Sleepy Hollow Episode 4 Review -The Lesser Key of King Solomon

Sleepy Hollow Episode 4 Review -The Lesser Key of King Solomon

Sleepy Hollow Episode 3.1

I have now figured out why I love this show so much. It reminds me so strongly of the movie National Treasure and the TV show Supernatural, both of which I absolutely love because of their mixing facts, lore, and legends with fiction, lovable characters, and a great story. Sleepy Hollow does this in spades. In this episode, it’s the most prevalent. They took the history behind the Boston Tea Party and turned it into a plot to keep the British from setting off the apocalypse. What a way to make history exciting. It was always on of my favorite subjects in school, but this show has reawakened that love for history and multiplied it by like a million.

Also in this episode we get more into Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and Abbie’s relationship. The previous episode explored why they went wrong and this episode explored whether or not they’d be able to be reconcile. By the end it shows that they have that hope, but it took a while to get there and it wasn’t always believable that they could be siblings, especially in that first moment that they confronted each other face to face. That very first argument was so unbelievable and completely fell flat. For Crane to have slammed his fists and yelled that loud, the girls needed to have built up more steam before he cut them off. It was awkward and misplaced. I get that it would take something to jolt them out of their argument, but it felt like there was too much of a pause between their exchanges and not enough heat behind them for Ichabod to have reacted the way he did. They weren’t “topping” or overlapping each other as my acting instructor would say. Usually in an argument you don’t wait for the other person to finish before you start speaking, and they weren’t really doing that until half a second before Ichabod cut them off. The moment just didn’t seem to go anywhere. I get that it would take something to jolt them out of their argument, but I’m not sure if that was the right acting choice.

Their arguing did get better as the show progressed though. It felt more natural, and their chemistry got much better after Ichabod first laid down the law. It got to the point where the three of them reminded me of a small family with Ichabod taking the role as the responsible older sibling with Abbie and Jenny as his little sisters. I loved it when they wouldn’t put their guns down; Abbie had this look on her face that screamed “Put yours down first.” It was so childish and perfect, and in the later argument, when he’s trying to recreate the map and he essentially tells them to shut up, it reminds me of every time as kids when me and my brother got on our older siblings nerves because of our fighting and they’d tell us to go away and play quietly because they were in the middle of something. Their dynamic just fits that way. Now I know that people are already shipping Abbie and Ichabod or Jenny and Ichabod with the onset of this episode, but I really don’t see that happening in either case for this reason: Katrina. Yes, she’s trapped in the world in between, but she’s still technically alive with the possibility of being saved, and for Ichabod that’s enough. He is absolutely still in love with her. Just re-watch the beginning of this episode when he’s talking to the woman that unlocked the car. He has eyes for no one else, regardless if he and Abbie (or Jenny) are great together.

What I love about their dynamic is Ichabod is the voice of reason, Jenny is the heart, and Abbie is the head, and they play sleepy-hollow 1their roles very well. Jenny is the fiery passion. She does what’s right regardless of the consequences. She spoke the truth about the demon when no one listened; she grew up to be a freedom fighter, even though it could have cost her life. She’s the one that you want to back you up in a fight because she won’t back down, and that’s why Ichabod likes her so much. She’s just as sassy as he is and she also follows the same line of thinking that got him to switch sides during the Revolutionary War. As Jenny’s opposite, Abbie is the one to think about things logically. It’s why she lied about the demon, and why it took her so long to come to grips with her past. If things don’t fit into her cookie cutter, she’s completely ready to dismiss them, but on the positive it helps her to out the pieces of the puzzle together quickly and it keeps her mind sharp. That’s why she was able to see that Ichabod was the key to figuring out what happened to when everyone else was ready to dismiss him as a nutcase. Ichabod trusts her because of that, and uses that same logic to bring the sisters together.

Usually the head and the heart are at odds, and it takes a great force to bring them together. For Abbie and Jenny, that was Corbin and Ichabod. Corbin saw that the girls could do great things, and that was partially the reason why he rescued them from their downward spirals. He was able to inspire them to fight for the cause of good, and in that saw that they were more alike than what they originally thought. Their only difference: one chose to run from the truth while the other faced it head on. Yes Abbie thinks with her head, but she’s just a fiery as Jenny. Just take a look at all the moments she saved them, or the fact that she refused to back down when everyone told her to stay away from Ichabod, or how she was two seconds away from beating that foster mother to a pulp. When she stops letting her head get in the way, her heart is what ultimately rules her. She cares so much for those in need and for he loved ones that in the heat of the moment, she’ll put herself on the line. It’s when she has the time to think about things that she’ll talk herself out of listening to her heart. Ichabod further cemented their relationship because he not only appealed to both of their natures, but he pushed them to stop fighting. Without Ichabod, they would still be fighting or more likely not fighting because they wouldn’t be close enough to get into a fight. Because Ichabod is both the head and the heart, he’s able to see both of their strengths and reason with the two of them in such a way that they’ll both work together.

Sleepy Hollow

They ended up being the perfect example of what happens when one chooses their head over their heart as well as being examples of what happens when the head works with the heart. If only those two had learned to work together earlier, how much farther would they be now? Who knows, but now that they’re back together, along with Ichabod, they’ll be unstoppable.

As for the rest of this episode’s revelations, we now know that Corbin had help in gathering his information. This brings to question did he have anyone else helping him and if so who, and what else was he hiding? We also now know the name of our major bad guy: Moloch, demon of child sacrifices as well as revolt leader. Why does he want to start the apocalypse now after all of this time and what has he done with Brooks? Also, is he masquerading as one of our familiar faces like Luke or Irving perhaps? How is he able to contact the Hessians with a phone? Is that what he has Brooks doing or is it his (possible) earthly double? I also totally figured out that Abbie’s dad ran off when they were little and her mother broke down because of it. Now the question still remains, is Irving her long lost father and where is her mother now? Will Ichabod ever get a new change of clothes or will he be doomed to wear his old and most likely smelly military uniform for the rest of the season? When will Abbie realize that you can’t kill demons with guns? And why is the next horseman of the apocalypse being featured in next week’s episode? Didn’t the first horseman have to get his head back to gain full power so he can summon them?

I’m so confused by that. Hopefully we’ll get answers to these questions before the season is over. Until next week, happy watching!