Sleepy Hollow Episode 3: For the Triumph of Evil Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3: For the Triumph of Evil Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3

If you were looking for more information about the coming evil, this is not the episode for you, but if you wanted more back history on Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and her sister or for Abbie to finally face her fears this was the episode for you!
We start of this episode with Abbie arriving in the precinct amidst a flurry of activity. Irving (Orlando Jones) tells Abbie that they’ve apprehended a suspect, and introduces her to a forensic pathologist. Abbie asks where Ichabod is, and he apparently has been put in charge of interrogating the suspect by himself. They walk into the interrogation room to see Ichabod questioning our unknown suspect about what they saw. The Doctor describes her as smart, and Abbie is confused as to who it is because she is the only one that has yet to see her. Ichabod’s interrogation gets louder as he demands for the suspect to tell him why she lied and it’s revealed that our suspect is young Abbie Mills and she’s being questioned about what she say that day in the woods. Older Abbie is confused as to why she’s being detained because she didn’t do anything wrong, at least she thinks so. Irving’s response, “I think you know the answer to that.” She rushes into the interrogation to find Ichabod sitting, eyes glazed over white and he tells her to stop lying and “the truth will set her free.” The doors slam shut behind her. She runs for them panicked only to find that they’re locked. She yells for help, but no one comes to her aid. She turns to find Ichabod in her way, but he disappears. She continues trying the doors desperate to find a way out, but they refuse to open for her. As she’s pounding on the walls, a mysterious figure with no eyes and sand pouring out of the sockets appears behind her. She turns, gasps, and finally wakes up from her nightmare to a phone call from emergency dispatch.

As her and Ichabod arrive on the scene, she tells him of her strange dream, and his creepy role. Irving calls her over and tells her that Dr. Vega, a woman she admits to not knowing, is on the roof prepared to jump and she refuses to talk to anyone except for Abbie. She goes up there to talk her down only to find that she’s the doctor from her dream and that he eyes are glazed over white. Dr. Vega tells her that it was her fault that her sister Jenny ended up where she was. She believed her, but she lied, and now she’s finally getting what she deserves. What they all deserve. Then she leans over and falls to her death. Later in the day at the scene, she recounts for Irving and Ichabod what happened on that ledge. She describes Vega’s mental state and appearance in detail. This prompts them to want to look at her eyes before the medical examiner takes the body away. The ME reveals the eyes and describes their appearance when they explode into granules of sand. Irving orders that no one else is to see or touch the body until he gives the ok. When Irving asks what is going on, Ichabod, trying to be helpful, recounts a summary of the events that have happened thus far. Irritated, Irving demands if they know anything else. Abbie tells him that she mentioned her sister, and Irving makes the connection that Jenny was first hospitalized at the asylum that Vega worked at, and he tells her to go visit Jenny to see what she knows about Vega and to keep this under wraps because of the strange nature of the case. Ichabod realizes that Abbie was holding back information, and she tells him about how along with him and the faceless night mare monster, Vega was also in the dream, which is strange because they never met. Ichabod tells her that she had a prophetic dream, which sparks another argument between them about her status as one of the witnesses spoken of in Revelation. He figures that the faceless monster was sent as a part of the wave of evil to stand against her, but Abbie is unconvinced and falls back into more familiar behavior of investigating a case.

They return to their base of operations, and begin to go through Vega’s case files concerning Jenny. They discover that Vega knew that Jenny wasn’t crazy, but she refused to say anything for fear of herself being recriminated causing Jenny to suffer through the years of unnecessary treatment. Abbie figures that Vega felt guilty for her treatment of Jenny, contacted her to absolve her guilt, then jumped, but Ichabod reminds her that the white eyes, sand, and her prophetic dream, can’t be normal. Abbie also supplies that Vega said that she “had it coming; we had it coming.” Ichabod figures that the enemy needs Abbie and Jenny out of the way, thus the current attacks, so they need to go get more information out of Jenny about what she remembers. Abbie is completely against it because they haven’t talked since she was committed, but Ichabod convinces her to go. When they arrive and ask to speak with her at the front desk, the receptionist calls up, but informs them that Jenny doesn’t want to speak with her. Abbie is ready to leave, but Ichabod (Tom Mison) volunteers for the job and requests to speak with her. Surprisingly, Jenny agrees purely for curiosity sake. Ichabod, despite Jenny’s balking, convinces her of who he is, and that they need her help. Jenny says there’s nothing she can do and it’s already too late. “My conscience is clear”. Ask Abbie if say the same.

