Sleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer” Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer” Review

Sleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer”

Hello again folks! This episode had me buzzing with excitement. Pretty much any time we learn more of Ichabod and Katrina’s back story I’ll be bouncing around in my chair. I absolutely love their characters and their love story, and I’ll never get enough of the two of them. Anyway, this may (fingers crossed) be the last time I complain about the opening title sequence! I know I’ve pretty much complained about it since the show has begun, but when opening any show, those first few moments set the tone and the pace, and so far they haven’t quite figured it out yet until now. The placement of the opening theme is much better. Having the prelude and the opening theme back to back caused each episode to have a slow clunky start, but breaking them up with a bit of the show in between makes for a smoother transition. Hopefully they’ll keep the rest of the episodes in line with the format that they’ve set up for this one because the constant changing of their minds on how to open up the show is messing with my groove and completely distracting. Now, onward to last night’s episode!

It has become apparent that unconventional teams are pretty much what this show is built on. Captain Irving has his doubts that their little collective will be enough to defeat Moloch, but it’s usually those awkward groupings that end up saving the day, or at least that’s what the people want to see. They want to cheer for the underdogs because it shows us that anyone can achieve the greatest of feats. It’s why Ichabod and Abbie work so well together. Both of them are very ordinary people, and if you’d met them outside of these circumstances you’d probably never give them a second glance, but because of these circumstances, they’ve been forced to push themselves to places they’ve never been, allowing for them to do extraordinary things. Now that their team is expanding, they’ll be capable of doing so much more because of the specialties that each person brings. Ichabod is their key to the past as well as a fountain of random facts due to his eidetic memory; Abbie is the voice of reason and the glue that keeps their group together; Captain Irving has the power of the police force at his beck and call; Jenny, along with the fierce fighting skills she’s acquired as a freedom fighter, has a vast knowledge of artifacts and folklore related to the supernatural; and Brooks, double agent that he is, has the ability to warn them to an extent of what the other side is doing as well as being the voice for the Horseman. None of them would seem to be the most adept at working as a team, but so far things have been turning out well for them.

I especially like how the paring of Irving and Jenny is turning out. Of how the groupings have turned out, they’re the darker paring in the way that personalities go. In comparison to Ichabod and Abbie, they’re really rough around the edges and have a trust no one attitude, whereas Ichabod and Abbie are much lighter and at ease with the situation despite the fact that the world is on the verge of ending. Irving and Jenny are much more antsy and paranoid, Irving more so than Jenny because, unlike her, he’s only recently been aware of the situation. It’s very clear that they have a grudging respect for each other’s abilities because there was many a time in this episode that one or the other paused to take in what the other has done. I loved that moment when, Irving is complaining that she was moving too fast, and when he looks up, she’s already taken out two men by herself and he had only taken out one. He’s still skeptical of her because of her history and she refuses to bow to his authority because those in power have done little to help her, but their mutual respect for each other’s skills is what makes them a strong pair that the side of evil is going to have to watch out for if they want to succeed in taking over the world.

In speaking of evil, we now know where Brooks has been hiding all this time. It makes sense that he would hide out underground. The city is full of those tunnels that connect to various important locatioSleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer” Sleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer” 2ns giving him the ability to freely move about when necessary. I still want to know what exactly he’s been doing. We know that he’s the middle man between Moloch and his other minions, but what does that entail? Is he the one responsible for keeping the Hessians up to date on what they need to do? So far, the Hessians have not revealed who their commanding officer is. They just sort of appear when they need to collect an important artifact necessary to bridge the gap between realms, but other than that, they don’t really appear to do much. They’re handy when a diversion is needed, which is great, but what do they spend their time doing? That’s why I hate sleeper cells. They do such an amazing job of blending in that by the time you’ve figured out that something is not right, they’ve most likely already killed you or performed the task that they were given. I felt sorry for the Hessian’s hunting buddy. All he wanted to do was hunt some wild game with his friend, but instead he gets a bullet to the chest and all because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. It’s things like this that help add to people’s paranoia.


