Emily suddenly deciding to pose as Homeland Security seemed a bit disjointed, though this kind of plot twist (as well as Charlotte’s abduction) can be expected at the end of such an exciting season.

If One of Them is Dead

I hate using lyrics from ‘Secret’ by The Pierces (that annoying Pretty Little Liars theme song), but it just seems to fit. Just as one party is about to spill information to Team Revenge, the only thing that gets spilled is blood. As much as none of us expected Emily to pose as a Homeland Security agent, it’s also unclear what her next move will be.

I understand that she wants to be completely in control and make sure that her plan is foolproof, but why can’t she use the chain of recent murders to reveal Conrad’s hand in Flight 197? She witnessed him killing Pascal, they know that Pascal killed Oscar Chapman, who was one of the last people to speak to Trevor Mathis about Flight 197. They also have Pascal’s handwritten note with both Trevor Mathis’ and David Clarke’s initials, addressed to Conrad, plus the financial records that Emily, err…Rebecca Stone showed Pascal implicating both him and Grayson Global.

Kurt Renner, Kidnapper

Man, Charlotte has to be the dumbest girl in the history of time. Call me crazy, but I know the first thing I feel like doing after getting a creepy, anonymous letter is walk on a secluded beach by myself. I hope the writers know that nobody who watches this show actually still cares if Charlotte lives or dies because she practically begs for bad things to happen to her again and again. Unless Aiden packed up the stakeout van and headed for the Hamptons shortly after Pascal’s death, we can assume that Charlotte has been taken by Kurt Renner. Hearing that name feels really odd to me because I have a dear friend with a very similar name, and she is anything but a deranged stalker.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Anyways, who is this guy? We’ve seen his face but never heard his voice, so my first thoughts were that it could be Gideon Lemarchal, tipped off that his father had plans to give Voulez to Margaux. Before Pascal’s ‘accident,’ he could have kidnapped Charlotte so that Victoria would convince Pascal to bequeath his company to his son instead of his daughter, but now that Lemarchal is a pile of ceviche (thanks, Grey’s Anatomy) that plan would only have been executed if Gideon were unable to check his smart phone.

Perhaps Emily and Nolan weren’t the only young lives touched by David Clarke, and this is another one of his protégés seeking retribution for Flight 197. If that’s the case, he’s a million steps behind Victoria, who has already discovered that Emily had the same intentions and is only one clue away from uncovering her ex-daughter-in-law’s true identity. You’d think a fellow revengineer with the same motive would have put the pieces together and tried to help his mentor’s daughter and her merry band of misfits, rather than throwing a wrench into their plans. Once again, this show has thrown me for a loop, so I’ll excuse the redundant lapse in Charlotte’s common sense.

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