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3.2Ichabod leaves her with questions only Abbie can answer. Abbie refuses to answer them, but Ichabod tells her that whatever problems her and her sister have are between them, however the secrets that Abbie is keeping will cause them more problems. Reluctantly, she tells him that after her and Jenny had awakened, she felt like she had only been asleep for minutes, but in reality it had been for four days. The entire town had been looking for them and the first person that had arrived on the scene saw what they saw: the blurry figure of evil. When Abbie and Jenny are questioned by the police, Abbie refuses to answer their questions and tells Jenny to do the same, but Jenny doesn’t listen. She tells them about the four white trees and the demon and how her sister and the rancher that found them saw the same thing, but Abbie refuses to corroborate her story. As Jenny is being pulled away, she cries out for her sister to tell them what she saw, but Abbie remains silent, eyes down cast. She reveals to Ichabod that she stayed silent because they just found a decent foster home and that if they heard that they were not only off drinking in the woods, but speaking of finding demons, they’d be returned to the system. She let her fear rule her actions then, but Ichabod reminds her that she doesn’t have to be afraid today. Abbie refuses to admit her fear, so Ichabod changes the subject to the rancher, Mr. Gillespie, who also saw the demon. Abbie says that he never said anything either most likely to keep his fame for being the one that found the girls. This prompts them to make a visit to his house.



Before they can get there, Mr. Gillespie is seen taking a nap. When he hears strange noises, he sits up and calls out to his wife thinking it’s her, but he gets no response. Things begin to move around in the room, he gets up, scrapes his leg making him bleed, and continues calling out to his wife while he moves to his tool shed to get his gun  not realizing that the faceless figure is watching him. Once he’s in the room, the door slams behind him, he backs away not realizing the faceless nightmare is behind him. He turns, seeing the figure for the first time, then takes a shot at empty air.

At the precinct, Irving confronts a group of detectives that includes Luke, about someone leaving the sawed off sign of a man riding a horse in his office. He demands to know who did it citing that the joke wasn’t funny seeing as how the assailant is still out there after killing two of their own regardless of the rumors that he was headless. Luke steps up and says that he did as a part of a hazing ritual for new members of the staff. Irving responds, “Good one,” alleviating the tension in the room. He further questions Luke about his former relationship with Abbie, to which Luke wonders how he knew. His response: “Assume I know everything.” Their exchange is interrupted when there is a call that shots were fired at the Gillespie’s farm.

By the time our duo arrives, Irving as well as a tactical unit is already there. Irving questions them as to why they’re there, and they respond that coincidentally that their investigations have dove tailed together. They receive a radio call that Gillespie will only speak to Abbie, and she’s sent in wearing a bullet proof vest and a headset. She calls out his name, as she slowly moves her way through the bottom floor of the house when she hears a noise coming from the back. She investigates, and finds him and his wife on the kitchen floor. The wife tells her to leave, but Abbie insists that she’s here to help to which Gillespie responds no one can help him now. He sees the faceless nightmare behind Abbie and shoots. This causes Irving to send in the tactical unit, but Abbie tells them to stand down. Ichabod moves around to the back of the house to see where she is, and when he spots her through a window she motions to him to stay back.


She calms Gillespie down, and she’s just trying to help her. He says that she can’t help him and that the Sandman is coming for him and that his next target is her when she falls asleep again. Then he shoots himself. Later that night, Ichabod goes to talk to her, as she’s standing off to the side away from everyone else. He tries to give her some comfort, but it just reminds her of her guilt. She admits that he was right about Jenny being the center of this and that she along with the others did nothing to help her when she needed it the most. She tells him that she’s the next target of the Sandman, to which she has to further explain who his is due to Ichabod’s ignorance. When he ask if she knows what he looks like and she has no response, he figures out that he must be the faceless nightmare from her dream.

