Sleepy Hollow Episode 9 “Sanctuary” Review

SLEEPY HOLLOW- "Sanctuary" 2

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! I felt it appropriate to say this in light of last night’s Thanksgiving themed episode which was fantastic! Who knew a cursed haunted house and Thanksgiving would make such a great pair?

In this episode we saw further glimpses into three families: the Cranes, the Irving’s, and the Mills. First off with the Crane’s, we learned that after Ichabod died, Katrina had a son! This revelation had me near tears because that’s one more thing on Ichabod’s long list of things taken from him. When he went after the root monster, the only thing I could think was never mess with a man’s family especially when he has nothing left to lose. Ichabod isn’t going to crumble anytime soon. It appears that with each new revelation about Katrina’s involvement in their secret war that it just adds more fuel to his fire. It’s become his personal mission to end Moloch because he had the audacity to attack him, his family, and everything that he holds dear. I don’t see him slowing down or quitting anytime soon. Now what I want to know is why was the root monster so hell bent on taking out Lena Gilbert? As far as we know, she was the descendant of Lachlan Fredericks and his house was cursed because of Katrina giving birth there. There are only two real conclusions that I can think of that would fit: either she was attacked because of her blood ties with Lachlan or somehow she has a connection to Ichabod’s son. It’s more likely that it’s the first one, but that doesn’t quite explain the fact that the root monster was in residence for so long. What was he waiting for or was it just his responsibility to keep people out of the house?

Next up with the Irving family, it’s become clearer that some of my earlier theories about his role in the scheme of things aren’t actually going to SLEEPY HOLLOW "Sanctuary"happen, mainly that he could secretly be a member of Katrina’s coven from way back when and that he was somehow Abbie and Jenny’s run away father. Of course I knew it was a long shot, but the best part of a show like this is the wild theories that people come up with. Anyway, as revealed in last week’s episode, he has an ex-wife and a daughter, Macey, whom we got to meet in this episode. Now I have a new theory of where he possibly disappeared to at the beginning of the second episode. He could have gone back to the city to visit the family. The Ex did say that since he transferred that he’s only been back to visit once. Could it be that that was the last time he saw his daughter? In speaking of Macey, she is a spit fire. She doesn’t appear to take any mess from anyone including Jenny, who she thinks is Dad’s new girlfriend, which isn’t a stretch because they were totally flirting in his office, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they became a thing. They had a bit of a bonding moment ending with Jenny giving her some very thoughtful advice about giving her Dad some slack, which from Jenny’s point of view makes total sense. She never knew her Dad, and Macey at least speaks to him daily.

He may not actually be there, but he does try. It’s important to hold on to the family we have, even if we don’t quite get along, especially around the holidays. Some people, like Ichabod, have no family or anyone really to spend the holidays with. I shared in Ichabod’s distaste in all of the holiday cheer because for six years I wasn’t able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I spent it with friends, which was great, but it’s not quite the same. Some people don’t even have the luxury to spend it with friends. It was nice that the show highlighted that especially since our core characters are really the only family that each other has, and it’s nice that they decided to spend the holiday together.

SLEEPY HOLLOW- "Sanctuary" 1Finally, we come to the Mills family. Before this episode, all we knew about Abbie and Jenny’s family was that their mother had a mental breakdown after their father left and their father hasn’t been seen ever since. Now we know that her family is descendants of Grace Dixon, ex-slave and house mistress of Lachlan Fredericks, who turned out to be a part of Katrina’s coven. If Ichabod and Abbie weren’t sure of their tied fate before, they are definitely certain now after this revelation. Now what I want to know about the Mills family is why did her father leave? Was he just another dead beat or did he have an actual purpose for leaving his family behind? Also what happened to their mother? We know that she was eventually hospitalized, but how long after their father left and, why did they not keep in touch or look for her once they were of legal age? I assume that she died at some point, so that would explain things, but you’d think that they’d want to try and find out more information about their family, especially with the events currently taking place because the further they go with this, the more it delves into their past and family histories.

I know with everything going on that it makes it difficult to take that time out to search through family history especially since Abbie and Jenny spent most of their childhood in the foster care system, but I think that now more than ever that it’s important for them to find these things out because it could be a major help with ending all of this business with Moloch. Really any information they can glean from this would be helpful, and they need all the help they can get. Hopefully, Abbie will take this new revelation and try to trace her family roots.
See you in two weeks! Happy holidays and happy watching!