Sleepy Hollow Episode 7 “The Midnight Ride” Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 7 “The Midnight Ride” Review


Hello everyone! What an interesting episode we had this week. First off, they brought back the full intro just when I thought they’d done away with it. Why? It’s not necessary.

Secondly, this episode was all about the Horseman, something that hasn’t been done since early on in the season. We now know a little more of what he was doing during the war, as well as the reason why he’s now back: to get his head, but why now after all of this time? Why not try to get it while Ichabod and Abbie were distracted with their other cases. It would seem like a better plan to attack while they’re spread thin. It just doesn’t make any sense, unless he’s working off of an energy plan that forces him to recoup when necessary. Plus how is he able to get that kind of fire power and ammo and where does he keep it when he’s in his underwater layer? I know he could have gotten the guns from Brooks when they first met, but how is he able to continually reload ammo and where does he keep it? Yes, he has Brooks to run errands for him and he could easily store it for him, but he’s dead, homeless, and cashless because, well, he’s dead. The only way to get the ammo necessary for his weapons is to steal it, and so far I haven’t heard of a rash of break ins to any gun stores, so how does he do it, and where does he go when he’s not doing anything important? Are these others Brooks spoke of capable of getting them what they need? When will these others be revealed?

With the Horseman taking out the Masons, its put our duo at a disadvantage in the allies department, except now for Sleepy Hollow Episode 7 “The Midnight Ride” 1whatever reason, Brooks is on their side, sort of. It’s clear that he’s still working for the Horseman, but he still doing his best to protect Abbie despite the fact that she’s half of the key to ending the apocalypse before it starts. I want to know why. Is he secretly in love with her? Was he her foster brother? What is his deal? From the very beginning, he tried to keep her away from things even though he knew that the world was going to end. When he cornered Luke, he told him that only a select few would survive and Luke needed to choose the winning side if he wanted to survive. Why would he betray the Horseman? Based on what he said, it seems like he has a choice in who he wants to pick to be at his side when this all boils over, so why would he help them imprison the key to him having his happy ending with Abbie at his side?

They now also have the full cooperation of Captain Irving now that he’s seen the Horseman for himself. The question is how much help can he be now? He was instrumental in helping Abbie and Ichabod capture the Horseman, but other than fire power and letting them do whatever they need to do to keep evil at bay, what else can he do? He’s still limited with working within the law, unless he has some outside connections that he’s yet to have revealed. We still don’t know much about him. It was revealed that he was married and has a child, but not much else is known. For now, all we can do is wait.

With this episode, it also appears that everyone, with the exception of Abbie, is beginning to fall apart piece by piece. Luke has taken a sip of the crazy juice and it looks like he’s not going to come out of this with his sanity intact. I was really hoping that he would meet his demise in that alley way, but it appears that he holds more significance than originally thought. From annoying ex-boyfriend, he’s appearing to evolve into more of a problem for Abbie and Ichabod. From his first appearance, all he’s wanted was to get rid of Ichabod so he can get back with Abbie, but after his brush with a zombie, he’s completely let go of his one chance to try to get back on her good side because of his brush with evil. Is this him officially going over to the dark side or will he be redeemed?

Everything is starting to tick Ichabod off. Before it was just a comical device to illustrate how times have changed, but now it’s almost fueling him in his anger. At first in this episode, it was the fact that we now have to pay for water, more accurately we have to pay for the water’s purification, due to the fact that lots of gross things are in unpurified water. Now, it’s the fact that we have the facts in history wrong. I loved how Abbie said that museum was Ichabod’s happy place, but in reality, it’s more like his angry place. He’s so out raged about how many of the facts people got wrong, which is understandable because he actually lived it. That’s the interesting thing about history. No one will ever really know what exactly went on or how exactly people felt about what went on because for the most part, all we have left are manuscripts, letters, and various odds and ends from the periods that have gone by. So it’s easy enough for fictions to get added to history because no one was actually there to witness it. All we have to go on are the things that were left behind, and sometimes the things that were left behind were badly damaged. It’s also been said that history is only recorded by the side of the winners, so in some instances we only get half of the story anyway. Later, when he, Abbie and Irving get into an argument about Thomas Jefferson, it also brings up the fact that, regardless of what we know of a person or in this context what happened in history, we may never truly know them or what actually happened. We’ll only ever get the bits and pieces that they were willing to share or write down. Everything else is pure speculation.

This revelation only adds to Ichabod’s sense of desperation. With every death that the Horseman incurs, it appears that Sleepy Hollow Episode 7 “The Midnight Ride”2Ichabod is becoming more frantic. Couple this with the revelations of how history has unfolded; it’s a wonder as to how he’s still able to keep it together. It’s very understandable that he would respond this way. Moloch and his desire to bring about the apocalypse have caused Ichabod to loose everyone and everything he’s held dear. He’s also been transported to a completely different century where he is being forced to constantly adjust to all of the changes that have taken place in the last few hundred years. His whole way of life has been sacrificed so that he could save the world. He and Abbie said it best when they were talking about how it must be their fate as the Two Witnesses to sacrifice everything for the sake of the world. No matter who much either of them would like to reclaim their past, saving the world comes first and the only people they have to rely on are each other. It’s this that makes way for an opening for the two of them to get together later in the series, but like I’ve said before, Ichabod has yet to have lost hope of being able to save Katrina. He still views himself as being married, as evidenced when he turned down the sex chat lady, and he really would like to summon Katrina more than just for her usefulness as a witch, but sacrifices must be made, and until evil is vanquished, Katrina is going to have to remain on the back burner.

Now that the Horseman is captured, how much help is he actually going to be in them being able to bring down the dark side? It’s not like he can actually speak. I’m still questioning how he’s able to see. Are they going to give him pen and paper so he can write down his answers? Is this the reason why Ichabod appears to be losing control in the next episode or is it something else that’s breaking him down? Time will only tell. Until next week folks! Happy watching.