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3 -AbbieThey return to the records room to see what they can find, and while Abbie was looking for information, Ichabod went in search of drinks to keep them awake. He returns with an energy drink just as Abbie finds something. They both drink, and Ichabod realizes that it’s quite “potent”, which makes Abbie smirk. He urges her to continue with her findings and she tells him about lore on dream spirits. Most of them are more of the friendly type, but some are very much the opposite. She shows him a symbol from a Mohawk account about a vengeful sleep demon that he immediately recognizes as Ro’kenrontyes. He asks her if her faceless nightmare resembles a man with black hollow eye sockets and flesh where his lips should be. When she responds yes, he tells her of how he spent time with the Mohawks in his regiment, and how they told him a fairy tale about Ro’kenrontyes and how he’ll visit you in your dreams if you don’t help your neighbors. The one telling the story said that his father was killed by him for ignoring his neighbor that was in trouble. Abbie asks him how she can ward him off, and he tells her the only way is to visit a Mohawk shaman which is a problem because there aren’t many left. When she tells Ichabod the reason why, he’s outraged because not only were they his friends, but they were the basis of how they originally set up the government. He asks if they can find a shaman, and she takes him to used car dealership run by a Native American man named Seamus Duncan. When they ask for his help, he rebuffs them despite the fact that he seems to recognize their claim. Ichabod eventually convinces him to help them and he takes them to a location where he tells Abbie what she has to do to fight him. He has her drink a liquid that will help her sleep then explains that she will have to deal with this in the plane of dreams, and she’ll be faced with a task of Ro’kenrontyes’ choosing. If she wins, she lives and will be plagued by him no more. If she doesn’t she dies, and when you die in the dream you die in real life. Ichabod, not wanting Abbie to face him alone, drinks the liquid as well, commenting that it tastes better than an energy drink. Seamus has them lay back on tables then straps them to it to keep them from hurting themselves, then he and another man place scorpions on their stomachs to give them the ability to control their actions in the dream.

They’re stung and soon fall asleep, but once in the dream, which happens to be a forest, they are separated. Abbie is soon faced with Ro’kenrontyes, who throws sand in her eyes causing her eyes outside of the dream world to be glazed over, and Ichabod wanders around trying to find her, but finds a red door instead, which he enters. Abbie, who has her gun, opens fire on the demon, but it doesn’t affect him. He turns into a whirlwind filled with sand then whisks back to the room where she was first interrogated as a young girl. She watches as the detective questions both her and her sister, looking horrified at the actions taking place as her younger self remains silent despite her sister’s pleas. Then Ro’kenrontyes asks her what she saw. Ichabod enters the hallway of the precinct to see the previous victims hanging by their necks from the ceiling. He sees a third empty rope, then walks up stairs. Ro’kenrontyes takes over the questioning as young Jenny pleads with Abbie to tell her what she saw. Both young Abbie and the adult Abbie say they didn’t see anything, but the adult Abbie catches herself.

Ro’kenrontyes comes toward her trying to make contact with her skin, but is interrupted by Ichabod. Ro’kenrontyes causes Ichabod to collapse telling him that he can’t punish Ichabod for his sins, also making Ichabod’s eyes glaze over. Despite this, Ichabod still tries to fight him, giving Abbie enough time to face her fear and confront Ro’kenrontyes with the truth. As she does, Ro’kenrontyes turns to glass then she breaks him with a chair, and they finally awaken breathless. Ichabod asks her how she’s feeling and she says, “Better.” He then tells her, “No more scorpions.”
Back in the records room, they tiredly discuss their progress with her demon hunting. Abbie tells him to say if he wants as she’s about to leave when they’re interrupted by the arrival of Captain Irving. He asks them how they got in, and Ichabod tells him he broke a wall to get in through the tunnels. Abbie tells him it’s a great location for them to do their work because it’s on the premises, but they’re out of the way to which Irving agrees and tells them he’ll get them a key then leaves. Before Abbie goes herself, she begins to thank Ichabod, but he stops her and tells her she’s welcome and that, “the things one most often tries to hide are the things most easily seen.” He goes on to say that she also needs to see her sister, but Abbie stops him saying that’s where she was planning to go. At the asylum, a nurse is leading her to Jenny’s room, despite he being on the no see list. Once they get to the room, they find it empty. The nurse is confused because she was there for lights out and the doors are locked electronically. Abbie tells her to put the place on lock down then searches the room for a possible escape route. She looks at the ceiling noticing an indent next to the air duct, and when she pushed on it, it opened revealing how her sister escaped.

