Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 “Contact” Review; Expectations

Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 “Contact” Review
Originally airedate November,16.2014.

This week, many of our favorite characters’ hopes were shattered in some form. From Nolan trying to believe the best in his new pal Louise, to Daniel wanting to reconcile with Margaux in the shower, to David and Emily’s attempts to be the happy little duo they were twenty years ago. Sadly, nobody got their way in this episode, but it made for a great watch!

Nolan’s Normal Friends

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Looking back on his character’s history on the show, Nolan really hasn’t ever had a friend that didn’t get him into trouble. First there was David, which linked him to Emily and Aiden, then he fell for Padma, who brought him uncomfortably close to prison for murder, and now he’s getting in bed with Margaux to help with Louise. Jack becoming a cop hasn’t helped his case either, I’m afraid.

Sacrifice David to Save Daniel

Speaking of psycho, Daniel definitely lets Louise get away with more than she should because of her position on the Crazy-Hot Scale. Thank you, Barney Stinson. Client or not, I would have immediately called the cops after finding her in my shower, not to mention how she got her hands on Margaux’s letterhead to send that note. Appearing to talk to herself in the hospital didn’t even scare away that cute doctor giving her bedroom eyes as he passed!

Just like his mother, Daniel is also afraid to be alone. Perhaps they can both blame Conrad for that (Victoria tried to), what with all of his affairs and dealings that have both separated Victoria from the man she loved and taught Daniel to always keep a spare lover waiting in the wings. It definitely threw a wrench in Emily’s plan for the Graysons (remember Sarah?) and hurt Daniel a lot more than it needed to. That’s not to say the spoiled brat didn’t have it coming though!

I Can’t Be Your Father

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I understand that finding out that her father is alive has thrown Emily for an incredible loop this season, but I can’t help but notice how gullible she’s become. Sure, she was able to figure out that the silo prison was fake, but she should have realized that the same person that sent her the photo of David running errands was the same guy that took those shots of Amanda. Our new mystery is the identity of Conrad’s “rival,” who blackmailed David into doing his evil bidding. Emily’s managed to capture one of the men from the hospital and set up her own torture chamber within Grayson Manor, but surely her prisoner is merely a pawn in a greater scheme.

I Owe You a Drink

Things are definitely heating up between Officer Porter and Agent Taylor, and it’s messing with Ben’s head. The question on everyone’s minds has to be her motives for asking Jack’s assistance instead of Ben’s. Did she enlist his help because she thought he was cuter than his partner? Is she blind? Or is she only cuddling up to him so that he’ll lower his guard and give her some of the juicy details he’s been hiding about David? Either way, it’s going to make for some great drama!

What did you think of this week’s episode? What are Taylor’s motives for keeping Jack close? Will David and Emily ever mend their relationship? Is Nolan in over his head with Margaux and Louise? Let’s discuss in the comments below!