SM: Can The Originals Out Cool The Vampire Diaries?


Spoiled Milk Talks The Originals

Can They Be Better Than The Vampire Diaries?

Spoiler talk ahead – if you don’t want to know, turn back now.

At Comic Con last week, Charles Michael Davis promised that The Originals will be ‘ten times sexier and cooler’ than The Vampire Diaries. While The Originals seems to have sexy to spare, spoilers are causing huge debate among the fandom on whether or not it can keep up with its parent show, let alone surpass it’s cool factor.  Here’s where we stand on some of the spoilers that our floating around the net right now.

Win: Marcel

Marcel  - OriginalI’m pretty sure if you’d look up the definition of scene stealer, you’d be linked to a clip of Charles Michael Davis’ portrayal of Marcel. While The Vampire Diaries has a large supporting cast, and several sexy new comers showing up, I think The Originals definitely have the cool advantage with Marcel, the villainous, current vampire king of New Orleans. If that wasn’t enough, Davis promised Marcel’s got a heart and point of view that the audience may sympathize with.

If Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah have taught us anything, it’s that Plec can blur the line between villain and anti-hero and make us love the bad guy. Both Klaus and Rebekah have each killed Elena, but managed to make it out of Mystic Falls alive, with resident support systems (Caroline and Matt respectively) and star on a spin-off. I have no doubt by the end of the season, we’ll be torn over Klaus vs. Marcel and I look forward to every angst filled moment of it.

Lose: Triangles

“If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.” Hollywood’s a business and there’s a reason it’s full of sequels, prequels, spin-offs and shows that blatantly rip-off last seasons biggest hits. I can’t blame a writer for sticking with what works, but another triangle? Already? Really?

ORiginals.jpgNot only will The Originals rehash two brothers fighting over one girl, but they aren’t even borrowing either of the original triangles to do it. Fans of TVD know that Klaus and Elijah have come to blows over two women already, doppelganger Katherine Pierce and the Original Petrova, Tatia. So why bother creating another character for them to fight over? Couldn’t the stunning Creole woman, Celeste, be tied to one brother or the other? There are other obstacles to love besides also wanting your beloved’s sibling. It may be interesting to see that play out.

I mean, Julie Plec, we love you, but you’ve already helmed three major triangle stories on The Vampire Diaries (Damon/Katherine/Stefan, Stefan/Elena/Damon and Klaus/Caroline/Tyler) and several almost triangles (Matt/Caroline/Tyler, Bonnie/Jer/Anna and Jer/Bonnie/Jamie). You have told this story. You will tell this story again in Mystic Falls come February Sweeps when Elena flip flops Salvatore Brothers again.

Or at least, can’t we switch up the players? While I don’t think a same sex angle would automatically make it more adult or edgier, descriptions The Originals claims to be, it would add a level of depth brother vs. brother is missing in Mystic Falls. If you’re really stuck on this geometric storytelling principal, Rebekah/Celeste/Elijah has more storytelling potential and could give the eventual advantage to The Originals. We can admit it; we’re all watching The Vampire Diaries despite the triangles at this point.

Lose: Werewolves and Babies

The OriginalsWhen the first episode of your series hasn’t aired yet and one of your characters is already the subject of a Character Rehab piece on Entertainment Weekly, you’re in dangerous waters. Next, saddle her with a baby that half your audience hates because they find it interruptive to their shipping preference and the other half despises it as an insult to supernatural mythology.

Not to mention, when was a baby ever a good thing for a television character? Everyone was interested in the Royal Baby’s birth, but it’s not like we’re clamoring to view Royal Diaper Changing or Teething. Having babies is like going to college, which is what many of us do as we grow up but nobody wants to watch on TV.

The CW obviously has a lot of faith in Plec and her team to allow them to venture down this road. Let’s hope they don’t drive The Originals off a cliff.

Undecided: Witches

the-originals-elijah-sophieViewers of The Vampire Diaries can tell you, the show has always had a problem with witches. Quick fix and plot device, the show simply doesn’t take much time to create nuanced characters that may or may not have the answers depending on witch craft level. Instead, Bonnie went from novice to full blown expert in next to no time and had the power to fix (or bungle) each problem based on plot need.

Thus far, Sophie seems to have all answers for, and power over, Elijah, Klaus and Hayley. New witch Davina will be the latest to be caught up in the battle between Klaus and Marcel, but her portrayer promises she has yet to pick a side and season 1 of The Originals will be about watching Davina grow.

We’re going to give The Originals the benefit of the doubt here. With so many witches, it’s possible they won’t all be plot devices, right? And if not, at least they may kill one or two of them.

Well Spoiled Milk drinkers, how are you feeling about The Originals? Will it be bigger and better than The Vampire Diaries? Or does its future look a little hazy? Give us your thoughts in comments below or join the discussion at the forum! Or vote below!

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