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3.1
So many good nuggets in this episode. But before I delve in I have a question. Was it really necessary for there to be two intros to the show? Technically there are three if you include the title credits, but was it really important for there to have been an opening sequence explaining the show, then for there to have been clips of what happened last week? Couldn’t the two have been combined together in such a way that Ichabod’s narrative fits the clips of what is pertinent to the episode is being currently viewed? Is that too much to ask? I along with most of the other people watching the show know what it’s about. No need to tell us at the beginning of each episode the Ichabod is a time traveler tasked with saving the world from the apocalypse. Then you had to recap what happened previously! I just want to watch my show already, not spend an extra minute looking at things I should remember seeing as how I watched the previous episode.

Now as for the episode itself, it was very Abbie centric and for good reason. If she hadn’t of confronted her fears, the town and the world would be doomed. I’m really glad that Abbie has finally faced her demons. Since the show began, she’s been so ready to dismiss every possibility Ichabod has suggested that it’s hampered them moving faster to explore the more obvious fantastical solutions to their cases. Her fear has been the driving force, and now that she’s let it go nothing can stand in her way. And we’ve learned that Abbie and Jennie were in foster care! That means my theory about Irving still has some life! For now anyway, I could still be wrong. And in speaking of the good captain, did anyone else find it strange that at the end of the episode he walked into the room where Corbin’s files are stored? Why would he need to go in there? None of the cases that he’s been working on seem to need the use of historical files as he would see it, and I‘m pretty as of now that he has no clue about what was in Corbin’s locked cabinet because Abbie is the only one with the key. Unless he either 1) knew about Corbin’s file keeping habits and has been actively trying to break into the cabinet because he doesn’t have a key or 2) he knew about it because he was helping Corbin and he has the spare key to get into it. My other question about him is as the captain of the squad, why would he not want to know about how the case was solved or what happened in general? He was heavily involved, and he was awfully curious about things in the beginning. Shouldn’t he be more concerned that strange things are happening in his town and the only people that seem to know anything are the very ones that claim that forces of evil are behind it?

To go along with that, what was with that scene with Luke? First off, Luke makes me angry. He confesses to putting the sawed off sign in the captain’s office, as a prank due to the rumors floating around that the serial killer wielding the axe is headless. Does he not realize that those rumors stem from Abbie’s eyewitness account from when Corbin was murdered? Some boyfriend he was. Yeah he could have taken the blame for it and it was just a joke, but something like that is very insensitive, especially since those murders committed by the Horseman are still technically unsolved. I also don’t think that the captain enjoyed it much either, despite how he made a joke about it. Why else would he have thrown in that he knew that he and Abbie used to be an item? He also said that he needs to assume that he knows everything. It seems like a threat to me. Also, if what he says is true, does he actually know what is really going on and is just pretending to be ignorant?
And finally, we come to Ichabod. Ichabod has quickly become the voice of reason for everyone. He has serious powers of persuasion. I also love his convictions.


Every time he’s faced with a change that is grievously different, like the lack of Native Americans or the amount of sales tax we pay, he balks. He doesn’t understand how something he fought for has changed so drastically. Yes, some of the views during the time period were horrible, and I’m glad that they’ve changed, but the way he talks about the things he fought for speaks of a time when the people banded together for change. It brings about a sense of nostalgia and painful longing. He reminds me of Captain America. Both are men out of time, both fought in wars that were based on the injustices of mankind, and both were strong in their moral convictions. It’s nice to see characters like these. People that refuse to stop fighting for the things that they believe in. In times like these, we need to see more characters like this. Characters that are a well spring of hope.
So much good is happening with this show! I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Until then, happy watching everyone.