So far though, things have definitely been going good for the side of good. I love how Ichabod looks so smug to have caught the horseman. He’s brimming with barely contained excitement, and he looks like a puppy that’s gotten a treat; it’s so adorable, but their plan was doomed to fail the moment the Horseman brought Katrina into the picture. It was very clear that Katrina and Ichabod were very much in love and only had eyes for each other. And now that they’re separated, Ichabod will do whatever he has to do to get her back. So anytime Katrina’s been involved or mentioned, a piece of Ichabod saddens just a bit because he has no clue of how to rescue her. He tries to mask it, but he is desperate to have her back. The Horseman already knows this and was ready to prey upon this knowledge that Katrina would be Ichabod’s undoing. Also, leaving Brooks alone in the cell with him was not a good idea. They already knew that despite the fact that he’d do anything to save Abbie; he can’t disobey a direct order from Moloch. Even though they searched him thoroughly, he is a dead body which affords him the ability to hide things within his body seeing as how removing it won’t kill him. He’s done it before, when he coughed up the pendant that was necessary for Serilda of Abbadon to resurrect herself. Unfortunately for Abbie and Ichabod they had no prior knowledge of this; otherwise I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have left Brooks in the room by himself with the Horseman.

Boy was that a twist that I didn’t see coming with the Horseman’s true identity. I had hoped that they would somehow work it in that Abraham was the Horseman, but I never expected that his history would turn out the way that it did in the show. In the original legend, it’s merely hinted at that Abraham very well could be the Headless Horseman and that he’s playing a prank on Ichabod or it really could have been the ghost of the Hessian solider. Washington Irving really left it up to the reader to make that decision, but the fact that the writers of the show made him the Horseman was an act off sheer brilliance. The way they crafted his story fit so perfectly. It was one thing that they made Abraham his best friend, but to add in that the whole reason they both ended up where they were was because of their mutual love for Katrina was the icing on the cake. It just goes to show that love and jealousy are powerful motivators. Helen of Troy was the reason an entire city was destroyed, and it appears that the reason the world may end is because of Katrina and her love for Ichabod. She must be some kind of woman to be the weakness of two very instrumental men. Don’t get me wrong, Moloch was going to figure out a way for someone to personify the Horseman of Death, it just so happens that the perfect opportunity fell into his lap. Not only was he getting his horseman, but he was also taking out two of the most instrumental people to General Washington’s efforts to stopping the apocalypse. Moloch is turning out to be quite the opportunist, but with this revelation of who the Horseman actually is, this could very well mean that the rest of the Horsemen could have been acquired in very much the same way. That was very of him sneaky, but there’s a slight problem with that plan.

With so much personal animosity between Abraham and Crane, there is no doubt that they will both be each other’s downfalls. They’re both so focused on breaking each other that they don’t realize when they themselves are cracking. This is pretty much a loose-loose situation on both ends. They may end up achieving their goals, but at what cost? They’re both steadily devolving, and with the added twist on Abraham’s and Ichabod’s relationship they’ll only unravel faster. In the original tale, they pretty much hated each other because they both were vying for Katrina’s hand in marriage. If I remember correctly, and do correct me if I’m wrong, Katrina rejected Ichabod’s suit in favor for Abraham. In the show, however, it adds another layer to having them start out as friends. It makes that betrayal that Abraham feels that much more potent than having them start out as enemies. There would have been nowhere for their conflict to build to. I’m sure if they had chosen to go with the route of enemies, that they would have figure something out, but going at it this way gives the actors more room to grow. It also adds more urgency to the situation at hand. Both of them are fighting to keep what’s theirs and because this is at the core of their personal battle it puts them into the position of having to choose between the mission they were tasked with and their love for Katrina.

Sleepy Hollow Episode 8 “Necromancer” 3

As we saw in this episode, Abraham is pretty much only in it to get the girl he lost and to exact his revenge on Ichabod for stealing his lady, both strong motivators, but it leaves him very open and vulnerable to sacrificing the true mission of ending the world as we saw at the end of the episode. It took Brooks calling on Moloch’s minions to finally pull him away. If not for that, there might not be much of a show left. Moloch may have made the best and worst decision in making him the Horseman of Death. As for Ichabod, his original motivation was completing the mission. Now that rescuing Katrina has become central to defeating Abraham, it just adds that much more incentive for him to come out on top of all of this.

They’ll both be fight tooth and nail to get the girl, and with both of them fraying at the seams, it’ll be interesting to see who crumbles under the pressure first. Only time will tell. Until next week, happy watching!