Sleepy Hollow Episode 10 “The Golem” Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 10 “The Golem” 1

Hello everyone! Last night’s fall finale of Sleepy Hollow was epic and has left me with many questions, the first of which isn’t all that important, but I’m dying to know: did anyone else just realize that Irving’s daughter is played by Amandla Stenberg, the actress that played Rue in the Hunger Games? More importantly, I have some serious questions about Mrs. Crane.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that whenever Ichabod questions her about something that she neglected to tell him, she’s quick to put on the Sleepy Hollow Episode 10 “The Golem” 2water works? I mean she could be and most likely is genuine with her bouts of tearfulness because it’s clearly obvious that she is madly in love with Ichabod and she regrets not telling him everything because she wanted to protect him, but it just seems a bit odd to me. Usually when people are like that, it’s to smooth over a potentially difficult situation because no one really wants to deal with the hysterical crying person, and tears usually make it slightly easier to forgive depending upon the situation. Now with the revelations about their son it makes sense that she would cry because she had to give up the last connection that she had with Ichabod, but some of the things with how she was trapped away in purgatory don’t quite make sense to me. We now know that it was members of her coven that were responsible for sending her there because they felt that she did the worst thing ever by trying to elude fate by saving Ichabod, and we know that Moloch kept her there because the Horseman of Death, AKA Abraham the ex-fiancé, requested it as his payment for taking down Ichabod. What I don’t understand is why Katrina’s coven would let something like that happen.

I get that you want her to pay for her actions, but why would you let her fall into enemy hands only to be used against them? Wouldn’t it make more sense to lock her away in some magical cell where the enemy can’t reach her? It just seems suspicious to me. I know they pretty much did the same thing to Jeremy because they felt he was dangerous, but it seems to me that they were acting out more for themselves than for the actual wellbeing of others. When Katrina saved Ichabod, they locked her away because they couldn’t control her and when her son refused to join their coven, they killed him. Why would you instantly go for death unless you wanted the enemy to get a hold of them? It could be argued that they just wanted to go along with fate based on their conversation with Ichabod at the end of the episode, but if that was the case why did they try to recruit Jeremy to their side knowing who he really was? They initially wanted everything dealing with the Crane family eradicated, so why try to save the boy?

Sleepy Hollow Episode 10 “The Golem” 3I get that Jeremy was powerful and could be of some use, but then that would go against their whole notion of fate, which was one of the main through lines for this episode. Their whole thoughts for the fate of the Cranes was pretty much death for them all, but if the youngest Crane had been saved, wouldn’t that make them just as wrong as Katrina for altering his fate? Irving learns that it is fated for the Two Witnesses of Revelations along with their followers to die after he visits his old pastor. Then he was threatened by that demon, letting him know that they’re tracking everyone that’s involved. How freaky was it when the demon body swapped then looked directly at the camera when it said “we have one too”? That was really not ok because it felt like it was talking directly to me, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d like to refrain from talking to demons.

I enjoy a demon free life thank you very much. Anyway, now it begs to question will Irving stick with the cause knowing that he is fated to die and that his daughter’s soul is at stake or will he abandon Ichabod and Abbie? Which reminds me, we haven’t heard from good old Luke since his run in with Brooks. We know that he had a pretty big freak out/melt down and that he’s been avoiding Abbie like the plague, so it appears that he’s chosen sides, but how will he figure into things or is he fated to fade into the ether? We also now know vaguely how Moloch plans for both Ichabod and Abbie to die after Ichabod foolishly decided to confront him before they were ready to: Abbie’s soul will be delivered to Moloch by Ichabod. We don’t know how this will happen, but it sort of falls in line with the fact the two of them are destined to die for their cause. Now all we have to do is wait to see how it all unfolds. Will they be delivered into fates hands or will they be able to subvert it and live to tell the tale? Also with the demise of Katrina’s jailors, their one true chance of freeing her from purgatory is pretty much lost unless there’s some other way that they’ve yet to discover. For now though, it looks like she’s stuck there.

It appears the Crane family is doomed to be separated. Katrina’s trapped in purgatory, Ichabod is stuck living in the current time period, and their Sleepy Hollow Episode 10 “The Golem” 5only son is dead and was never able to meet his parents. At least he had that golem to protect him even if it went on a killing rampage anytime someone tried to harm him. I have to admit though that the monster was kind of sweet there for a moment. All he wanted was to protect his master and avenge his death. That was much sadder than I expected because not only was it the monster having to let go and just die, but Ichabod had to let go of the last connect to his son. Now all he has left of his son is a doll.

It was never really a living being, but the golem was there doing what Ichabod could not: protect his son. In a way, Ichabod owes him so much for being there for him. It was only right that Ichabod was right there with it holding its hand in its final moments. You could feel the overwhelming sadness emanating from the both of them. That so not ok that my heart broke for that man and his son’s old doll. I was literally on the verge of crying. Why does this show make me feel this way? To pull such a heartwarming moment over a killer doll is quite the feat. The writers really know what they’re doing.
And that folks concludes the fall Finale of Sleepy Hollow!

The show returns January 13, 2014, and hopefully our questions will be answered. Happy watching, and I’ll see you in the new year!