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The Following’s Seasons 2 Casting News

What to do about Claire

Writers rooms have been full for a month, actors are heading back to the set and we’re slowly finding out what could become of the Fall TV Season. Spoiler and speculation ahead!

She’s back…

claire_matthewsThe lovely Natalie Zea is returning for season 2 of The Following, though not confirming for how long she’ll be part of the cast. If only her character, Claire Matthews, was as lovely as Ms. Zea (oh, how I miss Dirty Sexy Money).

Natalie tells TVLine that her contract was up in the air while she and creator Kevin Williamson decided if there was story for Matthews for season 2. Williamson seems to dote on James Purefoy’s diabolical Joe Carroll and wants to make a hero out of Kevin Bacon’s Ryan Hardy, but Matthews has seemed like an afterthought for much of the series. Sometimes she plays strong and resilient, fighting for her son’s freedom. The next minute, she falls into Ryan Hardy’s arm, his bed warmer too consumed with their passion to worry about the child she screamed for just minutes earlier.

What to do with Claire in season 2? Is there any redeeming this character who’s been a simple plot device at best (and an insult to strong, single mothers everywhere at worst)?

Here’s some ideas we came up with at Real TV Reviews.

Death Becomes Her

This is the most obvious and easiest choice for Williamson, but the best thing to happen to The Following would be the death of Claire Matthews. Hardy and Carroll can both grieve for love lost and blame the other. Their struggle continues, with Hardy being willing to embrace even more of the darkness Carroll exudes and being pulled back by FBI agent and Hardy devotee Mike Weston.

I Choose Me

Ryan and Claire FollowingNext to her succumbing to her wounds and dying in the premiere of season 2, the best option for Claire Matthews is to pull what’s known as a ‘Kelly Taylor’ (of Beverly Hills 90210 fame). Stop being a pawn in the Hardy/Carroll war, concentrate on lil’ Joey and run like hell from both men. Seriously – Carroll’s a psychotic serial killer and Ryan Hardy is an alcoholic who is constantly surrounded by death and danger. Don’t invite either into your bed, Claire! Change your name, change Joey’s name and be in the wind.

Claire Matthews, Bounty Hunter

While the FBI believes Joe Carroll is dead, it would be nice to see someone realize right away that Carroll is still pulling the strings and must be out there somewhere. When Claire wakes up, instead of rushing to see if Hardy made it through the latest Follower attack, perhaps she should find herself a self defense teacher, a gun expert and turn herself into a kickass bounty hunter. Hunting Carroll down and being the one to put the bullet in him (or at least find him), would repair the damage that falling into Ryan’s arms while her child was still kidnapped by serial killers did for Claire’s character.

Plus, while I love Weston and enjoy Hardy, Team FBI has been a huge failure. Let’s give Team Good Guy a fighting chance in season 2. With Agent Parker among the casualties, this group needs a strong woman. Williamson used to know how to write those. If he brings Matthews back, let’s hope he makes her one. This show really needs a “BAM! Bitch goes down, Sid, Superbitch!”

What do you want to see happen to Claire Matthews in season 2? Are you willing to give them till November sweeps to turn it around or do you want her DOA in the premiere? Vote in our poll and sound off in the forum!

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